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A view of Etho's mob-spawning tower at night as of 7 July 2012.

Etho's base on the Season 3 Vanilla MindCrack server was a locale on the border of a swamp and ocean biome that served as Etho's primary location for resource gathering and storage. The underground cave component had been historically referred to as his Mancave.[1] Etho picked the location because of the dual spider spawners situated in its vicinity. Because he had neither a plot in the spawn village nor a reliable source of food for quite some time, this location suited his purposes.[2]

Etho originally set up his base in the mineshaft of an underground cave system, choosing to center his base around two cave spider spawners. His choice of base was revealed in an episode that he released on January 13, 2012, the second video he released on the MindCrack server.[3] Etho had successfully constructed a mob spawning tower based on a design from his single-player Let's Play, which was completed as of a video released on February 29th, 2012. The mob tower was designed to drop mobs directly into a small vestibule nearby the center of his base.[4] Zisteau pranked Etho's highly disorganized base by smoothing out the walls and adding recessed lava lighting and an obsidian portal chandelier. Etho later removed the lava lighting and chandelier, but maintained the cleaned walls as they were.[1]

The base was later expanded to include a large-scale reed farm for the purposes of villager trading and an associated villager trading hut. A large vertical slime farm was also introduced into the base.

See also[edit]

  • Etho's jungle base, the focus of his construction activities on the season 3 vanilla server after this base


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