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The Minecraft avatar of Aureylian
Artistic representation of Aureylian's Minecraft avatar

Aureylian in real life
Personal name Erin
Born (1986-07-06) 6 July 1986 (age 34)[1]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender F
Other names
  • Aurey
  • Rellykins

Aureylian (pronounced "ɑː r lɪ ən"),[2][3] known simply as Aurey (pronounced "ɑː ri:"),[4] or her personal name Erin Wayne,[5][6] is an American Let's Play commentator and a member of Mindcrack since May 2014.[7]


Aureylian was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri,[8] and currently lives there.[9] She is employed by Twitch as their Lead Community Manager.[10][11] Aurey previously ran Twitch's Minecraft Partnership Program.[12][11] At some point in her life, Aurey worked as a wedding planner for eight years.[13] She is of Irish, German and Native American ancestry,[14] and is allegedly descended from 19th century American artist John Frederick Kensett.[15]

Aurey's earliest gaming experiences include family boardgame nights and arcade games such as PONG, as opposed to handheld gaming consoles such as the Game Boy. Her dad says "[Aurey] was destined to become a geek."[16] Aurey has two half sisters, one half brother, three step sisters, and one step brother.[17] One of her brothers is known as squatingyeti on YouTube,[18] and has featured in her Depth series.[19]

Aurey double majored in college, hoping to finish school as soon as possible. She graduated in 3.5 years and has a degree in non-profit administration and a degree in corporate communications.[20][21]

The handle Aureylian is based on "Aurelia", the name of a ship in Fool's Gold.[22] Aurey's surname was revealed on 14 March 2016 during a Twitch company livestream.[23][24][6]


Aureylian accepts fanmail through her PO Box.[9]

PO BOX 522
Grover, MO 63040

Let's Play[edit]

Aureylian was inspired to begin Let's Playing by InTheLittleWood.[25] Aurey launched her vlog channel "AureyIRL" on 15 September 2015.[26] As of October 2015, she is no longer putting Lets Plays on her channel, instead converting it into a vlogging channel.[27].

The YouTube avatar of Aureylian


Aurey joined HermitCraft in September 2012.[28] She established her Hermette hut, using its underground dungeon to "trap" and "collect" as many Hermits as she could; the build remained unfinished. Aureylian says her inactivity on the HermitCraft server was a conscious decision but "[she] will be very active on Mindcrack, both via YouTube and streaming."[29]


Aureylian first met Guude at PlayOnCon 2012,[30] and was going to join the server in September 2012, at the same time as BlameTC,[31] but a consensus on inviting her was not reached[32] due to the size of her YouTube channel.[30] Aureylian joined the Mindcrack server in May 2014, having discussed the possibility with Guude at GameVid Expo 2014.[33] Aurey was introduced via a storyline created by mcgamer,[34] which involves her "burning" down various buildings around spawn.[7] MC says the storyline was initially a way of getting more involved with other members of the server, but incorporated Aureylian after learning she would be joining the server.[35]

Personal life[edit]

Aureylian with Boo, May 2015

Aureylian is 5'4" tall.[36] She has a number of tattoos. One of which is a butterfly on her hip,[37] another is found on her lower back[38] (which she was in the process of getting removed as of January 2015),[39] and most recently the Deathly Hallows sign found in the Harry Potter series.[40][41] She has belly button rings.[38]

Aurey suffers from regular anxiety.[42]

Relationships and family[edit]

Aurey has a six-year old daughter nicknamed "Boo"; she is divorced from Boo's father.[43][44]

Aureylian said in April 2014 that she was in a relationship.[45] Her frequent collaborations with CaptainSparklez (Jordan) lead to fans speculating that the two were dating. In a Mianite video released on 2 September 2014, SynHD (Tom) and II_JERiiCHO_II were discussing a double date that Tom had reportedly been invited to with Aurey and Jordan, and two others, exclaiming "I don't want to be the third wheel - fifth wheel!"[46] During the UHC #ForTheKids event, AnderZEL asked Aurey to pass him her iron leggings, to which he remarked "I'm sorry Sparklez, I'm undressing your woman."[47] Addressing persistent questions from fans in January 2015, Aurey said she prefers to not identify her boyfriend[48] as it "has no bearing on [her] content".[49] She declined to reveal if her boyfriend is a fellow YouTuber.[50] In a Mianite video released on 5 March 2015, Tom teased Jordan by morphing into Aureylian's Minecraft character.[51] In January 2016, Aurey confirmed that she and Jordan were not dating.[44] During a livestream in September 2018, Guude let slip that Aurey and Jordan had previously dated.[52]


Aureylian is an avid fan of Star Trek and Harry Potter.[12] She labels herself a "Pegasister," a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, considering herself closely related to the character Pinkie Pie.[53]

Social and political views[edit]

Aurey has spoken out in support of social equality, advocating non-discrimination and acceptance of people of different genders, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.[54][55] Aureylian is not a member of any particular religion.[56][57]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Aureylian's skin was originally based on folklore character Little Red Riding Hood,[58] but has since become a representation of herself.[59]

Aureylian's Minecraft skin

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