Ender Ender

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The Ender Ender

The Ender Ender was an Endermen farm built by Nebris in the End of the post-1.8 vanilla server.[1] The design was directly based off of Docm77's Enderman farm design, which was in turn based off of Panda's design from JL2579's server.[2] The farm was the most efficient way to increase experience on the server and was the best source of Ender Pearls. Next to the farm was Nebris' variable enchanting room, which has been removed since the completion of the interior. The main structure of the Ender Ender was completed first and can be used to farm experience and Ender Pearls, but construction of the interior of the structure had been on hold for a long time and was not initially made safe from Endermen.[3] Nebris wanted to delay the construction until after the 1.3 update, which included new wooden slabs. Zisteau built a temporary leaf roof to prevent Endermen from spawning and teleporting into the interior.[4] Nebris extensively reworked the interior of the Ender Ender[5] but did not complete it.[6]

PauseUnpause built a rail on Nebris' temporary walkway to the farm and half slabbed it,[7] but it was not Nebris' intention to have a rail built there.[8] The design made it difficult to safely leave the Endermen farm by foot. The slabs were later raised by one block, allowing traversals by foot easier while preventing Endermen from attacking the player.

The farm had two modes: kill and farm. Kill mode instantly kills most of the Endermen while farm mode allows them to live. In farm mode, the Endermen take only one hit to kill. Unlike other mobs, splash potions do not kill Endermen,[9] so one must directly hit the Endermen to get experience.

Over time, some sticky pistons do not correctly retract the blocks used to push Endermen down the chute. Prolonged use of the farm without maintenance made the farm less efficient.[10]


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