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This is a list of Xisuma's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by Xisuma on the HermitCraft server.

Season 2 (post-map reset)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
11 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft II 134 Inspiration"
  • Shows his adobe house, ravine beneath it
  • Slabbed the entire ravine
  • Shows the town square
14 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft II 135 The British Are Comming"
  • Hangs out with the Brits
  • Shows the group his slabbed ravine
  • Hangs around the waterfall, king of the waterfall
Biffa2001, King_Happy, MrMumbo, ZombieCleo
19 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft II 136 Farming Towers"
  • Gift from Venom
  • Explores changes in town
  • Builds the community stackable melon and pumpkin towers
22 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft II 137 Three Things"
  • Talk on importance of the community
  • Builds storage area under adobe home
  • Builds melon and pumpkin storage area
  • Discovers random cactus and vines planted around his home
  • Mined Nether Quartz for xp
25 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft II 138 Cow Farming"
  • Intro music returns
  • Shows his gathered resources
  • Changes to landscape around adobe house, melon/pumpkin farms complete
  • Visits Dmac's Skeleton farm
  • Helped Mumbo with his portal to the mob farm
  • Shows his sand quarry
  • Builds the community cow farm
MrMumbo, topmass
28 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft II 139 Glowing Farm"
  • Updates on cow farm
  • Builds the community sugar cane farm, wheat farm
  • Explores Keralis' house
2 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 140 Building Time"
  • Views changes around town
  • Built a house next to Sp00n's in the style of Keralis
  • Builds another house for the message board in similar style nearby
  • Visits Monkeyfarm's place, Joe Hills' sheep farm
5 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 141 Looking, Changing, Building, Failing!"
  • Progress on sand quarry wasteland
  • Improves the message board building
  • Explores Keralis' barn, Red3yz's pumpkin pie farm
  • Shows his giant shovel prank on Joe Hills
  • Visits Cilantro's double Skeleton farm
  • Improves his storage room
  • Builds another structure as entrance to mineshaft at town
  • Shows failed Asian-styled build from PMC
9 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 142 The Stronghold"
  • Discovered a stronghold, harvested the place
  • Visits the double Blaze farm
  • Builds the community enchantment room at town
  • Joe Hills trying to do a Slowpoke impression
King_Happy, red3yz
12 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 143 Asian Style With Keralis"
  • Adobe Commode from Joe Hills
  • Builds an Asian-themed building on an island with Keralis
12 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II"
  • Livestream
  • Wild charged Creeper
  • Caving to get more Ender Pearls
  • Slaying of the Ender Dragon
  • Playing with the baby Zombie, names it Dinnerbone
  • Failed attempt at trapping Keralis' logged out location, turned into a watermelon penis
  • Answers fan questions
CilantroGamer, IAmSp00n, Jessassin, Keralis1, KingDaddyDMAC, King_Happy, MrMumbo, topmass, VenomKisser, ZombieCleo
16 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 144 Quartz Horder"
  • Gathered lots of resources in the Nether and caving
  • Built a huge Nether Quartz Ore pillar to an unknown structure in the sky over town square - Y BUD switch
  • Harvests xp and enchants several tools and armor
  • Visits Dmac's Skeleton farm for more xp
  • Gathers lots of clay
  • Finished the building to the community mines
19 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 145 Building The Roof With Keralis"
  • HermitCraft Info Kiosk changes
  • Continues building the Asian-themed building with Xisuma
23 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 146 Endermen Farm Construction"
  • Built an ice tray out of a natural ice lake
  • Wired up enchanting table at community enchantment room
  • Biffa's face
  • Builds the Enderman farm based on King_Happy's design
