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The Minecraft avatar of Coestar
Artistic representation of Coestar's Minecraft avatar

Coe in real life
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • Coe

Coestar is an American Let's Play commentator, a member of the Buffalo Wizards since June 2014, and a member of Mindcrack since July 2014.

Let's Play[edit]

The YouTube avatar of Coestar

Coe is well known for his early Minecraft SSP series "Coe's Quest", which inspired many other many members of Mindcrack to start making their own videos, including Mhykol,[1] and former member Etho.[2] During the series, Coe remained somewhat nomadic, moving between bases and projects frequently.[3] Coe's four part "Minecraft Beginner's Tutorial" series has been featured on Minecraft's official site, minecraft.net, since 16 December 2010.[4][5]

On 25 May 2013, Coe announced his retirement from YouTube content creating.[6]

Since December 2013, Coestar has livestreamed daily to Twitch as part of his "#StreamADay" challenge to keep him motivated through his depression.[7][8] During the month of October 2014, Coe streamed only horror games as part of his "#ScreamADay" Halloween theme.[9] On 22 October 2014, Coe announced a secondary YouTube channel "CoeVODs" for livestream archives.[10]

Coe returned to YouTube on 7 March 2014.[11] He became an active participant in Mindcrack's Garry's Mod recording sessions.

Since his return to YouTube, Coe has generally participated in large group recordings, and has rarely released single-player content due to his self-described "major confidence issues."[12][8]

Coe joined the Buffalo Wizards in June 2014,[13] having become friends with OldManWillakers through Mindcrack's Garry's Mod recording sessions.[14][15]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Terraria "Coe's Bane (Terraria)" 19 May 2011
Quake "Avidya + Coe Co-op Gaming!" 3 Nov 2012 Playing the original 1996 game with Avidya
Dishonored "Coe's Backlog: Dishonored" 29 Dec 2012
Terraria "Terraria w/ AvidyaZen, DavidR (X), and Paulsoaresjr" 30 Apr 2013 Featuring Avidya, davidr64 and paulsoaresjr. See Terraria
Left 4 Dead "Left4Dead w/ Avidya, DavidR64 (X), and Paulsoaresjr" 11 May 2013 Featuring Avidya, davidr64 and paulsoaresjr.
Garry's Mod 7 Mar 2014 See Garry's Mod
"GoldenEye: Source" "GoldenEye: Source" 22 Apr 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, Guude, OldManWillakers, PauseUnpause and W92Baj
The Hidden "The Hidden: Source" 12 May 2014 Featuring Guude, Millbee, PauseUnpause and OldManWillakers
Space Engineers 19 May 2014 See Space Engineers
Mario Kart 8 "Mario Kart 8 Online" 9 Jun 2014 See Mario Kart 8
Magicite "Buffalo Wizards Co-op | Magicite" 7 Jul 2014 Featuring HCJustin. Later Pyro_0 then PauseUnpause
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare "Plants vs. Zombies" 28 Jul 2014 Featuring PauseUnpause and Pyro_0
Unturned "Unturned" 31 Jul 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, Guude, Juicetra, PauseUnpause, sevadus
Grand Theft Auto V "GTAV" 12 Aug 2014 See Grand Theft Auto V
SpeedRunners "Speedrunners" 31 Oct 2014 See SpeedRunners
7 Days to Die "8 Mindcrackers to Die" 15 Sep 2015 See Team 7 Days to Die
7 Days to Die Mindcrack Server "Mindcrack - 7 Days to Die Server" 5 Jan 2016
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Survival singleplayer 16 Sep 2010
Survival multiplayer "Coe's World (Minecraft SMP)" 3 Jan 2011 Featuring AeonicVortex, Avidya, dewtroid, maliciousone, necomi and SatoriLove
Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer "Minecraft: Feed the Beast - Avidya + Coestar" 15 Nov 2012 Featuring Avidya. Series later continued on HermitCraft's Feed the Beast server
"Zombie Apocalypse" "Zombie Apocalypse - Avidya + Coestar" 27 Jan 2013 Featuring Avidya
"Pantheon" "Pantheon CTM w/ Avidya, Baj, and Nebris" 7 May 2013 Featuring Avidya, Nebris and W92Baj
Mindcrack CrackPack Modded multiplayer "Mindcrack Crackpack!" 22 May 2014
"Camelot" "PlayMindcrack | Camelot" 2 Jun 2014 On the PlayMindcrack server. Featuring conRADICATOR (HCJustin), OldManWillakers and WastedTime
"Revenge of Cookie" "Revenge of Cookie" 6 Jul 2014 See Revenge of Cookie
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "Mindcrack" 20 Jul 2014


Coe, left, with Guude at MineCon 2011

Coe first met Avidya through the /r/minecraft public server, where Avidya was a moderator.[16] Coe had been invited to join the Mindcrack Server by Guude in early 2011 after befriending him through The Spawn,[17] but declined due to a lack of interest.[18] In his December 2011 AMA, Coe says he believes he is whitelisted on the Mindcrack Server, but admits he was yet to join the server.[19] In a Reddit comment made in April 2012, Guude confirmed that Coe was not part of the server's whitelist.[18]

Following his return to YouTube in March 2014, Coe became an active participant in Mindcrack's Garry's Mod recording sessions.[20] He joined the Mindcrack CrackPack server in May 2014 as a guest on the Better Team,[21] and also appeared as a guest in UHC Season 17. When asked about joining Mindcrack in May 2014, Coe says it's a "no-brainer".[22]

Coe joined Mindcrack in July 2014,[23] having been invited by Guude.[20] On the Mindcrack vanilla server, he featuring only in the Season 4 Server Tour before the map reset.[24] On the Season 5 map, Coe shares an underground base with AvidyaZEN.[25]


Coestar is a former member of the HermitCraft server, having joined in January 2013,[26] along with Avidya on the FTB server.[27] He was in the process of building a house at spawn town on the first HermitCraft map,[28] but it remained unfinished. Coe released one vanilla episode,[29] but it is no longer available.

Minecraft skin[edit]

Coestar's Minecraft skin is a representation of himself. His previous primary skin was based on the default "Steve" character,[30] often causing the goatee to be mistaken as the mouth.[31] Since November 2014, Coe has used an updated version of his original skin made by Redditor Nilba.[32][33]

Coestar's clean skinCoestar's covered Minecraft skin

Previous/Alternate skins[edit]

During his "Boy Scoots" episodes on the Lords of Minecraft server, Coe wore a Boy Scouts uniform.[34][35]


  • Before joining Mindcrack, Coe had been invited to participate in Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore several times by AvidyaZEN. However he declined every offer because "he is always busy >_<"[39]

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