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The Minecraft avatar of Hypnotizd

Hypnotizd at Minecon 2013
Born (1981-07-03) 3 July 1981 (age 38)[1]
Country United States
Gender M
Other names Hypno

Hypnotizd, or simply Hypno, is a Let's Play commentator and an active member of the HermitCraft server. He is one of the founding members of the server. He also runs the HermitCraft Feed the Beast server, of which he is funding under generikb's permission.

Let's Play[edit]


On the HermitCraft 1.0 map, Hypno constructed a quad hostile mob farm consisting of two zombie and two spider spawners at the start of the map. This farm was used by many members of the server until he built the Enderman farm.[2] Soon afterwards, Hypno moved thousands of blocks away to a jungle on another continent where he built a temple made of stone bricks and grass.[3]

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