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This is a list of Tinfoilchef's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by Tinfoilchef on the HermitCraft server.

Season 1 (post-map reset)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
13 Oct 2013 "E-001- New Hermit In AwesomeTown - Hermitcraft"
  • Spawned at the iron golem farm
  • Explores the Nether, town
  • Gathers supplies at town
  • Heads out of town in search of a home
14 Oct 2013 "E-002- Scouting Sites - Hermitcraft"
  • Progress on his temporary base, branch mines
  • Explores the area for his future base
  • Caving
21 Oct 2013 "E-003- Squishy No More - Hermitcraft"
  • Visits the double Blaze farm, Enderman farm
  • Connects his base to the Nether
26 Oct 2013 "E-004- On To 1.7 - Hermitcraft"
  • 1.7.2 update
  • Resource pack change
  • Establishes the new 1.7 town with the guys
  • Claims a plot
Biffa2001, KingDaddyDMAC, Xisuma
3 Nov 2013 "E-005- Mounts And Mushrooms - Hermitcraft"
  • Moves resources to new town
  • Visits the old town, buys Monkeyfarm's mule
  • Accidentally killed the mule
  • Builds a giant glass mushroom at the new town
  • Died in the wilderness, found a horse along the way, brings horse to town
  • Attempts to grow some giant mushrooms for the mushroom blocks