Horse Timer

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The Horse Timer is a racetrack-like structure built by Etho on the MindCrack Season 4 Vanilla server. It was constructed directly next to the Danger Zone Memorial Donkey Sanctuary just outside of Spawn. The intent of Etho in building the structure was to create a way to accurately and reliably gauge how fast a horse can run. He designed this system to work by using a number of tripwires over some distance; the time between the two would then be gauged by a stopwatch-like mechanism. Etho announced his intent to build the structure on a video he released on July 24, 2013, and began work during the same episode.[1] By July 29, 2013, Etho had completed the display function;[2] however, he had not optimized the system to display itself accurately by this time.

Etho added a jumping measurement section to the structure on the basis that estimates on how high a horse can jump are accurate only to the block. He stacked up layers of snow, understanding that each layer of snow amounted to approximately an eighth of a block, and labeled each stack so horseback riders could test exactly how high their horses could jump to the nearest eighth of a block. This section of the horse testing complex was added on an episode that Etho released on August 2, 2013.[3]


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