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This is a list of generikb's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by generikb on the MindCrack server.

Post Beta 1.8 World[edit]

The playlist for this series is "The Mindcrack Server".

Video Notable events Featuring
2 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep 0 - 'You Kids Get Off My Spawn!'"
  • First MindCrack video
  • Creating a shelter
4 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep 1 - 'A Reverse Walkabout'"
  • Talking about himself, how he got on the server and HermitCraft
  • Traveling back to spawn, passing through Pause's bases and the nether hub
6 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep2 - 'Temples of AWESOME'"
  • Exploring jungle and desert temples
  • Defending a desert village
  • Choosing a spot to build
8 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep3 - 'National Lampoon's Mindcrack Vacation'"
  • Touring his mineshaft and base
  • Shearing sheep at Zisteau's
  • Visiting the arena and setting up a temporary base in the sand covered village
11 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep4 - 'Caving with BDoubleOH-NO!'"
  • Visiting the club in the Arena village
  • Walking through the Nether to his home
  • Exploring a Nether fortress
  • Caving
13 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep5 - 'Get A Baby Spider Job...Guy'"
  • Exploring a mineshaft with BdoubleO
  • Discussing caving techniques and Minecraft bugs
16 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep6 - PRANK 'I'm Up To No Guude ;-)'"
  • Making subtle changes to Guude's new base
  • Hiding his dog in a wall at his base and replacing it with another tamed dog
  • Talking about how he uses Twitter, Facebook and Reddit
  • Adding trees, flowers and grass and moving his cows into his cave
  • Telling a story about why you should never eat spicy asian soup with fake fish balls
20 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep7 - 'Cooking Port-A-Potties w/ VintageBeef'"
  • Making a portcullis at VintageBeefs castle
20 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep8 - 'The B-Team Bombs Etho'"
  • Trying to use TNT on Etho
  • Raiding Etho's base for TNT and gunpowder with generikb as the B Team
  • Searching for Etho and fighting in the Nether Hub
BdoubleO100, Etho
23 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep9 - 'The PorkLift™'"
  • Making a "pig lift" (an elevator powered by saddled pigs)
26 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack *BONUS* Video - 'Paintball and King of the Ladder Tourney'" AnderZEL, Etho, mcgamer, Millbee, Pakratt0013, VintageBeef, W92Baj
28 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep10 - 'A Hermit's Path To Riches (Part 1)'"
  • Plans for acquiring emeralds through villager trading
  • Planting sugarcane, collecting sheep and harvesting sugarcane
31 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep11 - 'Gym, Tan, Emeralds'"
  • Explaining how the villager breeder system works
  • Telling a story about doing a charity rickshaw race in India
  • Trading with villagers
2 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep12 - 'Jedi Master PauseUnpause'"
  • Caving
  • Discussing UHC strategies
  • Practicing PVP
Millbee, PauseUnpause
5 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep13 - 'B-Team is ABOVE the LAW!!!'"
  • Turning the Arena into a courtroom
  • Practicing their story for the court hearing
  • Convincing Pause to be a lawyer for them
  • Leaving a bribe for Baj
BdoubleO100, PauseUnpause
9 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep14 - 'B-Team Has the World in Their Pocket!'"
  • Looking at the progress Arkas has made on the arena
  • Leaving a "wireless" bomb in Kurt's missile silo
  • Leaving a glowstone bribe and TNT threat at Nebris' base
  • Leaving a lava bribe for Zisteau
  • Bribing mcgamer with lapis blocks
  • Leaving a bribe of leaves and redstone at Doc's treehouse
BdoubleO100, mcgamer
13 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep15 - 'B-Team: Blood Emeralds and Horse Heads!'"
  • Hanging out at generikb's base
  • Trading with villagers
  • Fighting mobs appearing from under thejims mycelium island
  • Leaving the threat of a "horse head" at thejims
14 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep16 - PRANK! PauseUnpause vs SawsUnSaws"
  • Building his prank contraption
  • Talking about PauseUnpause
19 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep17 - 'B-Team: Get a Bomb Job Etho!!!'"
