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This is a list of sl1pg8r's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by sl1pg8r on the HermitCraft server.

Season 1 (post-map reset)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
21 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E1 - Tour with Xisumavoid and KingDaddyDmac! ( Let's Play )"
  • Tour with Xisuma - spawn, Nether, town
  • Tour with Dmac - Skeleton farm, stronghold, the End
KingDaddyDMAC, Xisuma
24 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E2 - Getting Silk Touch and THe 24640! ( Let's Play )"
  • Settled at Dmac's Skeleton farm, dug a mineshaft nearby
  • Fortuned some diamonds
  • Enchants at the End to get silk touch and good armor
  • Uses King_Happy's shop for wheat, Xisuma's cow farm for leather to make more books
  • Names his silk touch pick the number of times he clicked to get silk touch - "THe 24640"
28 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E3 - New Hermiton! ( Let's Play )"
  • Builds his home in the new 1.7 town
  • Plans to build a base nearby on a mountain
  • Time lapse building, resource gathering
  • Hangs out with people at the new town, travels back to his home at Dmac's
joehillssays, topmass, Xisuma, ZombieCleo
31 Oct 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E4 - SPOOKY Halloween Special! ( Let's Play )"
  • Halloween event
Spumwackles, Xisuma, joehillssays, Keralis1, KingDaddyDMAC, Pungence, ZombieCleo
4 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E5 - Back from Vacation! ( Let's Play )"
  • Shows changes around the new town
  • Builds his base nearby
  • Caving
6 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E6 - Restoring @JoeHills' Sheep Farm! ( Let's Play )"
  • At town
  • Harvests wheat at King_Happy's shop
  • Restores Joe Hills' sheep farm
  • Deep thoughts about the people you love
12 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E7 - Redstone, Spumwack, Golems, and Lag ( Let's Play )"
  • Shows changes around the new town
  • Built minecart track to mines
  • Builds automated minecart system
  • Kills iron golems hold up at spawn with Spumwack
  • Visits the double Blaze farm
  • Transports items to new base
  • Talk on new YouTube comments
  • Names the base the Ribbon, builds a pedestal
14 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E8 - The Pedestal! ( Let's Play )"
  • Repairs his items
  • Progress on base, continues working on the pedestal, ribbon
  • Talk on people's accounts getting hacked, password security
18 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E9 - Automating Furnaces ( Let's Play )"
  • Scale model of the pedestal
  • Gathers sand and coal
  • Sets up smelting system using hoppers, uses a design from online instead
  • Works on the Pedestal design
  • Visits Xisuma's ABBA building, submits his name
21 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E10 - The Ribbon! ( Let's Play )"
  • Completes the Pedestal design
  • Expands the scale model
  • Starts building the Ribbon
  • Harvests more sand
  • Talk on recording setup
26 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E11 - Design Redesign Time :) ( Let's Play )"
  • New mailboxes from Xisuma, checks out changes around town
  • Progress on the Ribbon
  • Redesigns the Pedestal
  • Builds circular platforms
  • Plans for a chicken cooker based on Hypno's design
28 Nov 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E12 - Transportalation! ( Let's Play )"
  • Base connected in the Nether, works on the Nether tunnel
  • Builds a minecart track and drop shaft from the pedestal to the build height
3 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E13 - Witherbane! ( Let's Play )"
  • Updates the scale model, changes to the minecart rail
  • Shoutout from Mumbo, asks viewers to thank Mumbo
  • Visits Xisuma's Wither Skeleton farm for skulls
  • Travels to his old base at Dmac's to make a looting sword to pay Xisuma
  • Enchanted the sword at the End, names it Witherbane
  • Visits Mumbo's iron foundry for iron
  • Visits Xisuma's wastelands to leave the sword
5 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E14 - Witherface! ( Let's Play )"
  • Prepares for the Wither fight, brews potions
  • Fights the Wither under his mines
  • Sets up a beacon on the pedestal
  • Shows Hypno's base
10 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E15 - Renovations! ( Let's Play )"
  • Moves the beacon to bedrock
  • Rebuilds the bedrock railway on the side of the base
  • Builds a central staircase in the pedestal
  • Works on the pedestal design some more
13 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E16 - Biffa, Beacons, and Bob ( Let's Play )"
  • Shows improvements to the railway
  • Fights four Withers separately
  • Adds more beacons to his base, works on the beacon room
  • Helps Biffa fights some Withers with Iron Golems
  • Watches Biffa name a sheep jeb_
17 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E17 - Christmas Tree-Thirty! ( Let's Play )"
  • Diamonds from Hypno
  • Talk on YouTube copyright, change to his logo
  • Shows ABBA tournament tree, Xisuma's projects
  • Builds the community Christmas tree
20 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft E18 - ABBA Caving Vs. Pung"
  • ABBA caving with Pungence
24 Dec 2013 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E19 - I'm back! Also, news! Double also, a gift! :) ( Let's Play )you"
  • Talk on his vacation, bringing his dog along, his family
  • Views his gifts at the Christmas tree
  • Disables Redstone clock at the tree to reduce lag
  • Shows Skyzm's Festivus Pole, Sp00n's and Unhost's plots, winter is coming around town
  • Reads the Festivus book
  • Progress on his beacon room, continues work on it
  • Visits Skyzm's base, builds a massive crafting table as a Festivus gift
