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The Minecraft avatar of dewtroid
Country United States
Gender F
Other names Dew

dewtroid, also known by her personal name Sarah, is a Let's Play commentator and a former member of the HermitCraft server. She livestreams on Twitch more often than uploading to YouTube. She joined the server in June 2013 but was only active on the server for a brief time.

Let's Play[edit]

Dewtroid usually streams Let's Plays on Twitch. She had become more active in uploading videos onto YouTube in the later half of 2013 but has become inactive again.

Game Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Grim Fandango "Grim Fandango" 1 Oct 2013
The Stanley Parable "The Stanley Parable" 21 Oct 2013
Costume Quest "Costume Quest" 28 Oct 2013
Mark of the Ninja "Mark of the Ninja: Episode 1" 4 Nov 2013
The Secret of Monkey Island "The Secret Of Monkey Island" 3 Dec 2013 Includes commentary on her past experiences of the game and some details of the game
Kerbal Space Program "Project Nosecone: Episode 1" 9 Jan 2014 Goal is to launch as many nosecones into orbit on a single rocket as possible
Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
"Super Hostile 3 Infernal Sky II" "Cupcake Panic" 6 Feb 2012 CTM co-op with mcgamer
"Tenebrous Tale 01 Blight Castle" "Cupcake Panic: Blight Castle - Episode 1" 23 Mar 2013 Second cooperation with MC


Dewtroid lives under the town bridge, literally the troll under the bridge. She had planned to build a toll collection system and store the loot underground[1] but had not returned to the server since the server's start.

Video Notable events Featuring
13 Jun 2013 "Hermitcrafting"
  • Livestream
  • Works on her underground base under the bridge at the village
King_Happy, Jessassin, joehillssays, VenomKisser
14 Jun 2013 "Hermitcrafting"
  • Livestream
  • Continues working on underground base
  • Explores outside town, caving for resources


In a Reddit comment posted in May 2012, Dewtroid explains that her friendship with Guude became disjointed after conflict arose relating to Race for Wool tournament organization.[2] In July 2012, during episode 2 of the Mindcrack Podcast, Guude referred to dewtroid as "a cunt" when answering a viewer question about adding new members to the MindCrack Server.[3] Following Guude's remark, Dew uploaded a video to her YouTube channel expressing her dissatisfaction with Guude's insulting use of language, as well as voicing her view of his personality.[4]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Dew's shirt contains the logo of "The Spawn," a gaming community website.

dewtroid's Minecraft skin

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