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Group photo at the end of the Halloween party

Halloween was an event headed by RainbowCrisp on the MindCrack Fan Server. The party was planned for 27 October 2012 and trick-or-treating on 31 October 2012. Members of MindCrack visited the Fan Server for the event after Guude's announcement.[1] Some members on the server have decorated their plots and changed their skins for the event.

Cobwebs, which are normally unobtainable, were distributed to members who wish to decorate their plots with them. RainbowCrisp has strictly instructed people not to hoard them, and only use them for the event at town and not elsewhere. Extras must be given back to her. Cobwebs that are placed can stay after the event is over.[2]

Halloween party[edit]

The event was located at a stronghold that can be accessed through the blue tunnel. The area was built by armagedon41, darkphan, Morgwen, pantone2738U, RainbowCrisp, rayman86, and sixelona. The area includes scavenger hunt, apple bobbing, maze, minecart ride, grave digging, and PvP platform. Participants of the event include:

Members of the MindCrack server also joined the event:

Scavenger hunt[edit]

There are seven written books used in the scavenger hunt. They are all written by Sixelona but were signed under RainbowCrisp.


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Oh, hello friend. Nice to see you here at the party. Please forgive the strange noises from upstairs. Old man Winchester won’t stop haunting this library. Would you mind talking to him to see what drags that old bag of bones into the library every night?

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You can find him upstairs near the back wall. Talk with him using the books you find in his chest. By the way, you might want to consider putting your items in an ender chest in case your journey for answers gets a little dangerous...

Haunting Vol. 1[edit]

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Wha-dont sneak up on me like that, y'lil brat! Yea I'm Winchester and no I aint gonna be leavin' this place. This here library's been mah home for years! I won’t stop hauntin' this place... er... until I remember why I was hauntin' it.

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My old pal Sam might be able to help ya out! He was always the one with the smarts. He watches over a whole buncha pumpkins. He can’t stop squawkin' about em!

Haunting Vol. 2[edit]

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You look surprised, not expecting a talking chicken, huh? I love pumpkins and I've watched this pumpkin patch grow into a maze over the years. Amazing, right? Oh, Milton sent you here? Mmm, he was a nice guy when he was more than worm food.

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I don’t see any reason as to why he would still be haunting the library. Oh! I know. Talk to Featherwinkle, the old apothecary. He lives somewhere under the staircase in the library. He knows all kinds of stuff about ghosts and things!

Haunting Vol. 3[edit]

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Oh, who told you about my hiding place? I’ve studied in peace for years. I suppose you must have a reason for being here. Old Man Winchester? The library? There has been some paranormal activity here lately. Weird squishy sounds coming from the walls.

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Winchester died about 2 years ago, worked for the library his whole life. He acted very strange in his last years, spent a lot of time with Slippery Jack, the Bestiary specialist. Said he needed to keep his mind off things.

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Why not seek him out? He lives behind the DJ booth area. Oh, but he’s a crafty one. You’ll need to answer a question before you can even speak to him! Eccentric fellow.

Haunting Vol. 4[edit]

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Shocked to see an animal studying beasts and mobs? Humans study each other after all! Anyway, congratulation on answering my question, but unfortunately I do not know why Ol’ Milton is haunting the library.

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We hung out together and he said he had to keep his mind off a girl. Her name was Penny. I wonder if she dumped him and it broke his heart. I never knew if he had a wife or not, didn’t talk much about his social life.

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Why not search for Ollie, the guy who keeps track of death records? Maybe you can help Milton figure out what keeps him tied down to this world. Ollie lives around the pumpkin patch. Folks say he’s pretty hard to find but they usually can at the end.

Haunting Vol. 5[edit]

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Hi, I hope you had trouble getting here. I don't really like to be bothered. I have a lot to do. People die every day and I have to get all the vital data; name, birthday, how they died, family’s thoughts, and things like that. It is tedious work.

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You are curious about Milton Winchester, the old librarian? I knew him. Nice fellow. Helped me as a boy learn how to do research. Let us see how he died. Drowned? Murdered? No. Blown up by a creeper? Hmm, no. He died of old age, senile at the end.

