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The B-Team Headquarters was the base of operations of BdoubleO100 and Generikb-members of the B-Team-on the Season 2 Feed the Beast Mindcrack server. The headquarters were built into a number of extreme hills and resided in close proximity to Arkas' base on the Feed the Beast server.


The base complex was comprised of two upright towers built in the steampunk style after inspiration by Minecraft builder LynchyInc. In order to accommodate Generikb's interest in bees, a small apiary area was created on the top floor of the first tower.[1]

Later on, a third tower imitating the same style was built horizontally and in the grip of a demonic hand protruding from the ground. This tower was specifically purposed for Thaumcraft enchanting. The concept was inspired by the notion that the arcane nature of Thaumcraft enchanting could summon evil forces to the Overworld.[2]

The valley between the two main towers and the Thaumcraft tower was home to a house that served as BdoubleO's and Generikb's access to the FTB Nether Rail system.[3] The base of the valley was deforested and repurposed for the use of tree breeding purposes by BdoubleO shortly afterwards.[4] In jest of how BdoubleO consistently called trees of a 2x2 girth a "4x4 tree", Etho pranked BdoubleO by building a 4x4 log off-roader nearby the base.[5]

Once the scope of Generikb's bee activities became too large for the initial zone designated on the first tower, Generikb began construction on the BFO--a bee-shaped airship hovering in the valley.[2]

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