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Garry's Mod[a] is a sandbox physics game created by Garry Newman. G-Mod was originally a mod for Half-Life 2 but was later made into a standalone game. G-Mod is a PC exclusive title.

Team G-mod[edit]

Members AxlRosie Coestar.jpg Coestar
AxlRosie Guude.jpg Guude
AxlRosie Millbee.jpg Millbee
AxlRosie OMGchad.jpg OMGchad
AxlRosie PauseUnpause.jpg PauseUnpause
AxlRosie Pyrao.jpg Pyro_0
Mindcrack.png WesWilson

Team G-mod was a changing and dynamic team formed for playing Garry's Mod together. Beginning in January 2014, the series established itself over the following months in numerous Garry's Mod gamemodes, significantly Prop Hunt and Trouble In Terrorist Town. At the time of the series closure, active members of the team included Mindcrackers Coestar, Guude, Millbee, OMGchad, PauseUnpause, and Pyro_0, along with Mindcrack's project coordinator WesWilson.[1] AvidyaZEN, W92Baj, acparvis and OldManWillakers were all previously regular participants in recording sessions, but discontinued their series for various reasons. Mindcrackers Arkas and Zisteau, Juicetra, davidr64, and Buffalo Wizards KyleTheBear and WastedTime also participated in some episodes.

A team flair was first available on /r/mindcrack in June 2014.[2]

During a TTT episode released on 18 March 2015, the group announced the conclusion of their Garry's Mod series. Pause says he and Coe were still interested in continuing the series, and will continue to appear in Buffalo Wizards' TTT episodes, as done in the past.[3] A comment made by Millbee suggested the possibility of the series returning at some point.[4]

Trouble In Terrorist Towners[edit]

Trouble In Terrorist Towners
Members AxlRosie Arkas.jpg Arkas
Mindcrack.png HCJustin
AxlRosie Millbee.jpg Millbee
AxlRosie PauseUnpause.jpg PauseUnpause
AxlRosie Pyrao.jpg Pyrao

The Trouble In Terrorist Towners are the reformed version of Team G-mod that play only the Trouble In Terrorist Town gamemode of Garry's Mod together. Re-established in September 2015, members of the team include Millbee, PauseUnpause, and Pyrao (all of which were prominent members of Team G-mod), along with Arkas and Buffalo Wizard HCJustin.

On 17 September 2015, Pause revealed during a livestream that the TTT series would be returning with a fairly similar group.[5] Various images were shared hyping the return of the series,[6][7] with Pause reconfirming the series return on Twitter the following day.[8] The first episode was released on 19 September,[9] with a team flair becoming available on /r/mindcrack later the same month.[10]


Murder is a G-mod gamemode in which one player spawns equipped with a knife, known as the "murderer". The remaining players spawn as "bystanders". One bystander spawns with a gun. Their objective is to correctly identify the murderer and shoot them. If they wrongly shoot a bystander, they will drop their weapon and be temporarily blinded. The gun can be picked up by other bystanders. The round ends if the murderer dies, or if all bystanders are killed.


Main article: Garry's Mod/Murder

Stop it, Slender![edit]

Stop it, Slender! is a G-mod gamemode based on 2012 first-person survival horror video game Slender: The Eight Pages. One player spawns as "Slender Man", a tall, thin, faceless creature with supernatural powers that damages humans when he is visible in their field of view. The remaining players spawn as humans equipped with a flashlight and a video camera and must work together to collect 8 pages scattered across the map in order to survive.


Coestar's playlist W92Baj's playlist
Coestar W92Baj
Notable events
7 Mar 2014
  • Coestar's return to YouTube
9 Mar 2014
11 Mar 2014
13 Mar 2014
14 Oct 2014
16 Oct 2014
18 Oct 2014
20 Oct 2014
  • Wes did not participate due to loading issues[12]
22 Oct 2014

Prop Hunt[edit]


Main article: Garry's Mod/Prop Hunt



Coestar's playlist Guude's playlist
Coestar Guude
Notable events
7 Apr 2014
  • First episode of Deathrun
  • Guude joins part way through
9 Apr 2014
  • Confusing traffic lights
11 Apr 2014
  • Pyro's POOL
13 Apr 2014
  • The impossible jump
15 Apr 2014
  • Barfing Pyro
17 Apr 2014
19 Apr 2014
24 Jul 2014
26 Jul 2014

Trouble in Terrorist Town[edit]


Main article: Garry's Mod/Trouble in Terrorist Town

Hide and Seek[edit]

Hide and Seek (abbreviated to H&S) is a G-mod gamemode based on the children's game of the same name. One player spawns as the "seeker", whose objective is to find the remaining players, the "hiders". As hiders are found by the seeker, they too become a seeker. The round ends when all players have been found, or if time runs out.


Coestar's playlist Guude's playlist
Coestar Guude
Notable events
2 May 2014
4 May 2014
6 May 2014
8 May 2014

Cops and Robbers[edit]


Notable events
30 Jul 2014


Tower is a G-mod server that acts as a unique community-based lobby, allowing players to connect to various online multiplayer games.[16]


Notable events
11 Dec 2014
  • Additional intro excluded by Pause
  • Playing Ball Race
13 Dec 2014
  • Puking in Pause's apartment (excluded by Pause)
  • Playing Ball Race
30 Jan 2015
  • Playing Ball Race
  • Pause did not participate due to connection issues
1 Feb 2015
  • Playing Virus
3 Feb 2015
  • Playing Source Karts

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  1. Also written as garry's mod, G-Mod, G-mod, GMod, Gmod, and GMOD.


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