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The B-Team Headquarters on the first Feed the Beast MindCrack server was the original base of the B-Team's members, BdoubleO100 and Generikb. The design of the structure, which was based almost entirely on a suggested design by MondefLP, was a large and open-aired building with large green stained glass windows and redwood log supports. An office for Millbee, an accomplice associated with B-Team activities, was also included in the design.[1]

In a video released on December 14th, 2012, Zisteau pranked the B-Team hideout in the presence of Generikb by creating a network of aerial faith plates linked to a howler alarm.[2]

A number of large changes to the Feed the Beast modpack, including the introduction of Redpower and the changing of most block IDs, prompted a server reset that BdoubleO announced on December 21, 2012. Construction was not completed in time for the reset. MondefLP's design was not used on the new Feed the Beast MindCrack server.[3]

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