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This is a list of Unhost's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by Unhost on the HermitCraft server.

Season 2 (post-map reset)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jun 2013 "HERMITCRAFT 2.0 : E01 - "Welcome Back, Son!""
  • Map reset, starts from scratch
  • Talk on losing interest on Feed the Beast, plans on base, 1.6 update
10 Aug 2013 "HERMITCRAFT 2.0 : E02 - "Something Exciting!""
  • Moves his temporary base to town
  • Updates on life
  • Explores town, future plans for home
31 Aug 2013 "HERMITCRAFT 2.0 : E03 - "New Homes!""
  • Built a house at town
  • Travels to an unexplored stronghold, visits the cemetery
  • Talk on his graphics card