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The Minecraft avatar of monkeyfarm

Monkeyfarm at MineCon 2012
Country United States
Gender M

monkeyfarm is a Let's Play commentator and a former member of the HermitCraft server. He was a guest on the MindCrack Feed the Beast server on its second map. He joined the server to continue his "Modded Minecraft" series with Docm77.[1] He was removed from HermitCraft in December 2016, likely for inactivity.

Let's Play[edit]

Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Creative singleplayer "Monkeyfarm's First World - Minecraft LP" 10 Aug 2011 Uses fly mod, TMI and MCEdit to assist him build structures[2]
Survival singleplayer "Monkeyfarm's 2nd World - Minecraft LP" 6 Sep 2011 "[this world is] fully legit - no more fly mod, no more Too Many Items, no MCEdit. None of that nonsense."[3]
HermitCraft Survival multiplayer "HermitCraft" 27 Jul 2012
Modded Survival multiplayer "Minecraft Mods: Feed the Beast" 9 Sep 2012 Featuring Docm77.[4] Began using Tekkit modpack, changed to Feed the Beast partway through
Survival singleplayer "Monkeyfarm's 3rd World - Minecraft LP" 7 Nov 2012
MindCrack Modded Feed the Beast multiplayer "MindCrack Feed the Beast" 25 Dec 2012
Survival singleplayer "Minecraft Hardcore Caves of Chaos" 10 May 2014 Playing on the "Caves of Chaos" map preset with no natural health regeneration
HermitCraft Modded ModSauce multiplayer "Minecraft Mods - Hermitcraft ModSauce Pack" 30 Jul 2014
Creative singleplayer "Minecraft Creative: 4th World" 6 Sep 2014

MindCrack Feed the Beast[edit]

This is a list of recorded sessions on the MindCrack Feed the Beast server. The playlist for this series is "MindCrack Feed the Beast".

Video Notable events Featuring
25 Dec 2012 "MindCrack - Feed the Beast #1 - Minecraft"
  • Starting out on the server
  • Fighting Naga boss in Twilight Forest with Docm, Pyro and Avidya
  • Claiming his and Doc's plot at spawn
AnderZEL, Avidya, Docm77, Etho, Guude, Nebris, Millbee, Pakratt0013, Pyro_0, W92Baj
29 Dec 2012 "MindCrack - Feed the Beast #2 - Pet Turtle"
  • Mining basalt with a turtle
  • Crafting a sorting machine
AnderZEL, Docm77, Nebris
4 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Feed the Beast #3 - Soul Creeper"
  • Explaining soul shards
  • Using Pyro's wither skeleton farm
  • Talking about using a lightning rod in their volcano
  • Doc's vorpal sword
Docm77, Mhykol, Pyro_0
13 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Feed the Beast #4 - Skelly Power!"
  • Building soul cage skeleton farm
Docm77, thejims
16 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Feed the Beast #5 - Skeletron Reactor!"
  • Showing automated recycler using skeleton soul cage
22 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Feed the Beast #6 - Titanium!"
  • Meeting his pet penguin
  • Showing blaze soul cage
  • Crafting a diamond drill and a mining laser
3 Feb 2013 "Pranking VintageBeef's Zoo - Mindcrack Feed The Beast #7"
  • Doc's gift prank attempt to cage a Wither at VintageBeef's zoo
  • Wither escaped, help from AnderZEL
AnderZEL, Docm77, generikb, thejims


After the recent map reset, monkeyfarm claimed a mountain top near town as his home. He initially built a castle on top of it but instead he replaced the entire mountain with a massive skull. The skull is based on a skull he built in his first LP world.[5] He built giant glasses in front of the skull and the giant Santa hat was a prank from MrMumbo.[6] He built a mule shop in town called the "Half-Ass Shop". Only one mule is in stock at a time and it costs a block of diamond to buy one.[7] He primarily uses a custom John Smith texture pack.[8]

Minecraft skin[edit]

monkeyfarm's skin was made by MrKhaern[9] in a contest to create a new skin for his player model.[10][11] monkeyfarm selected his 5 favorite submissions and allowed viewers to vote for the winner.[12] His previous skin was a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars franchise.[9]

monkeyfarm's Minecraft skin

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