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Goon Squad

The Goon Squad, simply the Goons, and later the Pranksters, is a team comprised of Juicetra, Pungence and skyzm that formed on the HermitCraft server. They are affiliated with the B-Team. They are known for plotting pranks, schemes, and general chaos.

Season 1[edit]

The trio joined the HermitCraft server in January 2013, alongside BdoubleO100. As a group, their first action was to litter Biffa2001's and Xisuma's bases with giant letter B's, to support the B-Team in their rivalry with The Agency.[1] The trio then established their own bases nearby a desert temple that was linked to the Nether hub via portal.[2]

Juicetra built a treehouse village located above a jungle connected to the ground via winding wooden paths.[2] Pungence claimed a submerged desert temple as his home,[3] which he converted into his "Assyrian Palace" with the help of Keralis1.[4] Skyzm constructed a small village in a taiga biome with a shipyard and some houses.[5] They established a secret team hideout in the extreme hills.[6]

Season 2[edit]

On the HermitCraft 2.0 map, Juicetra built a house near skzym in New Hermiton with plans to build several businesses. Pungence started to construct a modern house in Old Hermiton on Juicetra's original plot, but then constructed a block-style house in New Hermiton next to DMAC. skyzm built a small house in New Hermiton with a pool and hot tub in the backyard.[citation needed]

Following Juicetra's inactivity on the server, skyzm and Pungenge renamed themselves The Pranksters and caused various forms of mayhem. The pair also worked on a pet cemetary, a construction company, and stole the ABBA Caving Tournament winnings.[citation needed]

Season 3[edit]

Juicetra announced he would be returning to the server at the start of the new world, but is yet to do so.[citation needed]


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