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This is a list of MrMumbo's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by MrMumbo on the HermitCraft server.

Season 1 (post-map reset)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
9 Jun 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 0 - Welcome Home."
  • At the center of town
  • Announces end to a single player LP he started
  • Plans for the server
16 Jun 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 1 - Getting The Ball Rolling."
  • Tours changes around town
  • Builds the circle at town center, includes water fountain
  • Works on the roads with others
  • Plans for a Redstone consultancy shop
  • Explains usage of spawn chunks, builds an iron farm there
  • Manually pushes villagers to the farm, all died
King_Happy, Xisuma, ZombieCleo
22 Jun 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 2 - The Jungle Bumble"
  • At Ximua's slabbed ravine
  • Explains issue of iron farm with social Zombies
  • Builds iron farm at sky limit
  • Clears out jungle base for future mob farm
  • Plans for subscriber milestone
King_Happy, red3yz
2 Jul 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 3 - The Sky Spawner"
  • Progress on deforesting
  • Will build donators house on server
  • Shows his flush mob system in creative
  • Builds the farm in the server
7 Jul 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 4 - The Sorter"
  • Continues working on the mob farm
  • Clears out underground area, discovers mineshaft
  • Connected mob farm with the Nether
  • Builds item sorter and storage for the farm
  • Visits Xisuma's cow farm
15 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft: Episode 5 - The Micro Jungle"
  • Grinding at the double Blaze farm
  • Answers fan questions - earning money and success on YouTube, video recording and editing software
  • Works on aesthetics of his mob farm
  • Builds the community tree farm at town
22 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft: Episode 6 - So Much Storage"
  • Builds massive personal storage and cow farm below mob farm
  • Visits Xisuma's wasteland
  • 100,000 subscribers
28 Jul 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 7 - Beatin the Wheatin."
  • Progress on storage area, continues expanding it
  • Visits King_Happy's tree farm
  • Builds pathways around mob farm
  • Builds cocoa bean farm
31 Jul 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 8 - The Return Of The Jumbo!"
  • Guest Tom (Jumbo), answers fan questions
  • Organizes his storage
  • Visits town for resources, Hypno's burned house
4 Aug 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 9 - The Gold Farm"
  • Continues expanding storage
  • Builds the community gold farm
11 Aug 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 10 - Welcome Back Mumbo!"
  • Server tour - his base, town, Cilantro, Ven0m, Topmass, Red3yz, King_Happy, Biffa
  • Enchants at the End farm after dying
14 Aug 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 11 - The Ramblings of Mad men &91;PRANKED&93;"
  • Jumbo as guest
  • Infestation prank from King_Happy
  • Cleans up prank while answering fan questions
18 Aug 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 12 - The Village"
  • Talk on vacation, PO box
  • Continues cleaning up prank
  • Item frames for storage completed
  • Builds the donator houses
  • Visits King_Happy's base
  • Enchants books at the End
21 Aug 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 13 - Looking A Bit Shifty"
  • Builds more donator houses
  • Talk on Minecraft LPers
25 Aug 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 14 - The Vault Of Goodness"
  • Enchanted a bunch of books and tools at the End
  • Updates on storage room
  • Caving
  • Rebuilds his central entrance shaft
  • Builds a 4x4 door to his vault
28 Aug 2013 "HermitCraft PRANKED: The Hills Have Rubik's Cubes."
  • Giant Rubik's Cube prank from Joe Hills
1 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft: Episode 16 - The Rubik's Monument"
  • Solves the Rubik's Cube and dismantles it
  • Builds a monument for it
  • Talk on 100k subscribers present from YouTube, new microphone, tips on audio and YouTube success
  • Time lapse building a room for his sugar cane farm behind the 4x4 door
4 Sep 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 17 - YouTube, Car and EuroGamer"
  • Time lapse of his continuing building the farms
  • Talk on his channel, his life
8 Sep 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 18 - The Redstone Consultancy"
  • Progress on sugar cane farm
  • Visits Joe Hills' Ministry of Truth at town, Retro Pixel Art Museum
  • Time lapse clearing out the area for the farm, talk on his car, his active life
  • Builds the Redstone Consultancy shop at town
15 Sep 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 19 - A House In Hermitown"
  • Creeper damage to his shop, fixes it
  • Builds his humble abode at town
  • Revised his donation rewards scheme, bought MacBook Air
22 Sep 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 20 - The Consultancy Gets Going."
  • Talk on YouTube changes
  • Harvests cows at the community cow farm, some mishaps
  • Enchants at the End
  • Modest proposal from Cleo to build an automatic door at her museum
30 Sep 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 21 - The Almighty Sugar Cane Farm"
  • Fixes his door at Cleo's place
  • Continues working on the sugar cane farm
  • Requests viewer input on structure of future episodes
  • Received rewards from Cleo but took the wrong horse
6 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 22 - Chaps, We Have Commandeered A Horse."