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Penny? I remember him mentioning her, but she died quite a long time ago. Ah, I can’t find information on how she died. This was before I took over recording deaths. Her last name was Pepper. Why not check the graveyard and see if you see her name there.

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The only information I have is that she used to be a nurse. Make sure you have five books on hauntings with you. It is easier to gain information on the dead when you have the proper research done. This book is volume five.

Haunting Vol. 6[edit]

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You found me! My name is Penny Pepper and I dreamed to be the best doctor in the world. When I finally become a doctor, I was so excited. I went to the library to check out some books on starting my own practice and I met a very nice man there.

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His name was Milton Winchester. He was always so nice and willing to help me. He even gave me flowers for my birthday! And one time I did not have my library card so he was kind enough to check the book out for me! He really was the sweetest man.

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Before I could finish that book, my house burned down thanks my curtains catching fire. I really should have moved that candle. I died in that fire. My tombstone says I died 50 years ago, but it doesn't feel like it! Time is different when you're dead!

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I've been bored out of my mind! I cannot communicate with people but I can still pick up light objects so I have been borrowing books from the library at night. As you can see I have quite a few I need to take back. Can you take this book back to Milton?

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Maybe with this he can finally rest in peace and we can enjoy our afterlife together? I would be forever grateful. Be sure to take this book and the other five Haunting volumes to one of the event guides so they can pass on the message to Milton!

Ye Olde Booktorium of Mindcrackia[edit]

The Ye Olde Booktorium of Mindcrackia is a library located by the portal. It has the Introduction book, the start of the scavenger hunt. Up the stairs, there is a painting "in memory of the great Milton Winchester." In front of the painting is Haunting Vol. 1.

Under the staircase is a secret entrance that leads to Patrick Featherwinkle the apothecary. He has Haunting Vol. 3.

Pumpkin Patch[edit]

Sam Cluck the Pumpkin Patch Observer is located on the opposite side of the entrance of the Pumpkin Patch. Beneath the chicken is Haunting Vol. 2.

The Pumpkin Patch is a maze built by Morgwen and Rayman86. The first level has walls lined with pumpkins. The end heads to a ladder down to a second level. Only one person can enter the area at a time. There are three total pressure plates that one must step on. Stepping on one pressure plate unlocks another one in the maze. The exit is then opened and leads to Ollie Obituaries, where Haunting Vol. 5 is located.

DJ Booth[edit]

The DJ Booth has note blocks, a jukebox, and a chest that contains all available music discs in the game, including "11." The DJ is an iron golem. Behind the booth is a secret entrance. A quiz asks which mob cannot be found on the train ride: skeleton, enderman, creeper. The wrong answer will dump the player into lava. The correct answer leads to another room containing Slippery Jack the Mooshroom with Haunting Vol. 4.


  • Apple bobber

The apple bobbing room has a deep water pool and a tripwire that triggers dispensers dumping random loot into the pool. The goal is to retrieve the items without drowning.

  • Hostile Revenge

This minecart ride twists and turns and goes through many places, including the Pumpkin Patch, the End portal, and a room that shoots arrows at the player.

  • Grave digging

The graveyard has clever and witty obituaries for all the MindCrack members. The graves can be dug out to reveal random loot.

  • Ghastly Arena

This PvP arena is a floating platform above bedrock. Next to the platform are dispensers with fire charges that can be activated by an onlooker with a bow and arrows.


Right after the party, the group traveled to Darkphan's desert temple through the Nether. Darkphan had gathered enough Wither Skeleton skulls to create six Withers and the group fought them at the same time. The group then traveled to spawn town, either on foot, tp'ed, or suicide, and had their pictures taken by MonkeyDK in front of the Blockhaven sign.


Images and gallery[edit]


Due to Hurricane Sandy, both the MindCrack server and Fan server were down on 29 October 2012. Both servers were located in New York City, which was hit hard by the hurricane.[3] The servers came back online on 1 November 2012[4] and the event was postponed to the next day on Friday.[5]



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