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The Minecraft avatar of Dinnerbone

Dinnerbone at PAX Prime 2012
Personal name Nathan
Born (1991-07-23) 23 July 1991 (age 28)[1]
Country Sweden
Nationality English
Gender M
Other names
  • Dinnerbunny
  • DB

Dinnerbone, also known by his personal name Nathan Adams, is an English game developer at Mojang, a former member of HermitCraft, and a guest of the Mindcrack Server.


Dinnerbone is originally from Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.[2] He says he learnt programming through creating MSN bots at age 10.[3] After finishing secondary school, Dinnerbone was rejected from college,[4] so he found a job with a tiny web development company but was made redundant after a few years. Shortly after starting Bukkit, Dinnerbone was hired by Curse where he worked until joining Mojang.[5] Dinnerbone was hired by Mojang on 28 February 2012 to develop the mod API.[6] His first day at the Mojang office was 27 March 2012.[7] He worked from home in the UK,[8] with occasional visits to Sweden, before moving to Stockholm in June 2012.[9]


Dinnerbone appeared as a guest in UHC Season 11, 13 and 16. He was part of episode 20 of the Mindcrack Podcast recorded live at MineCon 2012,[10] and also episode 49 recorded live at Insomnia 2013.[11] Dinnerbone joins the Mindcrack Server to interact with the other Mindcrackers every so often.[12]

Dinnerbone's only appearance on the Season 3 map was to judge BdoubleO100's and generikb's Mine Wars.[13][14] Dinnerbone joined the server multiple times throughout Season 4. Notable occurrences include during BdoubleO's livestream on 3 July 2013,[15] during the 2013 Mindcrack Marathon,[16] to prank BdoubleO100,[17] and later prank Vechs.[18] On occasion, he had joined to view Minecraft bugs or new features.[a]

Dinnerbone had a home close to AnderZEL's Floating Island on the Season 4 map.[23][24]


Dinnerbone is an inactive member of the HermitCraft server. He joined the server in October 2012, along with MidnightEnforcer. He livestreamed two episodes to Twitch. He has not appeared since HermitCraft 2.0.

Minecraft skin[edit]

As an employee of Mojang, Dinnerbone has a Cape attached to his character.[25] Although he attended MineCon 2011, he did not receive an attendees cape.[26] It is unknown if he redeem his 2012, 2013 and 2015 MineCon capes.

Dinnerbone's Minecraft skin



  • Since Minecraft 1.6 Pre-release, any mob named under the name Dinnerbone will appear upside down, including Dinnerbone himself.[27][28]
  • Dinnerbone is red-green colorblind.[29]
  • Dinnerbone also owns the Minecraft account "Djinnibone".[30]
  • The username "Dinnerbone," is based on an old friend of Adams' named Teabone.[31]
  • Dinnerbone hates fish.[32]
  • Dinnerbone does not drink alcohol.[33]

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  1. Examples:
    * Viewing issues related to zombie AI.[19]
    * Testing the new rendering method of maps when placed in item frames.[20][21]
    * Debugging and showcasing the ability to stream to Twitch through Minecraft, with SethBling.[22]


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