Guude's village

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A view of Guude's village from above.

Guude found a village nearby his mountain house, the Ark and BdoubleO100's Arena and dramatically revamped it for use in villager breeding. The village is located in a large grasslands biome and is situated over a large cave opening that was later sealed for the protection of villagers.[1] He chose the village on May 30, 2012.[2] The village was home to to Noah, Fred, Ned and Noah Mk II, among others. Fred, Noah and Noah Mk II were the first to move into the village with Fred being one of its original inhabitants.[3]

One May 31, Guude began building a birch plank wall around the village and placed torches about the entirety of its limits to protect its inhabitants from zombies.[1] With the village walls in place, he replaced knocked-down doors and began changing aesthetic aspects of the village.[4] In a June 3, 2012 episode, Guude decided to replace the design of natural villager houses with a design created by JL2579. He also made the decision at that time to revamp the wall to include glass windows and day/night sensing sticky pistons attached to glowstone..[5]

A June 5, 2012 video revealed that Guude experimented with replacing the naturally-spawned gravel roads with recessed brick roads and eventually adopted this format for the remainder of the village roads, normalizing height differences between the roads and house doors in the process..[6] Guude revealed on June 8 that he had doubled up each wall to allow the day/night sensors to be hidden in between.[3] The next episode, iron golems were introduced into the village to defend against zombies that may find their ways into village bounds. He also added a power station for his day/night sensors during this period.[7] The next episode was released in seven days as Guude was occupied with his uncle's death; when he returned, he continued to work out kinks in the road outlay and began constructing new houses using birch and jungle wood.[8] He spent substantial redstone to complete the day/night sensing glowstone-laden walls.[9]

On a July 12, 2012 episode, Guude found that his village had been pranked by AnderZEL, who had built a grassy hill over the village, built a viking warship, and a nearby Viking longhouse. Because the village and hill were poorly lit in some places, zombies knocked down a great deal of the doors and killed several of the resident villagers. Noah was among the casualties.[10]

The last episode where he extensively worked on the village was released on July 31, 2012,[11] although he returned to the village on September 23 to clean up a month-old lever prank left by mcgamer.[12]


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