  • Explaining the story behind the formation of the B Team
  • Detonating TNT at Etho's new base and filling his chests with cobble
  • Trying to retrieve his items
23 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep18 - 'The B-Team Secret Headquarters'"
  • Touring the secret hideout
  • Considering Millbee's application
29 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep20 - 'Wither Boss Chaos!!!'" See Slaying of the Wither
30 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep21 - 'Logs n' Taters'"
  • Working on building his house
  • Talking about plans for his mountain
1 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep22 - 'B-Team Court Is Now In Session!!!'" See B Team Trial
3 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep23 - 'B-Team Court FINALE!!!'" See B Team Trial
7 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep24 - 'Nether Say Nether'"
  • Building a Nether track
  • Fighting Blazes and Ghasts
11 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep25 - 'Location location location *LOCATION*'"
  • Discovering Etho has taken over their lever shop
  • Building the Redstone Emporium at Etho's jungle base
13 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep26 - 'How B-Team Handles Wither Bosses (M'yeah, See?)'"
  • Fighting the Wither
17 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep27 - 'Building The Best Nether Portal Blaze Farm Ever (Part 1 of 134)'"
  • Working on setting up Nether portals
21 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep28 - 'B-Team Community Service!'"
  • Adding beds to the Ender Ender
  • Discussing Feng Shu
  • Fixing the Ender Ender to increase spawn rates
26 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep29 - 'Building The Best Nether Portal Blaze Farm Ever (Part 2 of 1337)'"
  • Adding a pink flamingo outside his RV at Etho's jungle base and changing the signs at the redstone shop
  • Talking about "likes" and showing commercials for generikb
  • Working on the overworld blaze farm
  • Activating the blaze farm portals
Etho, W92Baj
29 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep30 - 'The B-Team Resort & Casino'"
  • Going to Baj's Treats
  • Tearing down mcgamers house in the arena village because of what he said during the trial
  • Revealing the location of the B-Team base, seizing VintageBeef's castle and talking about their plans
4 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep31 - 'Planning Out the B-Team Casino'"
  • Killing VintageBeef's chickens
  • Reading MC Gamer's note in the B-Team hideout
  • Planning their pent house and casino attractions
  • Visiting the Wither skeleton spawning pads
BdoubleO100, VintageBeef
5 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep32 - 'B-Team Livestream Footage Nov 3rd'"
  • Working on his Nether tunnel
  • Brainstorming how to make Texas Hold'em at their casino
BdoubleO100, PauseUnpause
11 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep33 - 'PRANK!!! Peckers for Docm77 ;-)'"
  • Making woodpecker noisemakers in Docm's jungle
14 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep34 - 'Death To The B-Team!'"
  • Plotting with mcgamer and filming skits
  • Caving
  • Discussing potential perpetrators of the mysterious prank on the arena
BdoubleO100, mcgamer
15 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep35 - 'Mrs. Generikb Feng Shui's My House!'"
  • Learning the basic principles of Feng Shui
  • Integrating the principles into his home
  • Special guest Mrs. Generikb
16 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep36 - PRANK: 'Dude, Where's My RV?!?!'"
  • Trying to follow the clues to look for his RV
  • Following a map he found across the server
  • Explaining how he missed the clues
20 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep37 - 'Zombie Apocalypse Arena!'"
  • Discussing Etho's prank on BdoubleO
  • Making a zombie conveyer at the arena
  • Fighting a horde of pumpkin-headed zombies
22 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep38 - 'Building The Best Nether Portal Blaze Farm Ever (Part 19 of 3)'"
  • Collecting glowstone
  • Explaining the progress on the blaze farm
24 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep39 - "Tour De Prank: Millbee & Avidya""
  • Touring Millbee's base
  • Trying to fix Millbee's door
  • Touring Avidya's base
30 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep40 - "Tour De Prank: Mhykol & Pakratt""
  • Touring Mhykol's base
  • Touring Pakratt's valley trap
  • Talking about MineCon
5 Dec 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep41 - "Mhykol's Mining Party w/ The Mindcrackers!""
  • Celebrating Mhykols 2 year anniversary
  • Caving
  • Talking about Feed the Beast, mcgamers business, the B-Team
  • Talking about Minecraft through the years and how Mhykols channel started and grew
Avidya, Etho, Mhykol, VintageBeef
10 Dec 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep42 - "Nether Hubbin' w/ Etho and Bdubs!""
  • Expanding the Nether Hub
  • Discussing Feed the Beast and designs for the Hub
BdoubleO100, Etho
12 Dec 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep43 - "B-Team Casino Roulette!""
  • Working on the roulette table at the B-Team casino
  • Surviving an anvil drop
BdoubleO100, Etho
20 Dec 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep44 - "Genny Got Run Over By A Minecart!""
  • Adding lights to the Christmas tree and leaving presents under it.
