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The Minecraft avatar of Keralis1

Keralis in March 2014
Born (1981-04-30) 30 April 1981 (age 38)[1]
Country Sweden
Nationality Polish, Swedish
Gender M
Other names
  • Keralis

Keralis1, or simply Keralis, is a Polish-Swedish Let's Play commentator and a member of HermitCraft since May 2012. Keralis is well-known for his natural talent for building in Minecraft; he has his own server called World of Keralis, where people can apply and build to the best of their ability.


Born in Kielce, Poland,[2] Keralis moved to Sweden at age 5.[3] He currently lives in Ystad.[4][5] Keralis' username is based on his first and last name. He first used it in World of Warcraft.[6]

Before taking up YouTube full time on 1 March 2013,[7] Keralis worked in logistics at a trucking company, organizing trucks travelling across Central Europe. He has mentioned previously working at DHL.[8]

Let's Play[edit]

Keralis started his YouTube channel when he wanted to make a video to showcase his build, a wooden hotel, on Planet Minecraft.[9] The video gained an immense number of views, which made him realize that YouTube can be something for him. He started making videos of him building houses and it took off since.[10]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Cities Skylines S2 "Cities Skylines S2" 29 Oct 2015
Euro Truck Simulator 2 "Euro Truck Simulator 2" 16 Nov 2012
SimCity "SimCity MP" 6 Mar 2013 Featuring Biffa2001, Docm77, and Xisuma
SimCity "SimCity - One Man To Rule Them All!" 14 Mar 2013 Single player playthrough. Cities established include Noobville (first city), Kersino Royalis (casino theme), Kernobyl (formerly Keroilis City, oil theme now radiation zone), and Kerburbia (suburb and tourist theme)
Surgeon Simulator 2013 "Surgeon Simulator 2013" 23 Apr 2013 A personal attachment to Bob
Game Dev Tycoon "Game Dev Tycoon" 7 May 2013
Cities XL "Cities XL" 26 May 2013
The Hunter "theHunter" 3 Jul 2013 Featuring Pungence, skyzm, Juicetra, Docm77, and AnderZEL
Grand Theft Auto V "Grand Theft Auto 5" 18 Sep 2013 Twitch livestream upload
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Creative single player "Minecraft Let's Build" 4 Dec 2011
Survival multiplayer "Wife vs. Minecraft" 10 Sep 2012 Featuring his wife, Mrs_Keralis. Currently on hold due to Baby K
Creative multiplayer "Minecraft Inspiration" 14 Apr 2013 Tour of builds with Shiftmaster and BdoubleO100 on his World of Keralis creative server
Creative single player "Minecraft Let´s Build 2" 23 Apr 2013
Creative single player "Minecraft Vehicle Tutorials" 25 Oct 2013

Minecraft terms[edit]

In addition to the many humorous phrases Keralis often says, he also says certain Minecraft terminologies in a different way.

In game items
Leaves booshes
Skeleton bow baddie
Lapis Lazuli lapis lapulis
Villager testes
Pressure Plate pleasure plate
Glass Pane window penises
Hopper hooper hopper
Acacia achacha
Silverfish rats
Slime blob-blob
The Nether needer-nedar
Magma Cube needer-nedar blob-blob
Quartz quartsy quartz
Spruce Wood spruca vooda
Status effect particles fart bubbles
Chickens chickiones
Cyan Wool c-on
Other players
Xisuma Shashwamy
Mumbo Jumbo Bumbo
generikb Jenny
BdoubleO100 Bubbles
Pungence Stinky Ballsack
Grian Brian


Keralis joined HermitCraft in May 2012, having been invited to join by generikb.[11] Keralis' wife first joined the server in December 2012 as Mrs_Keralis.[12] Her account has since been used as a camera account.[13]

On HermitCraft 2.0, Keralis built a home at town which was based on a design from his previous "Let's Build" video.[14] The house often received praise from members of the server who viewed it. He collaborated with Xisuma in building a huge Asian-themed temple.[15]

Keralis settled on an extreme hills biome to the north of topmass. There he built a campsite[16] and was building a tourist attraction called Boobie Mountain Resort, named after a nearby hill that resembles a boob.[17] The resort featured lodges, tents, an RV park, a pool shaped like boobs, tree houses, a playground, his personal modern home, and an airfield. The modern home was also based on a previous Let's Build, a 24x24 modern house built in creative.[18][19] Some structures built at Boobie Mountain like the treehouses have made later been featured in his Let's Build series.[20]

In the 1.7 Minecraft update, Keralis traveled to a mesa biome with the help of viewers during a Twitch livestream.[21] There he established the Boobie Outpost, an extension to his resort with an Old West theme, and built a saloon, a bank, and a church.

Personal life[edit]

Keralis, Wifey, and Damian

Keralis is left handed.[22] In December 2014, Keralis obtained a Swedish passport for the first time.[23] As of February 2018, he still holds a Polish passport.[24]


Together with his wife, whom he refers to as "wifey", Keralis has two sons. His first son, Damian, was born on 9 June 2013,[25][26] and his second was born on 15 October 2015.[27] Damian holds only an English passport,[28] through his mother's nationality.[29]

Political opinions[edit]

In April 2014, Keralis described the far-right Swedish Democrats political party as "idiots".[30] After the party gained 29 seats in the 2014 Swedish general election, Keralis commented on their anti-immigration policy, tweeting "Bad election, the fascists are moving forward. Time for me to abandon Sweden but with abandon I mean get deported. Anyone got a good country?"[31]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Keralis1's Minecraft skin

Previous skin[edit]

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