Dual Blaze Farm

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Etho's Dual Blaze Farm in 14 July 2012.

The Dual Blaze Farm was a community structure primarily built by Etho in the Nether of the post-1.8 vanilla server. Etho initiated the project in a video published on 9 April 2012 after Nebris had informed Etho of the discovery of two Blaze spawners in close proximity. The final section of the Blaze farm structure, which includes the rail line terminus, was unveiled in a video that Etho published on 20 July 2012.[1]

Etho stated he was interested in experimenting with the use of water in the Nether after VintageBeef provided to him a number of ice blocks. The ice blocks were given to Etho during a time when ice could not be mined, but could still spawn water in the Nether.[2] The Dual Blaze Farm is linked to the Nether rail system and has its own terminal in the Nether hub.


The dual blaze farm is designed to appear as if it is hanging from the Nether ceiling by chains. Water runs from the ceiling and flows into decorative columns surrounding the central pathway and into the cubes that house the blaze's spawning areas to move and damage them. An enchanting room sits atop the main hallway near the center of the farm but is still accessible from the ground floor. After the completion of the blaze farm's core mechanism, a brewing station was added on the far end of the structure.

The cubes housing the areas in which the blazes spawn was initially constructed of wood. This was later replaced with stone brick to avoid fire destruction as a result of Ghast blasts.


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