  • Singing "Genny got run over by a minecart"
31 Dec 2012 "Minecraft Mindcrack Ep45 - "Back From Vacation!""
  • Opening Christmas presents
  • Talking about his cruise and the B-Team meetup
  • Fixing up his house
31 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack Episode 46 - "B-TEAM: A Deal With The Devil (Errr I mean...VintageBeef!)""
  • Negotiating with Beef for use of his castle
BdoubleO100, VintageBeef
9 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 47 - "Full Time Hermit!!!""
  • Announcing that he is becoming a full time YouTube producer
  • Enchanting wool "chips" for the B-Team Casino
  • Adding hoppers to use their casino chips
  • Experimenting with the hopper duplication glitch
11 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 48 - "B-Team Corners The Quartz Market!!!""
  • Gathering Nether quartz
  • Talking about Minecraft updates
  • Turning the lever store in the Spawn village into a Quartz store
19 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 49 - "B-Team Breeding Services""
  • Filling Etho's pet store with animals
25 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 50 - "Gambling & Rambling""
  • Explaining why he's had less vanilla Minecraft videos
  • Discussing plans for the casino
  • Explaining the gambling game Craps
  • Chopping trees and talking about how to and how not to advertise your channel
4 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 51 - "Increasing Casino Security""
  • Fixing the minecart door in the B-Team hideout
  • Making a jukebox door
7 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 52 - "Helpin' Bdubs On His Arena Of Death""
  • Discussing armor classes and mechanisms for the arena battles
  • Trying out a fight in the arena
11 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 53 - "Two Hundred Thousand Subscribers!""
  • Talking about his subscriber milestone
  • Touring the changes in the arena
  • Fighting in the arena with Etho and BdoubleO
BdoubleO100, Etho
14 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 54 - "PRANKED! McGruber Calls The COPS On The B-Team!!!""
  • Showing the changes made on the arena
  • Discussing what has to be finished before games in the arena begin
16 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 55 - "BLOOD on the Mindcrack Arena!" (Group Event!)" See Arena Games
18 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 56 - "Chicken Rainmakers!""
  • Talking about what makes a server work and the new snapshot
  • Leaving chicken rainmakers above bases
21 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 57 - "The Return of Cousin Genny!""
  • Looking at the results of the chicken spawner left at PSJ's village
  • Lighting up the village
  • Talking about the videos on his channel
  • Getting blown up by a creeper
  • Rebuilding his RV
25 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 58 - "SNOWFALL!""
  • Building a spleef arena using snowman
  • Trying out a game with everyone
AnderZEL, BdoubleO100, Etho, mcgamer, Millbee
7 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 59 - "B-Team Jungle Removal Services w/ PaulSoaresJr!""
  • Clearing paulsoares jungle with a Wither, lava and fire
BdoubleO100, paulsoaresjr
11 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 60 - "Hermit Hole, Sweet Hermit Hole""
  • Talking about the new channel layouts
  • Making hermit faces underground
14 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 61 - "Generikb's Redstone Hotline! 1-800-RED-STONE ;-)""
  • Helping BdoubleO fix the redstone for his fire and in his mines
18 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 62 - "MINE WARS! It's On Like Donkey Kong! ;-)""
  • Working on beautifying his mineshafts as part of Mine Wars with BdoubleO
  • Talking about vanilla Minecraft
21 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 63 - "MINE WARS! Just A Friendly Sabotage ;-)""
  • Implementing arrow sounds in BdoubleO's base and TNT outside
  • Working on the minecart rail in his mineshaft
  • Giving the hermit a beard
25 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 64 - "MINE WARS! The SissyBar™""
  • Working on making a "SissyBar" in his mines
  • Talking about Pax East
28 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 65 - "MINE WARS! Charcoal Power!!!""
  • Working on the smelting and storage system for his mines
1 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 66 - "LOUDEST Easter Egg Hunt Ever!""
  • Searching for and removing BdoubleO's retaliation nosiemakers
  • Working on the walls and floors of his mineshaft for Mine Wars
  • Talking about watching the show Kenny vs. Spenny, his collaboration with BdoubleO and gossip
13 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 67 - "MINE WARS: Piston Minecart Elevator!""