  • Visits the Mushroom Island
Biffa2001, CilantroGamer, Keralis1, King_Happy, Jessassin, topmass, VenomKisser, ZombieCleo
26 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 147 Finishing The Temple With Keralis"
  • Sheep devil
  • Finishes building the temple
30 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft II 148 Setting Up Shop"
  • At the Enderman farm
  • Builds a feather falling boots shop at town
  • Traps Dinnerbone the baby zombie in the kiosk with Keralis
  • Surveys his viewers
  • Lays foundation for tree farm at town
  • Solved cow farm water elevator issue
Biffa2001, Keralis1
2 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 149 Nether Project"
  • Starts a Wither Skeleton farm
  • Keralis' advice to Google ballsack, baby Zombies attack
  • Explains Wither Skeleton farm designs in creative
  • Quartznapper took all his quartz
Keralis1, King_Happy
6 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 150 Tree Be Farmin'"
  • Figures out Quartznapper is Cilantro, figures the clues, hunts for his quartz
  • Explores Cilantro's home at town
  • Shows dots and boxes minigame at Joe Hill's place, community wool storage
  • Builds the tree farm
7 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 151 TNT Prank"
  • Pranks Cilantro with Keralis - builds a giant block of TNT at his item sorter
10 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 152 Comments & Tweaks"
  • Talk on speed challenge, showcasing ideas and importance of sharing ideas
  • Tests silk touch axe on mushroom
  • Tweaks to feather falling boots shop, tree farm
13 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 153 Browsing For Base"
  • Bacon pixel art from Topmass
  • Sprinting straight in long Nether tunnels
  • Searches for a new place to settle
  • Visits Mumbo's base, discovered his base pranked
  • Visits the Pixel Nerds' base
  • Talk on Gold Rush map, 1.7 terrain generation
16 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 154 Extreme Bacon!"
  • Gathers bacon for Topmass
  • Herds some pigs
  • Stumbles upon the pet cemetery, visits Red3yz's base
  • Uses King's self service shop
  • Builds separate nano farm to increase yield
  • Builds a temporary afk pig farm
  • Modified Topmass' bacon
20 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 155 Slime Time"
  • Visits Unhost's house at town
  • Installed simple F3 display mod
  • Demolishes the ground and builds the community slime farm
  • Visits Pungence's house
24 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 156 Loads Of Leather"
  • Finishes building the slime farm
  • Pranks Topmass by sending all his pigs to Topmass' base
  • Modifies the cow farm into an afk system
27 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 157 Books And Tunnels"
  • Enchanted a bunch of books at the End
  • Builds a proper path from the End island to the farm
31 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft II 158 PRANK What Is Love?"
3 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft II 159 Two Boss Fights"
  • Changes to the ender pearl elevator at the enderman farm
  • Tries out sharpness on axe and shovel
  • Visits spawn for iron
  • Gathered wither skulls in the Nether
  • Fights the Wither with the guys at his wasteland
  • Helps Keralis remove the Hello Kitty prank
joehillssays, Keralis1, MrMumbo, Pungence
7 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft II 160 Design Flaws"
  • Dinnerbone baby zombie disappeared from the info kiosk
  • Shows his loot from mining
  • Collects Soul Sand in the Nether
  • Designs an automated Nether Wart farm
10 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft II 161 Warts Pranks & Deserts"
  • Digging and resource time lapse, builds the Nether Wart farm close to Joe Hills'
  • Pranked by Skyzm and Pungence - gravestone advertising their cemetery
  • Visits the pet cemetery
  • Turns the desert into wastelands biome
14 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft II 162 Moving Mountains"
  • Progress on wastelands, flattened out the mountain
  • Discovered Zombie spawner underneath
17 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft II 163 Trading Time!"
