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The Minecraft avatar of harumei
Country United States
Gender F
Other names Harumei, Haru

harumei, also known simply as Haru, is a Let's Play commentator and a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. She joined the server on July 2012 after she was invited by Tidzwiggle.[1] After the shutdown of the Fan Server, Haru removed her old videos from public view. Due to bad experiences with MindCrack and its community, Haru no longer associates herself with the community.[2] She is minimally active on YouTube and more often streams a variety of games on Twitch. She is a very talented artist; she draws all her channel and profile artworks by herself.

Let's Play[edit]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Fallout: New Vegas "Let's ruin Fallout New Vegas EP01 - Why does this always happen to me?" 4 Sep 2012 Lasted five episode, series ended due to lack of views; no longer viewable on her channel
Cube World "CubeWorld" 6 Jul 2013
Portal "Portal" 6 Aug 2013
Spore "Spore: Life in the Tidepool" 11 Oct 2013 On HaruBeam channel no longer viewable
The Walking Dead "The Walking Dead [Episode 1] Little Girl" 12 Oct 2013 No longer viewable on her channel
League of Legends "League of Legends" 13 Mar 2014
Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Modded survival single player "Hack/Mine" 3 Jul 2012 Plays with Hack/Mine mod
Modded survival single player "Dinopolis" 7 Jul 2012 Plays with Fossils and Archeology Revival mod, now on HaruBeam channel
Survival single player "Principality Season 1" 26 Jul 2012
"Super Hostile 14 Waking Up" "Waking Up EP 01 Off to a rough start" 15 Aug 2012 Featuring opticalshadow; series ended early and is no longer viewable on her channel
"The Story of Gorgoth" "The Story of Gorgoth - Part 1 with Bruschetta" 5 Sep 2012 Adventure map featuring Bruschetta12; no longer viewable on her channel
"The Beginning Of The End" "Team HH - The Beginning of the End - 01" 9 Nov 2012 Adventure map featuring HiBoy; no longer viewable on her channel
Survival single player "Principality Season 2" 19 Jun 2013
Modded survival single player "HaruCraft" 23 Jun 2013 Season 1 ended due to massive memory leaks
"Aether II" "Aether II EP01 - Shiny things!" 29 Jun 2013 No longer viewable on her channel
Modded survival single player "HaruCraft - Accidental New Season!" 8 Aug 2013 Started on original channel, resumed on HaruBeam channel which are no longer viewable
"Wrath of the Fallen" "Wrath of the Fallen: Where is the rum?" 29 Aug 2013 Adventure map; no longer viewable on her channel
Modded survival single player "Dinopolis: Dinosaurs in Minecraft!" 20 Sep 2013 On HaruBeam channel, plays with Fossils and Archeology Revival mod
Survival single player "Lazy Minecraft: Seedlings" 10 Jan 2014
Modded survival single player "FTB Monster SMP" 25 May 2014 Plays with Feed the Beast Monster pack

Haru started her YouTube channel in order to get onto the Fan Server. She entered early contests that were held by the members of the MindCrack Server but didn't win any of them. She now produces videos as a hobby and to open herself up more and has never anticipated the channel to grow as large as it is now. She is currently partnered with Curse after leaving TGN on YouTube.[3][4] Haru was featured on iHasCupquake's "Gamer of the Week,"[5] boosting her subscriber count dramatically. On 15 September 2013, Haru started another YouTube channel named HaruBeam. The purpose of that channel is to have family-friendly content while her main channel will remain mature.[6][7] Her chicken on a stone slab image with a cat sound is her primary intro to her videos.

Haru had a texture pack that changed the textures of the Zombies and Skeletons into her old skin. The retextured undead represents her old self after dying many times and the continuation of those lives.[8]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Before the 1.5 map reset, Haru had a plot in the Greenwood neighborhood of Blockhaven and has built a massive village. She participated in the Fan Server UHC in Season 6. Her likable personality during one of Guude's Fan Server tours boosted her subscriber count much more dramatically than any other fan server member that Guude toured. Haru's infatuation with Nebris' voice[9] has caused other members to make fun of her. A notable example is ElecsQuest's prank on Haru by building a giant Nebris face at her remote base. During Guude's tour, Guude constantly teases her with mentions of Nebris.

Minecraft skin[edit]

harumei's clean skin harumei's covered skin

Previous skin[edit]

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