16 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 68 - "Drankin' With The Dude ;-)""
  • Touring the B-Team casino and asking Avidya to design the bar and lounge
19 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 69 - "PRANK WARS! The Adventures Of GenerikBaggins The Hob..err, Hermit""
  • Discovering his RV has been destroyed
  • Making Lonely Mountain over paulsoares base using a cobble generator, with a time lapse of its creation
22 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 70 - "MINE WARS: The Smelt-O-Tron 7003™!!!""
  • Talking about stoping his HermitCraft LP
  • Working on the cart system for his mine and the smelting station
  • Talking about his cat being sick
25 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 71 - "We Got POWER TOOLS Baby!!!""
  • Building a diamond drill in his mine
29 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 72 - "SLAVE LABOR Muahahahaa!!!""
  • Explaining changes and making further adjustments to the drill
  • Moving villagers from the blood emerald farm
2 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 73 - "B-Team: Gentlemen Broncos!""
  • Traveling at night in search of horses
  • Caving for a spider spawner
  • Taming horses, racing and jumping
5 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 74 - "B-lazing Saddles, Welcome To Mudbucket!!""
  • "Discovering" a town
  • Setting up a tent to live in
  • Discussing plans for their town
9 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 75 - "Slime Bounty Huntin'!!""
  • Talking with the villagers
  • Taking a nighttime ride
  • Searching for and slaughtering slimes and making lassos
  • Trying to stay alive
13 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 76 - "Ol Pappy's New Cash Register!!""
  • Going to the Nether to get quartz
  • Building a working cash register for the general store
16 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 77 - "Who Is The Better Cowboy???""
  • Having archery and horsemanship contests to see who is the best cowboy
20 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 79 - "Gunslingers! The FINAL Showdown at High Noon!""
  • Fishing with generikb
  • Hunting the "Blaze Boys", a "gang" of blazes, for a sheriff's reward
  • Defeating generikb in a gunslinging showdown at high noon
20 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 78 - "Preparing For The Showdown At HIGH NOON!""
  • Making a working clock tower that signals high noon
27 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 80 - "Genny Saves The Townsfolk of Mudbucket!""
  • Trying to save a zombie villager
  • Making a villager breeding cell that looks like a house
  • Naming baby villagers
30 May 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 81 - "The Secret Entrance To Moonshine Caverns!!""
  • Working on the redstone for the secret entrance to his moonshine caverns
6 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 82 - "B-Team: Real Men Carry Real Guns!!""
  • Experimenting with cowboy-themed armor and weapon textures and sounds
  • Leading newly-tamed donkeys by horseback and boat back to Mudbucket
  • Having shootouts with skeletons at night
14 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 83 (UHC Bootcamp Ep03) - "Etho The PvP Sensei!!""
  • Discussing left hand controls
  • Practicing aiming in melee combat, discussing advantages of low ground and blocking
  • Practicing archery and discussing strategies of attacking and evading and ways to get bows
  • Testing their PVP skills against each other
17 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 84 - "The Dangerous Journey Back To Mudbucket!!""
  • Traveling back to Mudbucket
  • Talking about the ballet he saw and his plans to move to Bulgaria in the fall
20 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 85 - "A Proper Mudbucket Burial""
  • Making a cemetary
24 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 86 - "Zombie Outbreak At Mudbucket!!! (Finale)""
  • Fighting a zombie siege on Mudbucket
  • Leaving Mudbucket for the Spawn village
  • Finding a sign from "E" telling Bdubs to go home before the map reset
  • Checking out the prank on Guude's spawn house and looking for evidence of the E Prankster at BdoubleO's spawn home
26 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 87 - "A Hermit's Tour Before The Server Reset""
  • Recapping why he is no longer playing on HermitCraft
  • Touring his Snowfall game in Guudeland, the B-Team headquarters and casino, the Nether farms, the blood emerald farm,
  • Discussing his ideas for the new map and what he's learned this season
  • Talking about where he's lived
26 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Episode 88 - "Mine Wars FINAL JUDGEMENT!!!""
  • Introducing Dinnerbone as the Mine Wars finals judge
  • Touring both mines
  • Discovering an incomplete "Home Depot" sign (replicated from an old single-player world) created by the E Prankster
  • Losing to BdoubleO in the Mine Wars competition, then detonating his mine with TNT
BdoubleO100, Dinnerbone

Post 1.6 World[edit]

The playlist for this series is "Mindcrack Season 2!".

