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The Minecraft avatar of shawnvmartin

shaunvmartin during his farewell vlog
Country United States
Gender M

shawnvmartin, or Shawn V Martin, is a former member of the HermitCraft server. He was invited to the server by Biffa2001 in August 2012.[1] His wife also joined the server with him and has the Minecraft account alishapez (Alisha Pez).[2] He left the server on October 2012 mainly because he does not want to update his game each time the server updated for the snapshots. He also got tired of sticking to a consistent release schedule.[3]

Let's Play[edit]


When Shawn heard that he was invited, he thought he was being invited to a creative server. He used server commands to build his Nether tunnel but later tore it down when he realized the server was not creative. He mainly worked with WorldEdit and didn't find survival fun. He built a giant bust of himself on an island near Biffa's Bowl.[4] Shawn settled in a taiga biome and was in the process of building the Hermit Lodge there.[5] The lodge remained unfinished. He traveled through the Nether one day and settled at an extreme hills biome.[6] He called it his "home away from home."[7] He had a pet Pig named Max, who came to be when he was building his first house and the Pig would not stay out of it.[8]

Minecraft skin[edit]

shawnvmartin's skin

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