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The ABBA Caving Tournament is a tournament on the HermitCraft server headed by Xisuma after he was inspired by the ABBA Rules on the MindCrack Server. Xisuma built a building for the tournament at the commercial district in the 1.7 Hermit Town.[1]


This is from Xisuma's information book posted at the tournament building.[2]

The ABBA caving tournament is a knockout competition where competing players put there (sic) winnings from each round into a chest (upstairs) that is reserved for the tournament winner.

You have until 1st of December to enter

the competition.

If you haven't played or heard of ABBA caving before then let me explain. A game of ABBA caving consists of 2 players caving in the same area and competing to collect the most valuable resources. After the time is up, both

players have to stop caving and add up there (sic) score. Score is based on ores, each of which have a point value. The player with the most points takes all the ores.

To enter the tournament, take your name from the names chest and put it

in the contestants chest on the other side of the room. On the 1st of december (sic) the knockout table will be drawn up and the games will begin. If there are more or less than an ideal amount of players then the following could happen. If there are 17 players

two would be randomly drawn to have a qualifying round, meaning the (sic) play an extra game. If there are only 15 players one player will be randomly drawn to "pass" the round and go into the next stage of the tournament.

Games will be

played based on the availability of contestants and no dates or pace will be set for each round.

For more information on how to play a round in the tournament, read the rule book.
For any other question contact me


This is from Xisuma's rules book posted at the tournament building.[3]

Rulebook for competing in the tournament.
1. A round must last 20 minutes.
2. Players must agree on area for caving in.
3. Both players must have a silk touch pick to gather ores.
4. Both players must have speed, night vision & fire resist

potions to ensure a balanced match.
5. When the match is finished contact Xisuma to let me know who the winner it (sic) and deposit all ores into the winning chest located upstairs in the ABBA building.

PTO for Ore point values

Coal > 0 Points
Iron > 2 Points
Redstone > 3 Points
Lapis > 4 Points
Gold > 4 Points
Emerald > 5 Points
Diamond > 8 Points

If you have any questions, need a silk touch pick or potions for the game message Xisuma

After the first round, Xisuma revised the point system based input from the first round.[4]

Ore point values for round 2!

Coal > 0
Iron > 1
Redstone > 4
Gold > 5
Lapis > 6
Emerald > 7
Diamond > 12


Round 1[edit]

The first match was finally drawn by Xisuma in an episode published on 14 December 2013.[5]

Match Player Video Score
1 red3yz "Round 1: Red3yz vs Skyzm - Hermitcraft ABBA Caving Tournament - Minecraft"
skyzm "skyzm HermitCraft - ABBA vs. Red3yz! - E51"
2 ZombieCleo "Minecraft: Hermitcraft - 44 - ABBA caving with Keralis" 384
Keralis1 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.42 - ABBA Caving vs. ZombieCleo" 521
3 Pungence
4 Tinfoilchef
5 joehillssays
6 Juicetra
7 Unhost
8 Xisuma


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