Video Notable events Featuring
3 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 1 - "First Day On The NEW SERVER!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Let's Play" The participants of Beginning of Season 4
5 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 2 - "Wanna Buy A Swampple™?!?!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Let's Play" BdoubleO100, mcgamer, Millbee, Pakratt0013
6 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 3 - "1st Annual Enderdragon Easter Egg Hunt ;-)" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer" See Killing the Enderdragon
8 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 4 - "A Feed The Beast Quarry...In Vanilla Minecraft?!?!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Showing the new RV he made on his livestream
  • Making a "quarry" that brings materials to the surface
See Killing the Enderdragon
10 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 5 - "PRANK!!! SHOOP DA WHOOP!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Pranking BdoubleO by turning part of his house into Shoop da Whoop face
  • Discussing the new zombie mechanics
  • Explaining his PVP arena at Guudelalnd
12 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 6 - "Shenanigans & Spawn Bunkers!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • "Micropranking" BdoubleO by removing every other block in his dirt pillar
  • Watching boat diving in his quarry
  • Enchanting at the skeleton spawner
  • Covering the quarry floor with dirt
  • Talking about his plans for his base, a "devils daycare" and what the quarry will become, a bunker
BdoubleO100, Etho
15 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 7 - "The French Country Apocalypse Kitchen!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Discussing what he plans for each level
  • Talking about his mother in law, moving to Bulgaria, and upcoming conventions he will be attending
  • Making the kitchen level
18 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 8 - "The Mad Scientist Lab!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Showing the progress made in his stream
  • Making the brewing level
20 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 9 - "The Danger Zone Memorial Donkey Sanctuary!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Making the entrance to a donkey sanctuary
  • Showing the work he's done on the sanctuary
21 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 10 Villager Zombie Lag Machine"
  • Showing how zombie seeking will cause lag
24 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 11 - "The NetherSmelter 9001 X-Treme Edition™!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Discussing enchants
  • Making a large, multifunctional, automatic smelter
26 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 12 - "Four PRANKS...One Hermit!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Leaving a gift prank of records in Pyro's bookstore
  • Naming Orange Wool's village "Hermitopolis"
  • Making a snow bridge for Etho to spawn
28 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 13 - "Anti-Zombie Bunker Vault Door!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Discussing plans for his game in Guudeland
  • Building a vault guarded by iron golems on top of his zombie shelter
30 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 14 - "B-reaking Bad Pt1. Automatic Brewing Station!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Discovering his villager in the cryrochamber has died and finding a mysterious sign
  • Working on a Breaking Bad themed brewing station
1 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 15 - "B-reaking Bad Pt2. Payment & Delivery!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Setting prices and payment systems
  • Creating a sorting, dispensing and payment collection systems for his potions
3 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 16 - "B-reaking Bad Pt3. Decontamination Room!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Making a decontamination unit, similar to that from Breaking Bad.
6 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 17 - "Back From Vidcon!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Dying his biohazard suit and addressing other viewer comments about his potion set up
  • Talking about what he learned at Vidcon
  • Rescuing a horse from a ravine and taking it to Doc's place
  • Discovering that the zombie managing the Swample shop is gone
  • Talking about who is going to Minecon
8 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 18 - "Gates of HECK!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Working on several wall segments for the devils daycare
  • Talking about his wife coming home and their house in Bulgaria
10 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 19 - "Cat Fancy Home Delivery Service!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Having a bidding war for a silk touch book at Pyro's pages and getting double crossed
  • Starting Cat Fancy, a monthly cat subscription service and delivering cats to members of the server and taking payment
BdoubleO100, Pyro_0
12 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 20 - "What a P.I.T.A!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Discovering that PITA has taken over his Swample shop
  • Finding that Pyro has signed him up for his chicken fancy service
  • Lodging a complaint against Pyro at the PITA office
  • Working on the gate of the devils daycare
BdoubleO100, paulsoaresjr
14 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 21 - "DOUBLE PRANKED!!! Von Sway'd & P.I.T.A'd!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Collecting a penalty from Anderz for abusing the cat
  • Reacting to PITA's response to his chicken complaint
  • Killing the chickens in his bunker
  • Discovering his base has been "vonswayed"
  • Leaving named dead chickens for Pyro
16 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 22 - "The Unluck Box!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Trying BdoubleO's luck box
  • Harassing Vechs
  • Talking about getting his water shut off
  • Visiting Doc's area
BdoubleO100, Vechs1
18 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 23 - "A Team DnA Flim Flam!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Discussing zombie techniques
  • Getting trapped by Anderz and Doc and releasing them from their contract
  • Contracting with Anderz to kill cats and collecting payments
AnderZEL, Docm77
20 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 24 - "TRIPLE PRANKED!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Finding a giant tube of lipstick atop his house from paulsoares
  • Talking about his on-server persona
  • Visiting Pyro's graveyard and freeing the donkey from the mausoleum
  • Discovering his vandalized RV
