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The Minecraft avatar of Aureylian
Artistic representation of Aureylian's Minecraft avatar

Aureylian in real life
Personal name Erin
Born (1986-07-06) 6 July 1986 (age 33)[1]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender F
Other names
  • Aurey
  • Rellykins

Aureylian (pronounced "ɑː r lɪ ən"),[2][3] known simply as Aurey (pronounced "ɑː ri:"),[4] or her personal name Erin Wayne,[5][6] is an American Let's Play commentator and a member of Mindcrack since May 2014.[7]


Aureylian was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri,[8] and currently lives there.[9] She is employed by Twitch as their Lead Community Manager.[10][11] Aurey previously ran Twitch's Minecraft Partnership Program.[12][11] At some point in her life, Aurey worked as a wedding planner for eight years.[13] She is of Irish, German and Native American ancestry,[14] and is allegedly descended from 19th century American artist John Frederick Kensett.[15]

Aurey's earliest gaming experiences include family boardgame nights and arcade games such as PONG, as opposed to handheld gaming consoles such as the Game Boy. Her dad says "[Aurey] was destined to become a geek."[16] Aurey has two half sisters, one half brother, three step sisters, and one step brother.[17] One of her brothers is known as squatingyeti on YouTube,[18] and has featured in her Depth series.[19]

Aurey double majored in college, hoping to finish school as soon as possible. She graduated in 3.5 years and has a degree in non-profit administration and a degree in corporate communications.[20][21]

The handle Aureylian is based on "Aurelia", the name of a ship in Fool's Gold.[22] Aurey's surname was revealed on 14 March 2016 during a Twitch company livestream.[23][24][6]

While her content is almost uniformly PG, Aurey has on occasion succumbed to the use of profanity, usually in conjuction with Vechs' Super Hostile maps.[25]


Aureylian accepts fanmail through her PO Box.[9]

PO BOX 522
Grover, MO 63040

Let's Play[edit]

Aureylian was inspired to begin Let's Playing by InTheLittleWood.[26] Aurey launched her vlog channel "AureyIRL" on 15 September 2015.[27] As of October 2015, she is no longer putting Lets Plays on her channel, instead converting it into a vlogging channel.[28].

The YouTube avatar of Aureylian
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Creative singleplayer "Boo Plays" 26 Aug 2012 With her daughter Boo
HermitCraft Survival multiplayer 10 Sep 2012
"Wonderland" "Aurey In Wonderland" 18 Jan 2013
Survival multiplayer "Learning Minecraft" 18 Jan 2013 Featuring wolv21 to learn the new features of Minecraft
Hardcore survival singleplayer "Hardcore Minecraft" 28 Oct 2013
"Christmas Calendar" "A Very Parkour Christmas" 1 Dec 2013 Co-op with different YouTubers each episode
Modded survival singleplayer "Minecraft Ever After" 17 Dec 2013 Playing in 1.2.5 using "Fairy Factions Colonization" and various other mods
"Boulefield" "Boulefield Minecraft Map" 18 Apr 2013 Featuring IAmSp00n
"Atlantis" "ATLANTIS by PG5" 16 Jan 2014
Survival multiplayer "BOTS" 17 Jan 2014 Featuring Will, Maddiie and Josh completing challenges
PixelLeague Pixelmon server "Pixelmon" 5 Feb 2014 See PixelLeague
Mindcrack survival multiplayer "Mindcrack" 15 May 2014


Aurey joined HermitCraft in September 2012.[29] She established her Hermette hut, using its underground dungeon to "trap" and "collect" as many Hermits as she could. The build remained unfinished.

Aureylian says her inactivity on the HermitCraft server was a conscious decision but "[she] will be very active on Mindcrack, both via YouTube and streaming."[30]


Aureylian first met Guude at PlayOnCon 2012,[31] and was going to join the server in September 2012, at the same time as BlameTC,[32] but a consensus on inviting her was not reached[33] due to the size of her YouTube channel.[31] Aureylian joined the Mindcrack server in May 2014, having discussed the possibility with Guude at GameVid Expo 2014.[34] Aurey was introduced via a storyline created by mcgamer,[35] which involves her "burning" down various buildings around spawn.[7] MC says the storyline was initially a way of getting more involved with other members of the server, but incorporated Aureylian after learning she would be joining the server.[36]

Personal life[edit]

Aureylian with Boo, May 2015

Aureylian is 5'4" tall.[37] She has a number of tattoos. One of which is a butterfly on her hip,[38] another is found on her lower back[39] (which she was in the process of getting removed as of January 2015),[40] and most recently the Deathly Hallows sign found in the Harry Potter series.[41][42] She has belly button rings.[39]

Aurey suffers from regular anxiety.[43]

Relationships and family[edit]

Aurey has a six-year old daughter nicknamed "Boo"; she is divorced from Boo's father.[44][45]

Aureylian said in April 2014 that she was in a relationship.[46] Her frequent collaborations with CaptainSparklez (Jordan) lead to fans speculating that the two were dating. In a Mianite video released on 2 September 2014, SynHD (Tom) and II_JERiiCHO_II were discussing a double date that Tom had reportedly been invited to with Aurey and Jordan, and two others, exclaiming "I don't want to be the third wheel - fifth wheel!"[47] During the 2014 Mindcrack Marathon UHC #ForTheKids event, AnderZEL asked Aurey to pass him her iron leggings, to which he remarked "I'm sorry Sparklez, I'm undressing your woman."[48] Addressing persistent questions from fans in January 2015, Aurey said she prefers to not identify her boyfriend[49] as it "has no bearing on [her] content".[50] She declined to reveal if her boyfriend is a fellow YouTuber.[51] In a Mianite video released on 5 March 2015, Tom teased Jordan by morphing into Aureylian's Minecraft character.[52] In January 2016, Aurey confirmed that she and Jordan were not dating.[45] Guude mentioned something about Auryey and Jordan during a live stream.[53]


Aureylian is an avid fan of Star Trek and Harry Potter.[12] She labels herself a "Pegasister," a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, considering herself closely related to the character Pinkie Pie.[54]

Social and political views[edit]

Aurey has spoken out in support of social equality, advocating non-discrimination and acceptance of people of different genders, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.[55][56] Aureylian is not a member of any particular religion.[57][58]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Aureylian's skin was originally based on folklore character Little Red Riding Hood,[59] but has since become a representation of herself.[60]

Aureylian's Minecraft skin

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