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Hermit Wars is a modpack used by HermitCraft in their PvP series of the same name. The game is played in Ultra Hardcore, and players are in adventure mode to prevent them from breaking blocks. Items are obtained from loot crates, which can be found across the map in camps and kingdoms.

Season 1[edit]

HW1 Banner.png
Hermit Wars
UHC {{{name}}}
Version 1.8.9
Type Teams of three
Objective Last team standing
Players 18

The first season of Hermit Wars is a fight to the death between six teams of three. The first episode was released on 30 July 2016.


14 Hermits participated, along with guests AnderZEL, Stressmonster101, VintageBeef, and former HermitCraft member Cubehamster.

TeamMembersChat color
Team Everything Is Awesome.pngKeralis1GoodTimeWithScarZombieCleoGreen
Everything Is AwesomeKeralis1GoodTimeWithScarZombieCleo
Team False-Hamster-Void.pngCubehamsterfalsesymmetryXisumaYellow
Team Ice Cold Canadians.pngEthoiskall85VintageBeefRed
Ice Cold CanadiansEthoiskall85VintageBeef
Team Viking Dogs.pngAnderZELDocm77RenthedogGray
Viking DogsAnderZELDocm77Renthedog
cubfan135Stressmonster101TangoLight purple

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