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Season 1[edit]

Season 1 is a fight to the death between teams of 3. This season features 12 participants from the server. This match was played in snapshot version 14w18b and utilizes the new world border feature for the match. The Nether will not be used because of this feature. Over two hours, the world will shrink from 4000x4000 to 150x150. The intro used was made by Xisuma. Biffa2001 posted a trailer to this season on 6 May 2014.[1] sl1pg8r[2] and iJevin[3] lost later footage of the event.


Team Members Chat color
Blue iJevinYT joehillssays sl1pg8r Blue
iJevinYT joehillssays sl1pg8r
Orange Biffa2001 KingDaddyDMAC Xisuma Gold
Biffa2001 KingDaddyDMAC Xisuma
Pink Pungence skyzm ZombieCleo Light Purple
Pungence skyzm ZombieCleo
Red hypnotizd Keralis1 Spumwackles Red
hypnotizd Keralis1 Spumwackles




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