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Season 8[edit]

Season 8 is a fight to the death between seven teams of two. For this season, participants brought along a non-Hermit friend as teammate (slip and Jevin didn't bring a friend, and were teamed together). The dungeon spawn rate has been tripled, generation of andesite, diorite and granite disabled and ores spawn more frequently but the ores per vein has been decreased. The server was set to eternal day after three cycles. The world border started at 1500x1500, but started to shrink after three episodes of play until it was 100x100 at the 140 minute mark. Cubehamster was unable to record his point of view.[1]


The teams were revealed by Xisuma in a number of Reddit posts spanning from 19 to 23 April.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Team Members Chat color
Dead corpseapult ZombieCleo Red
corpseapult ZombieCleo
Falsehamster Cubehamster falsesymmetry Cyan
Cubehamster falsesymmetry
Meri Xmas Meri Xisuma Orange
Meri Xisuma
No Friends iJevin sl1pg8r Blue
iJevin sl1pg8r
OP Docm77 Pommes_Peter Pink
Docm77 Pommes_Peter
XBGB PythonGB xBCrafted Light Blue
PythonGB xBCrafted
Woolzuel WoolyCreeper zueljin Green
WoolyCreeper zueljin




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