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The Minecraft avatar of Xisuma
Country United Kingdom
Gender M
Other names Xisumavoid, X

Xisuma (pronounced "ɪ s mə"), also known as xisumavoid, is a Let's Play commentator and an active member of the HermitCraft server. He is the founding member of the Agency and developer of many popular maps, including Rush, Cube Control, and Gold Rush. He is the co-founder of Respawn Network server with Docm77.


Xisuma prefers to stay anonymous online, and has not shared many personal details. We do know his real name is Jon Clare. But we know he has a beard after saying on his stream on the platform twitch.tv.[1]

Let's Play[edit]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
SimCity "Simcity - Simtastic4" 21 Mar 2013 Featuring Biffa2001, Docm77, and Keralis1
Game Dev Tycoon "Game Dev Tycoon - Xisuma Plays" 29 Apr 2013
Bridge Project "Bridge Project - Xisuma Plays" 4 Apr 2013
Doom "Doom" 31 Oct 2012
Factorio "Factorio" 14 Feb 2013
SimCity "Simcity Ultimate City" 1 May 2013
Map or Series Playlist Start date Brief description
Xisuma's World "Xisuma's World" 25 Nov 2011 Xisuma's first survival Let's Play world
Myth Busting "Minecraft Science" 17 Mar 2013 Learn about various features of Minecraft
Map Making "Minecraft Map Making" 10 Apr 2013 Watch Xisuma develop maps.
Captive Minecraft "Captive Minecraft 3 Rise Of Atlantis" 14 Aug 2014 Xisuma and TangoTek play Captive Minecraft 3: Rise Of Atlantis

In June, Xisuma also started uploading FTL: Faster than Light Let's Plays, getting through multiple playthroughs of the game. He ended after failing to defeat the FTL: Advanced Edition flagship in August, in an episode aptly named 'FTL: Advanced Edition 13 Unlucky Thirteen'.


Hermitcraft II[edit]

Xisuma's first home after the map reset was an adobe. Underneath the adobe is a huge ravine system. He slabbed the entire ravine because he likes the fog effect in the ravine during certain times of day. He had planned to set up a base there but light sources ruined the look of the ravine.[2] Xisuma now lives in a custom desert temple, sometimes called the "Jungle Temple", in the Xisuma-made biome, "The Wastelands." He has started to build his main base underground in "The Wastelands." In the new 1.7 Hermit village, Xisuma built a beautiful modern house originally built by his friend, Keevan (Kevan) on Keralis's creative server. He also built shops around town including the "Feather Falling Shop"[3] and the "Dig 4 Hire" shop. He has built several community buildings, particularly around the main town, including stackable automated Melon and Pumpkin farms,[4] cow farm,[5] enchantment room,[6] Enderman farm,[7] tree farm, Wither Skeleton farm, Community Smelting Foundry and a slime farm.[8] Xisuma occasionally uses his alternative account xisumavoid as a cameraman and to do maintenance work on the server like loading chunks for the 1.7 update.[9]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Xisuma's skin is based on a character from Doom. It was made by Rabenschild for Xisuma's skin competition.[10] His previous skin was also based on a character from the same game.

Xisuma's Minecraft skin

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