22 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 25 - "Chicken XP Farm!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Making a chicken XP farm
24 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 26 - "I Can't Hold All These CHICKENS!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Joining the death games
  • Discussing the chicken farm and adding a breeding component
26 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 27 - "The HAUNTED Swamp Plantation!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Using his chicken xp farm
  • Building a haunted mansion in his swamp
  • Visiting the new attractions at spawn
28 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 28 - "Guude Will Hunting!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Work on the haunted mansion
  • Hunting Guude as part of the death games
  • Working on the doors between the PVP cubes at Guudeland
BdoubleO100, Guude
30 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 29 - "DEATH GAMES: Team DnA Edition!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Hunting Docm77 as part of the death games
  • Donating to paulsoaresjr's Museum of Archaeology
  • Talking about future plan's for his base
  • Hunting AnderZEL as part of the death games
Docm77, AnderZEL
1 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 30 - "Automatic Witch Cauldron!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Discussing railings
  • Making a cauldron brewing station
3 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 31 - "A *BRAZILIAN* Chickens!!! ;-)" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Clearing out his chicken farm
  • Revising and decorating his brewing station
5 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 32 - "Swamp Docks & Snapshot Talk!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Building docks outside the haunted mansion
  • Talking about the first 1.7 snapshots and the future of Devil's Daycare
7 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 33 - "Wartilda The Evil SWAMP WITCH!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Showing changes to the docks and swamp
  • Trying to catch a witch with BdoubleO
  • Catching a witch
11 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 34 - "Nether Hub WITCH BOMBS!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Thwarting Doc's attempt at a Death Games attack
  • Shooting his mule with a flaming arrow
  • Sending a witch into the Nether
BdoubleO100, Docm77, Etho, Vechs_
13 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 35 - "Now 37% More Swampier!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Connecting his Nether portal
  • Talking about YouTube changes and upcoming Minecraft updates
  • Showing the details he's added to the plantation
16 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 36 - "The Devil's RV!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Decorating his Nether path with an RV
  • Talking about stream raids and his upcoming move to Bulgaria
18 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 37 - "The Hermit Security Agency (HSA)!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Killing Cameramen
  • Setting up security cameras
  • Making map "ID cards"
20 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 38 - "Haunted Plantation BOAT HOUSE!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Building a boat house
23 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 39 - "B-Team is BACK BABY!!! M'yeah SEE?!?!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Adding details to his mansion
  • Looking around spawn and checking if Ferris Muler's ransom has been left
  • Attacking an AFK Pause in the Death Games
BdoubleO100, PauseUnpause
24 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 40 - "The B-Team REAL ESTATE AGENCY!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Starting the B-Team realty to sell lots at spawn
26 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 41 - "#FreeFerrisNow? How About #FreeFerrisNO!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Increasing Ferris Muler's ransom
  • Creating a chandelier
29 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 42 - "Fixing The Chicken XP Farm!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Redesigning his chicken farm
1 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 43 - "PaulSoaresJr ATTACKS!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Negotiating with Paul for Ferris Muller's release
  • Leasing property at Spawn from the B-Team Realty
BdoubleO100, mcgamer, paulsoaresjr
3 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 44 - "Uncle Genny's HALLOWEEN EMPORIUM!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Building a Halloween store
  • Adding redstone for trick or treat
5 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 45 - "The GREATEST Businessman On Mindcrack!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Checking the profits from his halloween store
  • Selling plots to mcgamer and Pyro
mcgamer, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0
8 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 46 - "The Haunted Plantation LIBRARY!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Constructing the library
  • Adding special effects
10 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 47 - "So MUSH Room For Activities!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Working on the mushroom wall
  • Talking about the plans for the MindCrack Party
  • Discussing the fungus growth on Pyro's plot
BdoubleO100, Pyro_0
11 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 48 - "PRANK WARS: Bdubs Has A FUNGAL INFECTION!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Filling BdoubleO's house with mushroom blocks
14 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 49 - "Snapshot Herpin' and Derpin'!!! ;-)" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Acquiring some of the new flowers
  • Making stained glass and starting on a greenhouse
17 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 50 - "PRANK WARS: A REAL Squid Tank For PauseUnPause!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Accepting Pause's apology gift
  • Turning Pause's base into a giant squid tank
19 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 51 - "The FISH WARS Arena!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
22 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 52 - "Everything is FINE!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Talking about the fish timer
  • Explaining what happened to his mansion during the MindCrack Marathon
  • Working on details in the mansion
24 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 53 - "The Artsy Fartsy HERMIT!!!" Minecraft Survival Multiplayer"
  • Asking for painting ideas
  • Making an art studio
26 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 54 - "AMA 1.7 Adventure Edition Part 1 of 5!!!""
