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The Minecraft avatar of King_Happy
Country United Kingdom
Gender M
Other names King, Phil, Queenkinghappy

King_Happy, simply King or Philip as his personal name, is a Let's Play commentator and a former member of the HermitCraft server. He joined the server after the second map reset. He is notable for building Redstone contraptions.

Let's Play[edit]

King_Happy was actively producing videos and innovations to Minecraft. The "queen" part of his name comes from when he wanted to do YouTube with his girlfriend at one point. He was offered a slot on JL2579's ZipKrowd server but declined it because he does not believe in the exploitation of bugs that degrades the game, particularly the usage of "perfect villagers."[1] His most notable innovation, which he loves, is the Behemoth Enderman Farm, the most efficient Enderman farm possible in the game.[2]

King temporarily took a break so that he can focus on studying actuarial science in university and was put-off by changes to the game that break many of his machines.[3] King's channel was taken down in November 2013 due to a false community strike without warning,[4] similar to what had happened to Millbee when his channel got taken down without warning. He has tried to appeal for six months but YouTube's system made this difficult for small channels like his.[5] The loss of his channel has devastated him. After he finished getting his degree, King Happy started to use his secondary YouTube account with the name "KingHappysAdventures" on 21 May 2014 and will continue producing videos there.[6]

On 14 September 2015, King finally got his channel back.[7]


King has built a near-exact replica of a jungle temple as his home at town. Underneath the temple is a hidden staircase that leads to his storage room.[8] Currently it can be accessed by pressing a button near the levers; the levers themselves activate nothing. He has built and helped build several farms, including the Iron Golem, a double Cave Spider, a Witch, and a Squid.[9] He made a base on the Witch farm and built a massive Mycelium mound over it.[10] He built a community service shop at town named Self Service Nano Farm where there is an automated crop grower and a hopper-based furnace system.[11] King left HermitCraft just one month before his channel got shut down.[12]

Minecraft skin[edit]

King_Happy's Minecraft skin

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