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The Minecraft avatar of topmass

topmass during an episode of Modsauce
Born (1992-05-02) 2 May 1992 (age 27)
Country Canada
Gender M
Other names TopMass, Minecrafted, Mced, Matt

topmass, also known as Minecrafted or Matt as his personal name, is a Let's Play commentator and a former member of the HermitCraft server. Topmass loves and is passionate about music and kind of makes music for a living.[1] He produces his own music which are available to listen and purchase at TOPMASS.NET. Topmass has a public Minecraft player-vs-player Bukkit server with a full economy and player-vs-environment tasks at pve.nixium.com.[2][3] He was removed from HermitCraft in December 2016, likely for inactivity.

Let's Play[edit]

Most of the music used in Topmass' videos are produced by him. He is partnered with Maker Studios on YouTube.[4] Topmass is a fan of cinematic scenes and his "Minecrafted" channel was initially famous for his cinematic effects videos in Minecraft. At the time, he didn't expect his channel to surpass his "TopMass" music channel.[5]

Game Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
FarSky "FARSKY {Ep.1} - Sub Crash!" 17 Mar 2014
Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Various servers "Pimp My Minecraft" 4 Jan 2012 Hops onto various servers and pimps the base of random players
HermitCraft SMP server "HermitCraft!" 22 May 2012
BuddyCraft SMP server "BuddyCraft" 7 Feb 2013 Personal server
HermitCraft FTB server "FTB {EP.1} - Unleash The Beast!" 18 Sep 2013
Modded survival single player "FTB Horizons {EP.1} - IRON BREAD!" 5 Jan 2014 Plays the Feed the Beast Horizons pack as he waits for the HermitCraft FTB server to restart
HermitCraft FTB server "FTB MONSTER" 5 Feb 2014
PiratesCove modded SMP server "PiratesCove {Ep.1} - The Return With Joe!" 16 May 2014


After the recent map reset, Topmass settled on a mountain close to town. There he built a house made of yellow stained clay, a horse stable for his horses,[6] gentlemen's club in the basement,[7] and a zombie siege supply tent closeby.[8] The idea for the tent came from the annoying zombie siege feature in the game.[9] The gentlemen's club include a bar, grass dance floor, a stage with poles, a giant Topmass on the wall, and a overhanging balcony. He plans to leave all that behind and start fresh in new 1.7 lands.[10] Topmass have not been playing on the server because he wasn't enjoying vanilla and the people he used to play often do not come onto the server much.[11]

Topmass advertises his website TOPMASS.NET, which is often mentioned with its address humorously changed.[12]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Topmass' skin is a person in a gorilla costume.[13]

topmass's Minecraft skin

Alternative skin[edit]

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