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adlingtont's gold farm is one of his first builds on the MindCrack vanilla Season 4 map. He released a video detailing the construction of this farm on July 9, 2013, one day after releasing a video on the construction of the obsidian farm. The farm takes advantage of zombie pigman spawns. At every portal, there is a small chance that zombie pigment will spawn, a chance that increases will an increased difficulty level. Therefore, the farm takes advantage of this mechanic by bringing together a large quantity of portals in high density. The portals are separated with open trapdoors (which zombie pigmen see as a full block, causing them to walk onto them). As a result of the trapdoors, the zombie pigmen walk off into a water stream that pushes them down a deep hole. They (usually) die of fall damage and leave golden nuggets behind. adlingtont installed a sticky piston attached to a dirt block that is capable of suffocating surviving pigmen without making other pigmen aggressive.[1]


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