  • Talk on issues with YouTube, Eurogamer, Breaking Bad
  • Visits town - Xisuma's Dig 4 Hire shop
  • Returns horse, picked up correct one
  • Builds more donator houses in his village
  • A tour of Xisuma's builds - wasteland, town, ravine
  • Request from Monkeyfarm to build an elevator in his skull
13 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 23 - Honey, It's Cane O'Clock."
  • Request from Xisuma to help build the Wither Skeleton farm
  • Talk on collabs on the server
  • Sugar cane farm completed
  • Did a lot of enchanting
  • Builds Ender Pearl stations around town
16 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 24 - Skulduggery Pleasant. Ft. MonkeyFarm!"
  • Visits Monkeyfarm's skull at town
  • Redstone Consultancy shop closed by Monkeyfarm
  • Builds the piston elevator with Monkeyfarm
  • Gets a mule as payment, reopened the shop
27 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 25 - Big Building With Biffa"
  • Visits Biffa's, chats with Biffa on building an item elevator and sorter for him
  • Payment from Xisuma for helping him design Wither farm
  • Visits Monkeyfarm's place to get supplies, shows the piston elevator
  • Builds the item elevator and sorter
  • Announces King_Happy leaving HermitCraft, new members from FTB server
30 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 26 - New Horizons."
  • 1.7 update, explores changes to town
  • Talk on computer breakdown
  • Settles on new 1.7 town, builds a modern house
KingDaddyDMAC, Xisuma
3 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 27 - Honouring an agreement."
  • Fixing the item sorter for Biffa
  • Redesigning his YouTube
  • Requests Glowstone and Biffa singing as payment
  • Visits Biffa's place in the new town, buys a fishing rod from him but returns it to him
  • Repairs the fishing rod at the End
  • Visits Xisuma's Wither Skeleton farm
4 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft PRANK: MumBOOSH on Booby Mountain!"
  • Pranks Keralis by building a bush statue at Boobie Mountain
6 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft PRANKED: We Have Been Compromised."
  • Discovers and cleans up prank from Keralis - base filled with bushes and a Keralis statue
10 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 30 - The Iron Foundry"
  • Explores Boobie Mountain Resort
  • Builds the Iron Foundry at spawn
  • ABBA caved with Xisuma
13 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 31 - World Tour! (Part 1)"
  • Server tour - spawn, nether, town, 1.7 town, Mumbo, Keralis, topmass
17 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 32 - Help Is At Hand!"
  • Hires Red3yz to transport villagers to his Iron Foundry
  • Finishes building the storage for his automated sugar cane farm
  • Views major changes in the Nether
  • Visits Red3yz for payment
  • Dismantles the old iron farm
24 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 33 - The Iron Foundry Is Complete."
  • Door placing
  • Has help from Tango Tek
  • Completes the Iron Foundry
27 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft: Episode 34 - A Wild Time"
  • Massive output from Iron Foundry, continues working on it - overflow dispensing, removing satellite strips
  • Shows mechanism on the Nether side
  • Discovers Cleo's train built in the Nether
  • Requests Keralis to build a Kerizon Wireless tower at his base
  • Built a vault door for Keralis' bank
  • Explores the mesa biome outpost
  • Server tour - King_Happy, Cleo, Slip
Keralis1, sl1pg8r
1 Dec 2013 "Joe Hills: Redstone Tears"
  • Unlisted video
  • Reads a book by Joe Hills
1 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 35 - Iron Flowing From My Ears."
  • Celebrates 18th birthday
  • At Slip's base, explores changes at the new town
  • Enchants some shovels, named one Mr. Brown
  • Time lapse digging a hole for storage space for Iron Foundry
  • Talk on YouTube, donation system, attending gaming conventions, livestreaming
8 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 36 - The Storage Unit."
  • Discovers Unhost's giant door structure prank at the Iron Foundry
  • Uses King_Happy's tree farm while talking about reaching 200,000 subscribers and recording
  • Builds a massive storage system for the Iron Foundry
15 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 38 - The Tree Eater."
  • Server tour - Xisuma, Enderman farm
  • Builds an automatic tree farm
  • Talk on future videos
  • Explains King_Happy's tree farm
18 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 39 - The Iron Ditch"
  • Help from Dmac with overflowing iron
  • Works on his iron storage - water stream, stairway, flattens out nearby hill
  • Issues with PayPal
  • Views Monkeyfarm's skull
  • Gets viewer feedback
22 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 40 - We Got Wood!"