14 Jan 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E25 - The I.C.A. ( Let's Play )"
  • Completed the I.C.A., an item transport system
  • Tests the system
  • Found an ice spike biome, keeps location secret
  • Pranks Monkeyfarm with the others by building a mustache on the skull
  • Harvests packed ice
  • Leaving Kevin the chicken to guard the biome
KingDaddyDMAC, Pungence, skyzm
16 Jan 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E26 - ABBA with Biffa2001 !!! ( Let's Play )"
  • ABBA caving with Biffa
20 Jan 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E27 - Packed Ice Shoppe! ( Let's Play )"
  • Jessica the random base cow
  • Leafbane the silk touch-unbreaking shears
  • At his "ice box" packed ice storage
  • Views new homes and shops at town
  • Offers 10 stacks of packed ice for Pungence's horse
  • Redeems voucher for Biffa's Bakery
  • Sets up a packed ice store at the commercial district, Sl1ip's Packed Ice Shoppe
  • Farms at the wither skeleton farm
  • Talk on video likes and change in logo
23 Jan 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E28 - Hoof Hearted! ;) ( Let's Play )"
  • Fights the wither for a nether star
  • Harvested more packed ice and stocked his shop, business doing extremely well
  • Searches for a horse, reaches the 1.6-1.7 border and Xisuma's Wastelands
  • Leads wild horses back to his base
  • Sets up The Hoof Hearted Horse Stables on one of the platforms
  • Tames all the horses
27 Jan 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E29 - Epic Fishing Nametag Video! ;) ( Let's Play )"
  • Villager breeding issue at Red3yz's base
  • Watches Spum's tree farm get demolished
  • Epic fishing nametag intro
  • Enchants fishing rods at the End
  • Builds an automatic fishing machine at The Ribbon
  • Hollows more of The Pedestal
KingDaddyDMAC, red3yz, Spumwackles, Xisuma
31 Jan 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E30 - Oh... Meh...GAWD!!! ( Let's Play )"
  • New intro
  • Names his horses Hoof Hearted and Testy
  • Relocates his minecart elevator to bedrock
  • Died to a Witch while AFK and lost everything, enchants replacement gear at the End
  • Updates the scale model of his base
3 Feb 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E31 - Skin Contest Viewers Choice!!! ( Let's Play )"
  • Explores Cleo's publishing company, reads the first edition
  • Submits advertisement for his ice shop into the Herald
  • Explores other shops in the district
  • Visits the ABBA tournament board
  • Works on the entrance to the mines
  • Announces finalists for skin contest
7 Feb 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E32 - Booush Gardens w/ Keralis!!! ( Let's Play )"
  • Hires Keralis to build a park on a platform of the Ribbon
11 Feb 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E33 - Horse Testing!!! ( Let's Play )"
  • Shows new skin
  • Harvests a bunch of Nether Quartz at the Pedestal
  • Gifts Keralis Glowstone and Quartz
  • Talk on 40,000 subscribers, upcoming ABBA caving
  • Builds free sample ice box at the shoppe inspired by Zueljin's design
  • Tests his horses' speed at Xisuma's horse speedometer
  • Finishes off at his fishing hole
15 Feb 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E34 - Semi-Final ABBA Vs. Red3yz!!! ( Let's Play )"
  • ABBA caving with Red3yz
19 Feb 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E35 - How to get better at Youtube! ( Let's Play )"
  • Enchanted and repaired tools at the End
  • Hollows out beneath the Pedestal
  • Talk about success on YouTube, work schedule
23 Feb 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E36 - Nametag Shop!!! ( Let's Play )"
  • Fished a lot for name tags
  • Names his dog Casey
  • Progress beneath the Ribbon, continues digging towards bedrock
  • Redeems coupon at flower stall
  • Explores courthouse, plans for a law office
  • Shows Cleo's Nether train station
  • Starts Slip's Name Tag Delivery Service, builds shop, submits an advertisement to the Herald
27 Feb 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E37 - ABBA Caving Finals vs. Hypnotizd! ( Let's Play )"
  • ABBA caving with Hypno
  • ABBA theft
3 Mar 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E38 - Pixelfart! ( Let's Play - Pixelart )"
  • Bulk nametag purchase from Cleo
  • Checks out the Private Eye Agency, Rent-A-Derp shop, Fishing Emporium
  • Reads the 3rd edition of the Herald
  • Rents a derp and buys a subscription to the Herald
  • Someone has helped dig under the Ribbon
  • Adds pixel fart to Keralis' structure
7 Mar 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E39 - Slip and Hyps!!! ( Let's Play )"
  • Hypno hired Dmac to investigate the ABBA theft
  • Investigates the ABBA theft with Hypno, explores around town
  • Accuses Spum of the ABBA theft, chases him around town
hypnotizd, Spumwackles
11 Mar 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E40 - Rent-A-Derp!!! ( Let's Play )"
  • Rented a professional derp, taking full advantage of him
  • Pranked by Keralis - Nametag shop converted to rug shop
15 Mar 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E41 - 50,000 Sub Special? And Mini Werld Tour! ( Let's Play )"
  • Continues digging
  • Celebrates 50,000 subscribers, plans for a special
  • Reads the 4th edition of the Herald
  • Views Pungence's and Skyzm's investigation on him
  • Checks out Keralis' Boobie Mountain, Cleo's museum, KingDaddyDMAC's base, Xisuma's wasteland
19 Mar 2014 "HermitCraft MineCraft LP E42 - Doin' Stuff and Things! ( Let's Play )"
  • Names Jessica the base cow
  • Finally finished digging beneath the Ribbon
  • Smooths and cleans out the area, blocks off ravines with glass
  • Cleans up the LameRag prank
  • Lowered price for nametags
  • Removes item frames from his ice shop to reduce lag
  • Checks out Xisuma's and Mumbo's hay bale shops
  • Reads Cleo's zombie protest book