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This is a list of generikb's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by generikb on the HermitCraft server. His playlist for the server is "The HermitCraft Server!"

Video Notable events Featuring
13 Apr 2012 "HermitCraft Ep 1 - 'I Got My Redstone Wires Crossed'"
  • "Teleports" from his single-player world to Etho's world to the HermitCraft server
15 Apr 2012 "HermitCraft Ep 2 - 'The Accidental Sea Captain'"
  • Biffa's little Venice
  • Travels to find the southernmost stronghold
  • Attempted to change spawn and change jars, corrupted world, restarted world
18 Apr 2012 "HermitCraft Ep 3 - 'Blaze Farm Mathematizing'"
  • Sets up a Blaze farm
Biffa2001, hypnotizd, Kiershar, red3yz
23 Apr 2012 "HermitCraft Ep 4 - 'Trust Us, We're Nether Professionals'"
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Travels to his stronghold base to brew more potions
  • Mishaps in the Nether
hypnotizd, Kiershar, red3yz
1 May 2012 "HermitCraft Ep 5 - '!defooG enoD yehT...hO hU'"
  • First HermitCraft prank - chickens buried randomly underneath Hypno's base
  • Video on "drugs"
  • Map restart again
  • Tours new spawn, new members
  • Shows remote base
Kiershar, shaunstatic, Xisuma
12 May 2012 "HermitCraft Ep 6 - 'Eviction Notice'"
  • Announces HermitCraft as primary series
  • Red3yz's base too close
  • Explores and sets up base elsewhere
  • Talk on cocoa beans, cookies, automated wheat and cocoa farms, Minecraft Xbox 360
17 May 2012 "HermitCraft Episode 7 - 'Troll Bridge'"
  • Temporary hermit base found by others
  • Shows secluded place with hermit face built
  • Wants to discourage people from coming to his base
  • Builds Soul Sand bridge with Stone Slabs obstacles to his portal
  • Talk on SMP with texture pack, donations, no longer makes individual house for each donator, advertising
19 May 2012 "HermitCraft Episode 8 - 'The BRB 80's Music Episode'"
  • Tours his hermit hole
  • Constructs a Skeleton farm, fails so hard
  • Talk on losing weight, ads on YouTube in other countries, purpose of "liking" YouTube videos
  • Discovered "floating" Sand
25 May 2012 "HermitCraft Episode 9 - 'When I Snap My Fingers'"
  • Progress on Skeleton farm and future plans
  • Plans to use spawner as a defense for his base
  • Talk on features in new snapshot, healthy living through hypnotization
  • Constructs room around Skeleton farm
  • Enchants at spawn
27 May 2012 "HermitCraft Ep10 - "Never Collab With A Hermit""
  • Mishaps in the Nether with Biffa and Keralis
  • Visits Hypno's base, explores iron golem farm
Biffa2001, Keralis1
28 May 2012 "Redstone Wars 8!! Generikb vs. BrenyBeast - Themes Needed!!!"
  • New member BrenyBeast
29 May 2012 "HermitCraft Ep11 - "An Unnecessary Squashing""
  • Progress on room around farm
  • Plans on a donator room
  • Establishes base at skeleton farm
  • Continues working on farm
  • Announces new member to the server (Joe Hills)
  • Explains solution to SMP glitch with potion not killing some Skeletons
  • Enchants first Diamond Pickaxe
1 Jun 2012 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep 12 - "Parkour Shmarkour""
  • Progress on skeleton farm, continues working on it
  • Talk on working on a secret group project
  • Builds another layer of security - parkour course
2 Jun 2012 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep 13 - PRANK: British Invasion (Part 1)"
  • Pranks Biffa's base with Joe Hills and Hypno by flooding his bowl
hypnotizd, joehillssays
5 Jun 2012 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep14 - "The Puking Iron Golem""
  • Builds a large Iron Golem statue in his base
  • Talk on computer failure and missing the Ender Dragon fight, video liked by Yogscast, his diabetic cat and tasting cat food
  • 30,000 subscribers
7 Jun 2012 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep15 - "Donations of Death""
  • Dedicates traps and structures to his super donators, names his traps
  • Thanks donators for donating for Sixelona's computer
  • Works on the statue and his base
  • Talk on British Invasion part 2 video, pranking Xisuma and him hating it, their different play styles, health of mother-in-law improving
8 Jun 2012 "*200th VIDEO!!* HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep16 - "The 2 Hour Lunch Break""
  • Celebrates 200th video
  • Vlog - not actually two hours
11 Jun 2012 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep17 - "That's Using Yer Melon!""
  • Progress on base, wants to wait until 1.3
  • Builds a melon farm
  • Talk on connecting with fans while streaming and not getting things done, cracking cat necks, Asian lady at Target, Six's computer, invited by Doc to play subscriber special UHC
28 Jun 2012 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep 26 - "Sandy Secrets and Spoilers""
  • Shows improved skin
  • Works on the door to his sphinx
  • Talk on silent breadmaker, new series
  • Announces new member to server
  • Discovers surface spawner
  • Builds a desert well secret entrance
  • Talk on hanging out with the Dead Workers Party, going to PlayOnCon
20 Oct 2012 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep 56 - "One Hundred Thousand!""
  • 100,000 subscribers
  • Shows the Nether stalls and his Poisoned Tater Emporium
  • Visits Keralis' base, gifts him a new set of renamed armor
  • Talk on his history on YouTube, thanks his subscribers and those who boosted his channel, reaction to livestream DDoS'd
  • Visits Joe Hills' house at spawn for wool
  • Travels to his base, shows chickens everywhere
  • Chicken oracle
17 Dec 2012 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep 70 - "Santa Genny!""
  • Delivers Christmas presents to server members
1 Jan 2013 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep 74 - 'PRANK: QUARANTINED!'"
  • Talk on vacation
  • Discovers and cleans "quarantine" fence prank by Biffa and Xisuma
5 Jan 2013 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep 75 - 'PLAN B!'"
  • B-Team invades the HermitCraft server
  • Pranks Biffa and Xisuma
BdoubleO100, Juicetra, Pungence, skyzm
20 Apr 2013 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep 93 - 'The Talk'"
  • Announces ending HermitCraft vanilla Minecraft series