  • Completes his tree farm, builds a hut over it
  • Talk on viewer feedback from the prior episode
  • Asks for viewer suggestions on improving the hut
25 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 41 - Festive Cheer!"
  • Cleans up his base - removed cobble border and Keralis statue
  • Views progress on Nether hub
  • Pranks Monkeyfarm by building a Santa hat on his skull
29 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft: Episode 42 - The Meaning Of Life"
  • Talk on his Christmas
  • Views progress on Nether hub
  • Builds wall around base
  • Name Tag the horse alive in his base
  • Lit up base
  • Redid his mob item storage
  • Repopulates his cow farm
Xisuma, ZombieCleo
1 Jan 2014 "HermitCraft: Episode 43 - Cluck Cluck!"
  • Reflects on successes in 2013
  • Name Tag the horse apparently not Keralis'
  • Removed a storage hall
  • Views progress on Nether hub
  • Builds an automatic chicken farm design by Xisuma
  • Visits Hypno's at the new town for some eggs
5 Jan 2014 "HermitCraft: Episode 44 - The Fallen Star"
  • Views progress on the Nether hub
  • Enchants a looting sword
  • Farms at the wither skeleton farm
  • Uses iron golems to fight a wither
  • Gives diamonds for Xisuma's beacon
  • Uses a beacon to mine
9 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 45 - The Home Brew"
  • Visits Cleo's base
  • Builds a wheat farm in old storage hall
  • Installs beacons in his base
  • Builds Xisuma's automatic brewing station
  • Talk on issues with his computer
12 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 46 - The Almighty Sorting Machine"
  • Builds a sorting system for his mob farm
  • Pranked by multiple people - death and body transported to Red3yz while AFKed at his mob farm
  • Builds a building for his Nether portal
16 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 47 - The Automatic Mining Project"
  • Requests viewer opinions on his intro
  • Visits the new town, views stuff left for him there
  • Builds public junk disposal in the commercial district
  • Redeems Biffa's Bakery voucher
  • Views progress on Nether hub
  • Talk on Xisuma's Ender Pearl system above iron foundry, 1.8 update changes to it
  • Starts new mineshaft, builds item transport system for mining
19 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 48 - Ever Increasing Chests"
  • Requests viewer suggestions for the 50th episode video
  • Builds the storage for his mining project
  • Talk on upcoming 250,000 subscribers, merchandizing, livestreaming
23 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 49 - The Auto Mining Tunnel"
  • Redesigned YouTube banner and avatar
  • Gift from Dmac for damaging the base
  • Continues working on his mines - shaft and tunnel design
  • Views progress on Nether hub
  • Talk on milestone videos while walking around town
26 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 50! The Day Has Come."
  • Brief facecam
  • World tour - his base, old town, Nether hub, new town, red3yz, Boobie Mountain, topmass, TFC, Xisuma, Hypno, sl1pg8r
31 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 51 - Mass Chicken Pipeline!"
  • World tour - ZombieCleo, Biffa, KingDaddyDMAC, iJevin, Boobie Mountain Outpost, Pungence's plot, Keralis' suburban house, Skyzm
  • Connects his chicken farm to his main storage
  • Redesigns his chicken farm
  • Increases the capacity for his Junk O Meter
2 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 52 - The Consultancy Headquarters!"
  • Apologizing for delayed videos due to issues
  • Builds his Consultancy Headquarters at the commercial district
  • Request from iJevin
6 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 53 - The Hollow Mountain Haven!"
  • Reads iJevin's request for a player elevator
  • Hollows a hillside at his jungle base, connects it to his main base
  • Shows ABBA tournament
  • Builds the Filfy Gambling Store for it
9 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 54 - Beginnings Of A Fishing Town"
  • Talk on 250,000 subscribers, silver trophy from YouTube
  • Builds a player elevator for Jevin at his base
  • Takes down the gambling store because it blocks the path
  • Searches for a place to build a new fishing town
  • Clears out the jungle for it, talk on getting a car
14 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 55 - The Start Of Something Special"
  • Continues clearing the area for the fishing town
  • Talk on his second channel
  • Discovers Joe Hills' tunnel nearby
  • Builds the walls and roads
16 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft: Episode 56 - The Inter base Transportation System"
  • Announces Mumbo Jumbo merchandise
  • Continues working on the fishing town - fishing shack and pier
  • Shows completed Nether hub
  • Enchants a bunch of fishing rods
  • Fishes, finds out it is incredibly boring
  • Builds a rail line between his town and his base
  • Payments from Jevin