EthoCorp Laboratories

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EthoCorp Laboratories is Etho's primary residence at Spawn on the Season 4 vanilla server, and is his first major build on that world. EthoCorp Laboratories was pre-planned in Creative mode and purposely built far away from town hall because the style each buildings' designs clashed. The laboratories are close to AvidyaZEN's Spawn structure, which Etho described as fortunate because both are built with quartz and would match his own building's style.[1] The laboratories are primarily built with quartz, cyan wool and cyan-dyed hardened clay with the intention of giving the build a clean look.[1] In the spirit of making buildings at Spawn more utilitarian rather than decorative, Etho decided to furnish his building with a potion shop.[1]

Etho started construction on the building in an episode he released on July 10, 2013. He began construction on the façade first and finished the side facing Spawn by the end of the first episode.[1] He later moved the community "Zisteau" from central Spawn to the Laboratories, "cryogenically" encasing him in ice [2] until he later employed him as the store's cashier.[3] Once of the first functional additions to the Laboratories was a pharmacy-like drive-thru for horse riders who would then be splashed with speed potions.[2]


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