  • Tidied up desert temple
  • Builds a trading hall to get perfect villagers
  • Issues with tracking zombies, built a zombie trap
21 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft II 164 Dig 4 Hire"
  • Changes around his temple - progress on trading hall, automatic fishing farm, wastelands
  • Getting perfect villagers
  • Continues expanding the wastelands, uses the sugar cane technique over rivers
  • Visits Mumbo's house at town
  • Sets up Dig 4 Hire shop at town
24 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft II 165 Sugar & Shears"
  • Progress on wastelands base
  • 1.6.4 update, talk on 1.7, villager trading
  • Builds a sugar cane farm close by, item stream sending sugar canes from the farm to the temple
  • Grabs some wool at Joe Hills' sheep farm, calculates the average wool a sheep drops
  • Continues trading with villagers
28 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft II 166 Rebuild"
  • Enlarged the temple, all the villagers died
  • Builds new trading hall
  • Rebuilt sugar cane farm
  • Visits Cleo's base, donates some materials
1 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 167 Bonefarm"
  • Helped Keralis build an infinite villager breeder
  • Introduces xisumavoid.com
  • Builds a skeleton farm to harvest bones
  • Sells some sand to Cleo
  • Visits Mumbo's, repayed bones to him
5 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 168 Craft & Caves"
  • More villager trading
  • Crafts a bunch of sugar canes
  • ABBA caving with Biffa
8 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 169 Perfect Blacksmith"
  • Progress on wastelands
  • Requests help for Wither farm from Redstone Consultancy
  • Obtained a perfect blacksmith
12 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 170 Tunnel To Minecraft 1.7"
  • Obtained a perfect librarian, temporarily got silk touch trade
  • Wastelands pig and friendly baby zombies
  • Progress on wastelands
  • Viewer suggestions - wastelands hills, temple design, keep track of diamonds saved
  • Time lapse building a tunnel in the Nether to 1.7 lands
  • Talk on plans for 1.7, 1.6.4 saving structures, Tea Time with Biffa, Wither Skeleton farm
  • Changes to the wastelands Skeleton farm, names the trapped skeleton Mister Bones
15 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 171 Custom Care Packages"
  • Talk on invited FTB members, working on his server
  • Names wastelands pig Romeo
  • Gathered resources in the Nether, item drops from drowning trap around temple
  • Drops care packages at people's bases - Joe Hills, Kiershar, Mumbo, Biffa, Cleo, Red3yz, Pungence and Skym, Monkeyfarm, Keralis
  • Flying pigs at server meeting in creative server
19 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 172 Nether Woes"
  • Helps Cleo for his first Dig 4 Hire job
  • Announces third world tour
  • Introduces sl1pg8r to the server, TFC settled closeby
  • Explains the ZipCrowd's Wither Skeleton farm in creative
  • Builds a "poor man's" Wither Skeleton farm in creative
  • Progress on wastelands
sl1pg8r, ZombieCleo
22 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 173 Terraforming"
  • Recap world tour
  • Kills off some of his villagers in the breeder
  • Time lapse progress on the wastelands
  • Tries out the dry riverbed idea
26 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 174 The Cage"
  • Starts building the Wither Skeleton farm, protective cage
  • Retrieves Cleo's payment
  • Receives Kiershar's trapped care package
  • Talk on DJing
29 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 175 Minecraft 1.7, A New Hermitown!"
  • Establishes the new 1.7 town with the guys
  • Builds a modern house in the town
  • Views Keralis' cell tower
  • Sells quartz to Mumbo
  • Hangs out with Joe Hills and Cleo
Biffa2001, joehillssays, KingDaddyDMAC, MrMumbo, Tinfoilchef, red3yz, ZombieCleo
31 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft II 176 A New Hermit Joins!"