  • Submitting a vote for Seths beacon giveaway
  • Exploring new territory
  • Answering questions about his childhood
28 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 55 - "AMA 1.7 Adventure Edition Part 2 of 5!!!""
  • Exploring new territory
  • Answering questions about his family, moving to Bulgaria and YouTube
30 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 56 - "AMA 1.7 Adventure Edition Part 3 of 5!!!""
  • Exploring new territory
  • Answering questions about his YouTube career
1 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 57 - "AMA 1.7 Adventure Edition Part 4 of 5!!!""
  • Exploring new territory
  • Answering questions about builds, fans
  • Telling the story about being on a game show
3 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 58 - "AMA 1.7 Adventure Edition Part 5 of 5!!!""
  • Exploring new territory
  • Answering questions about himself
6 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 59 - "Back From Minecon!!!""
9 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 60 - "The Haunted Conservatory!!!""
  • Showing his work on the conservatory
  • Discussing plans to make the area haunted
14 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 61 - "Halloween Cleanup Time!!!""
  • Removing the halloween store
  • Talking about the last minute errands he's running
  • Visiting Seth's new store
18 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 62 Tips on growing your channel"
  • Sharing tips, dos and don'ts for those wanting to grow their channel
  • Leading an ocelot to Doc's place
27 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 63 - "Здравейте от България!!!!""
  • First episode in Bulgaria
  • Working on the villager breeding system
9 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 64 - "CRAP-4-GOLD!!!""
  • Discussing his beacon plans
  • Working on converting the PITA building to his new business, Crap for Gold
  • Talking about his expresso technique and Bulgarian bathrooms
12 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 65 - "My First Little Devil!!!""
  • Finding a zombie pigman riding a chicken
  • Helping Etho get an Enderman inside the Ender Mender shop for gold
  • Negotiating with Etho for finding a 15 heart donkey
14 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 66 - "B-Team vs TWO WITHERS!!!""
  • Making more holes in the bedrock roof
  • Fighting withers with BdoubleO
16 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 67 - "Wartilda The FORTUNE TELLER!!!""
  • Relocating Wartilda the witch
  • Making her a fortune teller booth
19 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Ep 68 - "I'm Having Bdubs' BABY!!!""
  • Gathering gold
  • Working on breeding donkeys for Etho
  • Setting up his beacon
  • Discussing adding a lab

Post 1.7.10 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jul 2014 "Minecraft Mindcrack Server Ep 01 - "Season 3 Begins!!!""
  • Introduction to Season 5
  • Showing his season 5 RV and rabbits
  • Touring what has been done so far on the server
See Beginning of Season 5, Etho
20 Jul 2014 "Minecraft Mindcrack Server Ep 02 - "Pimped Out RV!!!""
  • Pimping out his RV
  • Talks about living in Bulgaria, and his mother-in-law's illness
  • Shows progress made on the slime farm
BlameTC, Docm77, Guude
22 Jul 2014 "Minecraft Mindcrack Server Ep 03 - "Auto Fishing On Lake SuckItAnderz!!!""
  • Fixing his house
  • Discussing his plans for the slime farm
  • Building an automatic fishing shack
24 Jul 2014 "Minecraft Mindcrack Server Ep 04 - "Uncle Genny's Fishing Shack!!!""
  • Talking about streaming
  • Working on the fishing shack
  • Getting struck by lightning
25 Jul 2014 "Minecraft Mindcrack Server Ep 05 - "Mother Of Rabbits!!!" (FIXED!)"
  • Building a monument to rabbits