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The Minecraft avatar of ElecsQuest
Country United Kingdom
Gender M
Other names Elecs

ElecsQuest is a Let's Play commentator and a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server on August 2012 after winning a build contest held by Aremok.[1][2]

Let's Play[edit]

ElecsQuest currently runs his own private Minecraft multiplayer server named "TheQuester."[3] He is currently doing a Let's Play series on MineZ, a server-side multiplayer mod for Minecraft, and has started Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Before the 1.5 map reset, ElecsQuest had a plot in the Greenwood neighborhood of Blockhaven. He had built a village down the Red tunnel in the Nether for his villagers.

Video Date
Notable events Featuring
Pre 1.5 world (Season 2)
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:01 'Worried About Spoilers' (HD)" 22 Aug 2012
  • First Fan Server video
  • A walk around town
  • Showing his plot
  • Traveling to the End farm and grinding XP
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:02 'Boring Caving,Exam Results' (HD)" 23 Aug 2012
  • Updates on his plot
  • Mining in the public mine
  • Talk on GCSE
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:03 'New House, And Nether Hub!' (HD)" 24 Aug 2012
  • Showing rebuilt house
  • At his remote base, adding more cows to his cow farm
  • Travels to a jungle biome
  • Constructing a hut
"ElecsQuest Plays Mindcrack FS" 26 Aug 2012
  • At his remote base
  • Traveling to the End to enchant
  • Guude logs into the server, travels to spawn to see him
  • Has DeadPocket lead him to his plot
  • Looking around the Nether hub
  • Travels back to his remote base
armagedon41, DeadPocket, Morgwen
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:04 'Special Delivery&Coco Farm' (HD)" 28 Aug 2012
  • Updates on his remote base
  • Relocated the portal
  • Giving some Nether Brick Fence and food to Devon
  • Building a Cocoa Bean farm
breeplaysgames, devonsama
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:05 'Coco Hut&Stupid Lag(HD)" 30 Aug 2012
  • Talk on mistrust on his server
  • Building a cocoa hut
  • Enchanting some tools at the End farm
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:06 'Why There Has Been No Uploads' (HD)" 6 Sep 2012
  • Constructing an armory storage building
  • Talk on MineZ, school, TGN
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:07 'Bakery' (HD)" 8 Sep 2012
  • Clearing the land for a bakery and constructing its entrance
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:08 'Drunken Bruschetta' (HD)" 9 Sep 2012
  • Hanging out with drunk Bruschetta
  • Travels to the End farm to enchant
  • Bruschetta learns about Wales
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:09 'Finishing things' (HD)" 14 Sep 2012
  • Works on the armory
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:10 'The Farm' (HD)" 22 Sep 2012
  • Builds the wheat farm behind the bakery
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:11 'Portal Tunnel Thing' (HD)" 26 Sep 2012
  • Building a stairway from his portal to the surface
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:12 'Them Villagers.' (HD)" 9 Oct 2012
  • Transporting villagers back to his town
"Mindcrack (Fail Stream)" 16 Oct 2012
  • YouTube livestream
  • Continues transporting villagers
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:13 'Evil Server' (HD)" 2 Nov 2012
  • All mobs lost, including his villagers and cows, due to crash
  • Playing with 1.4 features: item frames, wooden button, anvil
  • Banned from MineZ
  • Moving his cow farm underground
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:14 'VILLAGERS!' (HD)" 4 Nov 2012
  • Getting Potatoes and Carrots at town
  • Progress on Cow farm
  • Villagers using Zombie villagers
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:15 'Well this went well..' (HD)" 7 Nov 2012
  • Updates on his village and plans on expansion
  • Gets overwhelmed by mobs
  • Constructs a building and decorates the interior
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:16 "Building The Houses" (HD)" 14 Nov 2012
  • Updates on his village, new roads and buildings
  • Constructs a house
Post 1.5 world (Season 3)
"Elecs Takes On MindcrackFS EP:17 'I may be back' (HD)" 22 Mar 2013
  • Returns to a map reset

Minecraft skin[edit]

ElecsQuest's skin

Previous skins[edit]

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