  • Introduces Spumwack to the server - shows spawn, nether, old town, new town
  • Did not upload Halloween event
sl1pg8r, Spumwackles
2 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 177 Garden"
  • Explores Biffa's place at the new town
  • Changes to his home at the new town
  • Odd lag death
  • Gives some villagers to Red3yz
  • Rebuilds town portal
5 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 178 Let's Build A Wither Farm"
  • Completes the Wither Skeleton farm
7 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 179 Mumbo's Bugs"
  • Mumbo the mole
  • Introduction to Mumbo's Iron Foundry
  • Buggy ABBA caving with Mumbo
9 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 180 Finishing Touches"
  • New mining technique using a beacon to clear out the ground
  • Changes to the Wither Skeleton farm to deal with Magma Cubes, afk area, storage, portal to overworld, tunnel connection
12 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 181 Portal Project Blues"
  • Farming Wither Skeletons
  • Progress on tunnel connection to farm
  • Footage of world tour from cameraman over town center
  • Talk on replying to YouTube comments, appreciating those commenting on his videos, Google+ push, broken headset
  • Builds a community lava resource/furnace at the new town
  • Extends path to commercial district
  • Relocates and decorates the new town's portal with Spumwack
  • Creates some plots along the side of the main road
16 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 182 Tournament Time"
  • Community plan on building a Nether hub (with Cleo heading it)
  • Dug out a massive two-high gap in the Nether
  • Builds ABBA caving tournament building and starts path to it
  • Explains tournament
  • Talk on fan video "HermitCraft Dream No More"
19 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 183 Dream No More"
  • Loving "HermitCraft Dream No More"
  • Builds path through and terraforms commercial district
  • Builds garden for ABBA building
  • Attempts to fix Nether portal issue at the community foundry
  • Builds a storage room at his house at the new town
21 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 184 Pranked: Cataclysm"
  • Cat prank from Cleo
  • Juicetra back on the server, adds name to ABBA competition
  • Explains ABBA caving points system
23 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 185 Spruce Pod"
  • Talk on G+ community
  • Builds the "spruce pod"
  • Visits the Asian temple, explains project on hold
  • Stumbles upon flower biome at a chunk border
  • Beacon mining at his mushroom biome
26 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 186 You've Got Mail"
  • Works around his base
  • F3 + B feature
  • Shows new channel banner
  • Visits Mumbo's Iron Foundry
  • More beacon mining close to his wastelands
  • Looks at Joe Hills' Redstone Tears
  • Redid the standard mailboxes for everyone at the new town
  • Builds a post office - free books dispenser
30 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft II 187 Deep Cover"
  • Increases efficiency of Wither Skeleton farm - removing land and half slabbing with help from Red3yz
3 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft II 188 Community Foundry"
  • Short animation from MrGoose
  • Shows progress on half slabbing
  • Shows start of Cleo's Nether hub, describes plans for rail system
  • Visits Slip's base, Dmac's house at the new town
  • Fills the community foundry with buckets of lava
  • Adds beacons and instructions book for foundry
  • Foundry lamp cliffhanger
7 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft II 189 Skyfall Farms"
  • Replenished gear after dying at the Wither Skeleton farm
  • Cleo took back her cats
  • Gift from Slip
  • Shows Unhost's door prank at the Iron Foundry
  • Visits Biffa's base, helps build a sugar cane farm
  • Views changes to the new town
Biffa2001, KingDaddyDMAC
10 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft II 190 Gold Farm, Withers & A Lack Of Diamonds"
  • Santa skin
  • Builds temporary gold farm at the wastelands
  • Enchants at the End
  • Builds the easy Wither killing area
  • Attempts at another beacon mining
  • Talk on YouTube likes
12 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft II 191 Tidy Tweaks"
  • Idea for 200th episode
  • Talk on his server back online, G+ community
  • Tidies portal area around spawn, dismantles King_Happy's portal elevator
  • Redoes parts of the Wither Skeleton farm
  • Views changes around the new town
14 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft II 192 ABBA Tournament Draw"
  • Lamp conclusion
  • Views changes in the commercial district
  • Explains delay in tournament
  • Builds the tournament tree across the river
  • Sp00n back on the server
  • Builds a pathway behind the town portal to the town extension
4 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft II 199 Say Hello To My Little Friends"
  • Shows progress on base below temple, continues building it
  • Announces newest member iJevin
  • Transports baby Zombie Pigmen pets to display under his base
