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This is a list of BdoubleO100's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by BdoubleO100 on the HermitCraft server.

Video Notable events Featuring
5 Jan 2013 "Hermitcraft :: E1 :: Payback's a 'B'............"
  • B-Team invades the HermitCraft server
  • Pranks Biffa and Xisuma
generikb, Juicetra, Pungence, skyzm
26 Jan 2013 "Hermitcraft :: E2 :: David vs. Goliath"
  • Explores the Nether hub and takes some of Hypno's Emerald blocks for the "Angels With Bent Halos Foundation"
  • Visits Keralis' base
  • Issues a build-off challenge to Keralis