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The Minecraft avatar of generikb
Artistic representation of generikb's Minecraft avatar

Generikb from his Child's Play charity vlog
Personal name Jud
Born (1975-03-29) 29 March 1975 (age 45)[1]
Country Thailand
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • Genny
  • GennyB
  • GB
  • Generik

generikb, also known by his personal name Judson "Jud" Chapman,[2][3] is an American[4] Let's Play commentator and former member of Mindcrack. Known as the founder and namesake of the HermitCraft server, Generik was invited to join the Mindcrack Server by Guude in August 2012, after they met at PlayOnCon 2012.[5] On 3 April 2015, it was announced Generik would be parting ways with Mindcrack,[6] because he "did not wish to sign certain legal agreements".[7][8]


GenerikB with his wife in Barcelona, celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary

Generikb was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He moved regularly throughout his schooling due to his father's work. He recalls living in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.[9]

While attending college, GB was known as "Generic Bluesman" while playing in a band known as The Sun Tea Bandits, meeting the other member of the band through his job as a server at Red Lobster.[10] He shortened the name to "Generikb" to use in IRC.[11]. GB studied electronic and computer engineering in college.[12]

Generikb was married on 5 November 1999.[13] He says he and his wife wanted to have kids but couldn't due to medical issues.[14]

Since 1 February 2013, Generikb creates YouTube content full time.[15]

Generikb previously lived in Chicago, Illinois but moved to Sofia, Bulgaria in November 2013,[16] to be with his ill mother-in-law.[17] His mother-in-law, referred to as "Mammo", passed away on 20 March 2016.[18]

Around the summer of 2018, Generikb's activity on YouTube started decreasing; he explained in multiple videos that he disagreed with a number of YouTube policies regarding ad revenue and content moderation, and that his experience with streaming on Twitch has been much more positive; he has barely uploaded any gaming footage on YouTube since and continues to stream daily on Twitch instead.[19]

In October 2019, Generik moved to Phuket, Thailand after spending 1.5 years living in Bali, Indonesia.[20][21]

Let's Play[edit]

The YouTube avatar of Generikb

Generikb is a self-described "Minecraft Hermit." He started a private Minecraft server called HermitCraft where he had done Let's Plays with other YouTube Let's Players but is currently no longer part of the server. Generik had a video series titled "Redstone Academy" in which he teaches the basics of Redstone and the logic behind it. On 4 February 2016, Generikb said on Facebook that he is no longer interested in Minecraft.


Generikb is the founding member of the HermitCraft. He created the server in April 2012 as a way to collaborate with other Let's Players.[22] He left the server in April 2013 to continue his Let's Play on the Mindcrack Server.[23]


In Season 3, Generikb founded the B-Team with BdoubleO100.

On the Season 4 map, Generikb built a large mansion in a swamp biome. During the MindCrack Marathon, it was blown up after jaaski donated $1,000 to Child's Play charity. However, Guude restored a backup of the map after Scrubzilla donated $2,000 to save the mansion.

Minecraft skin[edit]

Generikb's skin is a hermit. He says he originally made his skin to suit his natural play style.[24] In June 2012, Planet Minecraft user Dalaxy recolored and shaded his skin.[25][26] Although Generikb attended MineCon 2012 and MineCon 2013, he did not redeem his attendee Capes. He gave away his 2012 cape in a contest,[27] and his 2013 cape to a donator who gave $5,000 to charity,[28][29] despite initially promising the cape to Scrubzilla.[30][31][32]

generikb's Minecraft skin



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