14 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft II 203 Mumbo Mischief"
  • Progress on wastelands
  • Pranked Mumbo - transported him to Red3yz's base
  • Tries to build solution to ender pearl transport system
  • Mass crafts iron blocks at the foundry
22 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft II Epic Population Explosion"
  • Villager breeding issue at Red3yz's base
  • Mass slaughter, Night of the Living Dead
KingDaddyDMAC, red3yz, sl1pg8r
27 May 2014 "Hermitcraft II 241 Gold-fever & UHC Talk"
  • Shows loot from gold farm
  • Sets up killing mechanism on the Nether side of the farm
  • Gifts named golden items for each of the 11 UHC contestants
  • Talk on UHC competitiveness
  • Shows gold farm designs in creative world

Season 3[edit]

Season 4[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
25 Feb 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 460 One Point Nine Is Real"
  • New Hermitcraft server
  • Shows his tree house
  • Shows PythonGB's tree house
  • Talks about the 5 new hermits
  • Talks about the Hermitcraft recap channel
  • Talks through his first day on the Hermitcraft server
  • Finds his first Notch apple
  • Shows the new town area
  • Shows and talks about the zoning for the new town area
  • Finds his first diamonds
Jessassin, GoodTimeWithScar, joehillssays, monkeyfarm, PythonGB, impulseSV, hypnotizd, Renthedog, iskall85, falsesymmetry, Welsknight, ZombieCleo, cubfan135, iJevin, xBCrafted, Tinfoilchef
27 Feb 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 461 Raiding Spree"
  • Built a fishing farm
  • Shows the community mineshaft and farm
  • Raids a few villages and traps some villagers
  • Raids a few Desert Temples
  • Raids a spawner
  • Marked an area for his new base
14 Apr 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 482 White District Opens"
  • Shows the "Translocator elevator" for Indiana Bones (his horse)
  • Makes plans for White District
  • Accidentally kills Sam Mule L Jackson (his mule)
  • Plays with enderman in boats with other hermits
  • Plays around with other hermits
  • Builds path for White District
falsesymmetry, GoodTimeWithScar, cubfan135, PythonGB, iskall85
16 Apr 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 483 Sheep & Saplings"
  • Shows a horse stable he made during a livestream
  • Gathers with the other Logfellas and takes saplings from the S.S.S.S.S.S.
  • Starts a build design for the sheep farm
Renthedog, PythonGB, iskall85
19 Apr 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 484 Swarms Of Silverfish"
  • Plans and gets ready for the enderdragon fight
  • Explores stronghold to find portal
  • Had problems with silverfish
  • Used boats to capture enderman
  • Fights the enderdragon
  • Harvested chorus fruit and plants them at ocean monument
PythonGB, falsesymmetry, cubfan135, Welsknight, ZombieCleo, GoodTimeWithScar, joehillssays
21 Apr 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 485 Chorus Fruit Farming"
  • Added color key in the nether
  • Made memorial for Sam Mule L Jackson
  • Made changes to the temporary guardian farm
  • Set up a temporary chorus fruit farm
  • Subscribes to ZombieCleo's Hermiton Herald
  • Starts the Chorus plant Shop
23 Apr 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 486 Elytra Flight & Purpur Shop"
  • Goes to nether to kill Ghasts to get ghast tears
  • Went to the end to respawn and refight the ender dragon
  • Starts work of the Purpur shop
26 Apr 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 487 A New Project Begins!"
  • Plays around with elytras and Punch II bows
  • Lays out the area needed for the new passive mob spawner
  • Plays on the new boat race that Docm77 and Etho made
  • Adds banner designs for the shield shop
cubfan135, impulseSV, TangoTek, Docm77, Etho, PythonGB
28 Apr 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 488 Endercrystal On Display"
  • Shows Iskall85's guardian farm
  • Makes changes to temporary guardian farm
  • Shows TangoTek's New iron farm
  • Shows Falsesymmetry's Build 4 Hire
  • Shows Iskall85's New enderman farm
30 Apr 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 489 Hermits Love Fire"
  • Burns down a forest with a few other hermits
  • Tames cats and breeds them for the pur pur shop amd for himself
  • Starts a cobble and stone shop
  • Dug space for the brown district's nether portal under the banner shop
  • Builds the area for the brown distric's nether portal
Renthedog, Mumbo, Biffa2001, iskall85
3 May 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 490 The Hub"
  • Works on Brown district's hub
  • Builds wall for his base
5 May 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 491 Extreme Elytra Flight"
  • Builds elytra launcher
  • Builds ceiling for his base
7 May 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 492 Killed By A Villager"
  • Chooses banner design for white district
  • Builds furnace array
  • Remakes redstone for base entrance door
  • Plays a game with Docm77
10 May 2016 "Hermitcraft IV 493 Logfella's Secret Hideout"
  • Makes a secret Headquarters for the Logfellas