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Three elemental towers were built by Guude in the Season 3 MindCrack vanilla server: a Fire Tower, Earth Tower and Water Tower. The towers are located in the vicinity of Guude's house, the Casa BdoubleO, the Arena and its associated village, and the Ark. The idea for building towers was conceived first after Guude made a decision to build a rope bridge between his mountain home and a nearby peak; he initially did not have an idea as to where the bridge would end.[1]


Fire Tower[edit]

The fire tower was the first of the towers to have been built and is the only tower to connect directly to Guude's house. It's construction occurred during an episode released on December 14, 2011. The fire tower was built primarily out of sandstone and Nether brick with a flaming netherrack roof. Guude wanted to use MCEdit to check to see how his house would appear before building it, but was unable to do so since Nether bricks had not yet been added to MCEdit at the time.[2]

Guude worked on the fire tower for three episodes stretching from the 14th to December 16th. When he finished the tower's construction he took up suggestions to improve the tower.[3]

Earth Tower[edit]

The earth tower was the second of the towers to have been built. Construction on the tower began on a video that Guude released on December 22, 2011, nestling the tower into a mountain peak that was adjacent to the one holding the fire tower. Another rope bridge was built between the fire tower and the location of the earth tower before construction started.[4] Although he had some difficulties in deciding what materials to use for the earth tower,[2] he eventually decided on walls of spruce log coated with vines and leaves and based on a soul sand foundation; the inside used a combination of birch, oak and spruce logs for the walls with mossy cobblestone flooring;[4] upper floors used a greater combination of wooden planks. The top of the tower had a canopy of leaves with vines that was supported by iron bars.[5]

Work on the earth tower lasted four episodes released between December 22, 2011 and December 26, 2011.[5] He then spent time working on the Ark instead of moving directly towards work on the water tower.

Water Tower[edit]

The water tower was the third tower to be built. He intended from a very early period to build the water tower in the swamp biome next to his house.[2] Guude began testing designs for the water tower bridge on February 13, 2012 shortly after finishing his netherwart farm. The testing in this episode helped him to conclude that a bridge made of water and lilies would be possible.[6] He started work on the water and lily walkway in a February 15th, 2012 episode[7] and showcased its completion on a February 20th episode.[8] Work on the water tower itself was first showcased in a February 27th episode with Guude having created a pillar of wool and water surrounded by floating blocks of ice;[9] He had completed a spiral staircase comprised of slabs and redstone lamps by a March 13th episode[10] and had finished the tower by May 25th of that year in an episode that has since been made private.[11]

The water tower took the longest of the tower builds at almost three and a half months to finish.

Wind Tower[edit]

Guude had planned to add a tower representing the wind element as early as December 19th, 2011, when he planned the locations for the towers of the other three elements.[3] Construction on this tower never materialized.



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