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Eru is a bot on the MindCrack IRC channel (irc:// It is used to automate certain processes, like providing YouTube and TwitchTV feeds, and for retrieving information. Commands can be inputted for Eru to respond. Eru is managed by TPC, who is on the MindCrack Fan Server.


Eru provides a feed on any videos published by most MindCrack or MindCrack Fan Server members, or prominent IRC members, onto YouTube into chat. The format it outputs is:

YT> <YouTube name> uploaded: <video title> (<video duration>) -<video id>

Eru also provides a feed on any active livestreams on TwitchTV. The format is:

<TwitchTV name> is streaming <title> at<TwitchTV name>


Command Description
eru calc <x> or !calc <x>

eru calc <x> to <y> or !calc <x> to <y>
eru calc <ip> or !calc <ip>
eru calc define <word> or !calc define <word>

Calculation using wolfram alpha so it can convert currencies,
calculate ip locations and more (examples)
eru weather <code> or !weather <code> The code must be a valid four-character alphanumeric code
s/<original word>/<new word>/ Used to correct one's previous message, behaving like a strikethrough
eru resolve <host> or !resolve <host> Will do a dns lookup for you.
eru join, !join, !ip Describes how one can't join the MindCrack server.
You can optionally specify someones nickname and it will highlight that person.
eru ftb, !ftb Describes how the channel is for the youtube community and not the ftb modpack.
You can optionally specify someones nickname and it will highlight that person.
eru location <name> <location> or !location <name> <location> Set the location of a person, used for the time command.

(Temporarily) disabled commands[edit]

These commands are broken or disabled at the moment, and will potentially return in the future.

Command Description
eru <helloworld|hug|eat|gn|slap|brick|cookie|fixthebot|steal|decide> <message> Joke commands that make the bot do some role-playing actions, some with an optional message. To reduce spam these are disabled in the main #mindcrack channel.
eru time <city>, eru time <person> Outputs the time, day, and location of the city. If a persons location has been entered into a database you can also ask for the time where that person lives.
eru define <word> Tells you what the word is, google define is used as the source of the definitions.
Is not necessary anymore with !calc define <word>
eru help, eru help <command> Gives a list of available commands, or tells you what a specific command does.
eru geoip <ip> Will tell you in what country, and sometimes what city, a specific ip is from.
Is not necessary anymore with !calc <ip>


If a YouTube link is posted in chat, Eru will provide information on the video similar to how it posts YouTube feeds.

In the past, Eru was made to utter random messages, some hilariously confusing. Pakratt0013 used some of Eru's quotes and conversations in many of his YouTube video descriptions. This functionality was moved to the #eruspam channel to reduce spam due to the #mindcrack channel becoming too big, but the conversation generated is still based on what is being said in the #mindcrack channel.

Eru will also help keeping order in the channel and has a ban list the channel ops can add unwanted people to. The feature is mostly used for banning bots, and was added after the channel ban list kept getting full due to a large amount of bots joining the channel.

The bot has a simple and flexible plugin system. If someone wants to write a plugin for the Bot to add useful functionality to the channel it will get accepted. Plugins are written in Perl. Contact TPC to get a copy of an example plugin.