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This is a list of Guude's modded MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by Guude on the MindCrack modded server using Feed the Beast and CrackPack.

Feed the Beast Season 1[edit]

Guude's playlist for this season is "Mindcrack FTB". It occurred on the modded server's first and second map.

First map[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
14 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E01 - All the things"
  • Exploring and trying to figure out what can be created
  • Talking about the mod and MineCon meetups
PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
16 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E02 - A new mountain"
  • Starting a base and farms
PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
18 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E03 - Gathering"
  • Starting to use machines
  • Caving and gathering supplies
PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
18 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E04 - The Nether"
  • Working on gathering resources
  • Trying to understand quarries
PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
22 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E05 - Quarry"
  • Trying to make a working quarry
BdoubleO100, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
7 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E06 - I Love Turtles"
  • Starting to program turtles
9 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E07 - Minecraft Internet Porn"
  • Printing MindCrack chat to monitors

Second map[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
25 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E12 - New Server!"
  • Starting out on the new server
  • Tackling a Wisp dungeon
  • Touring the progress in spawn
AnderZEL, BdoubleO100, Docm77, Millbee, monkeyfarm, Nebris, Pakratt0013, Pyro_0
31 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack FTB - E14 - Turtle Army Begins"
  • Reviewing the totals of material in his plot
  • Showing the progress on his plot
  • Plans for his turtles
Pakratt0013, Nebris
2 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E15 - Green Slime Turtle Power"
  • Excavating under the ocean
  • Making a turtle charge and connecting it to the towns biogas supply
3 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E16 - Going Solar!"
  • Using Turtles to get dark iron
  • Making hybrid solar panels
  • Looking at Nebris' nuclear reactor and lava funneling with ender chests
  • Labeling Noah the turtle
4 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E17 - Player Detector"
  • Making and coding a player detector to restrict entry to his base
generikb, pakratt0013, Zisteau
6 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E18 - GPS"
  • Progress on his floor
  • Talking about the status of resources on the server and looking at the start of the Nether portal
  • Setting up the GPS system
  • Discussing turtle recharging systems for the platform
7 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E19 - OMG LAZORS"
  • Working on his power setup
  • Discussing the design of his base
  • Discussing making a matter fabricator
9 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E20 - Interactive Sorter"
  • Discussing flower and resin turtles
  • Working on coding a sorting machine
11 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E21 - Cataloging the amazing way!"
  • Demonstrating his system for storing, sorting and counting items
  • Clips leading up to the creation of the sorting system
13 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E22 - Seeking a Creeper Spawner (reupload)"
  • Exploring the Twilight forrest
  • Looking for a creeper spawner
15 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E23 - The Creeper Spawner"
  • Making a creeper mob farm
19 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E24 - You will be processed!"
  • Explaining his storage and sorting system
23 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E25 - Finding the GuudeTech Location"
  • Showing the ender farm
  • Discussing his storage system and Nebris' setup
26 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E26 - Recycling is Important"
  • Setting up a recycler
  • Using turtles to mine below him
28 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E27 - The Stock Ticker"
  • Making a big monitor for his items
  • Experimenting with colors and sizes
29 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E28 - GIFT WARS! Accenting Beef's Wall"
  • Making Beef a color changing wall with monitors
  • Talking about mods, the zoo and interior decorating
3 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E29 - Monitors"
  • Looking for chickens, getting food from BurgerZEN
  • Working on the sorting system
  • Discussing iridium production methods
  • Watching a movie on the monitor
4 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E30 - PRANK WARS: Call the Bomb Turtles"
  • Finding Anderz turret prank and using turtles to attack them
  • Considering FTB pranking ethics
7 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E31 - Wilson's Bits"
  • Discussing the screensaver
  • Working on his turtle store
12 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E32 - Shorty"
  • Talking about why there haven't been videos
  • Adding hearts to Anderz hammer
16 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E33 - Playing with Bosses"
  • Talking about the missing Silverwood trees
  • Fighting a Wither
  • Trying to grab the Ender Dragon with a portal gun and leading her away from spawn
21 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E34 - Charge!"
  • Discussing changes with the update
  • Building a turtle operated charging system
  • Talking about the Minecraft marathon, plans for his house entrance
26 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E35 - PRANK WARS: Mooshroom Clouds"
  • Showing his mooshroom filled house
  • Breeding mooshrooms
  • Cleaning up by dropping them from a height with a portal gun
28 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E36 - In the head of a Turtle"
  • Working on the interior of of his Wilson's Bits turtle store
  • Setting up the player detector and doors
6 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E37 - Penguins with Doc"
  • Working on the penguin show
10 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E38 - Lagbusters"
  • Explaining the sorter he set up for the B-Team
  • Discussing hunting lag sources
  • BTC's chair
  • Graveyard of shame
16 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E39 - Wilson's Bits Grand Opening (Part 1)"
  • Investigating BTC's car shop
  • Discussing the UU matter, interior design, computer code and pricing for Wilson's Bits
  • Troubleshooting the touch monitor
23 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E40 - Weed Wacking with Vintagebeef"
  • Helping VintageBeef make a grass growing/lawn mowing turtle at his spawn plot
  • Discussing Moonworms
  • Making a sign for the zoo's entrance
thejims, VintageBeef
25 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E41 - EXTERMINATE!"
  • Working more on the the grass growing turtle from VintageBeef
  • Discovering BTC has filled his house with moonworms
  • Paying Etho to remove the worms from his house
  • Talking about worms and thaumcraft
1 May 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E42 - PRANK: Emerald Statues"
  • Making emerald blocks from UU mater
  • Montage of building a giant Guude statue, that uses emeralds, near the B-Team base
26 May 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E43 - Feed the Beast?"
  • Explaining why he hasn't uploaded Feed the Beast videos and the issues with lag on the server
  • Acknowledging the giant moonworm left on his plot by Anderz and removing the slime spawners
  • Talking about how they've been trying to diagnose lag
  • Removing the worm and talking about how he wants to make videos
  • Talking about all the behind-the-scenes time he spends and lag vs frame rate
  • Discussing about his past and its effect on his perspective
5 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack FTB - E44 - PRANK WARS: This is just terrible"
  • Talking about the new server host for FTB
  • Discovering his house has been filled with green cobwebs by generik
  • Trying to figure out what the green cobwebs are and how to get rid of them
  • Figuring out it is bee ectoplasm and removing the bees

Feed the Beast Season 2[edit]

Guude's playlist for this season is "Mindcrack FTB: Season 2". It occurred on the modded server's third map.

Video Notable events Featuring
6 Feb 2014 "Mindcrack FTB - S2E1 - Feed the Beast is BACK!"
  • Explaining the premise of the new FTB map
  • Caving and exploring around spawn
  • Talking about his grandma breaking her hip
18 Feb 2014 "Mindcrack FTB - S2E2 - Building Our Army"
  • Caving
  • Making Wilson, his first turtle on the server

CrackPack Season 1[edit]

Guude's playlist for this season is "Mindcrack Crackpack Server". It occurred on the modded server's fourth map.