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The Minecraft avatar of Mumbo

Mumbo, from his Instagram
Born (1995-12-01) 1 December 1995 (age 24)[1]
Country United Kingdom
Gender M
Other names Mumbo, Mumbo Jumbo, Bumbo

Mumbo, also known as ThatMumboJumbo, simply MumboJumbo, or his personal name Oli,[2] is an active member of the HermitCraft server since June 2013. Mumbo changed his Minecraft name from MrMumbo in February 2015.[3][4]

Video series[edit]

Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Survival single player "[SSP] Mumbo's World: Episode 1 - Physics." 14 Jan 2013
HermitCraft SMP server series II "HermitCraft: Episode 0 - Welcome Home." 9 Jun 2013
HermitCraft Modsauce "Hermitcraft Modsauce: Episode 1 - Tinkers Business" 30 Jul 2014
HermitCraft SMP server series III "Hermitcraft: Episode 0 - The Grand Master Plan" 19 Oct 2014
HermitCraft SMP server series IV "Hermitcraft 4: Episode 1 - A Fresh Start!" 28 Feb 2016

In addition to the usual Let's Plays, Mumbo also has several tutorial and demonstration videos on machines built in Minecraft. He is notable for the recurring theme of placing Boats and Hoes, based on the music video "Boats N' Hoes" from Step Brothers, in the chests of many of his tutorials.[5] There is no specific series for many of his tutorials and demonstrations but notable ones include:

Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Creative single player "Quickie: Tiny T-Flip Flop" 6 Mar 2013 Tutorials on machines that are quick to build in just one take
Creative single player "TOO SMALL: Over Complicated Cobble Generator" 13 Aug 2013 Tutorials on overengineering machines, making things bigger rather than compacting them down. It is inspired by Minecraft PG5's "too BIG" series.[6]
Creative single player "HI-LO Tech: T-Flip Flop" 14 Nov 2013 Tutorials on integrated circuits in the game

Hermitcraft 2[edit]

Mumbo designed the town square at the center of town. It is a giant circular bowl depressed into the ground. He built a temporary Iron Golem farm high in the sky above spawn and has since created what is known as the Iron Foundry, a design by Tango Tek, that produces over 1700 iron per hour.[7] He cleared out a jungle and built a hostile mob farm over it. The farm uses giant dark platforms with water periodically flushing them out. The mobs will die of fall damage over a hopper system. This was actually causing quite a bit of lag, because it was loading in and out so many mobs, so he re-designed it to be turned on and off using a wireless redstone signal, activated from his AFK platform.[8]

Mumbo has also opened a shop called the Redstone Consultancy, where he designs and builds redstone contraptions for other Hermitcraft members. Some projects include a door for ZombieCleo, an item elevator for Biffa, an elevator in monkeyfarm's giant skull, a design for a Wither Skeleton Farm with Xisuma, and an elevator for iJevin. A running gag of the Consultancy is Mumbo always messes up on the first try, and has to modify or rebuild the contraption. His prices are very steep, but he does usually supply all of the materials.

Mumbo's general schedule for releasing HermitCraft episodes are full episodes in the weekends that are like visual diaries on the server, and bonus episodes midweek where he talks to his viewers.[9]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Mumbo's Minecraft skin

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