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Horses and Donkeys are tamable mobs that were added to the game in Minecraft 1.6.

Name Owner Variant Found Status Brief description
Beyonc? BdoubleO100 Black 17 July 2013 Alive BdoubleO's second horse. He attempted to name her for Beyoncé Knowles.
Danger Zone generikb Donkey 3 Jul 2013 Deceased Generikb's first donkey. The death of Danger Zone prompted the creation of the Danger Zone Memorial Donkey Sanctuary.
Dunkey Vechs_ Donkey 21 Sept 2013 Alive Dunkey was bred from two donkeys and is now currently used for trips to spawn.
Geronimo Zisteau Grey Sooty 23 July 2013 Deceased Zisteau tamed and witnessed the death of Geronimo in the same episode.
Mjolner AnderZEL White Regular 18 July 2013 Deceased AnderZEL's second horse, which he found during a livestream during which Sleipner died; named for Mjölnir
Pamela Anderson BdoubleO100 Sooty Flaxen Chestnut 3 Jul 2013 Deceased Pamela Anderson was found at the beginning of Season 4 of MindCrack.She died after drowning in a small pool of water.[1]
Rusty Etho White Leopard Appaloosa 3 Jul 2013 Deceased First seen in his livestream at the beginning of season 4[2] Likely kiled by glitching into a wall of his dirt enclosure while Etho was building his laboratory.
Schmetterling Docm77 Black 26 July 2013 Deceased Found during an episode with AnderZEL. Named for the German word for "butterfly", which resembles the German word for "smash"
Sleipner AnderZEL Deceased AnderZEL's first horse. Died during a livestream after drowning in a waterfall. Named for Sleipnir, the son of Norse god Loki and a horse named Svaðilfari.
Taylor Swift Etho White 17 July 2013 Alive Found in an episode with the B-team. Frequently bred with Beyonc?
Ferris Mueller Paulsoaresjr Mule 23 July 2013 Deceased Bred from one of Paul's horses and one of the donkeys at the Danger Zone Memorial Donkey Sanctuary. Named after the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He died of a falling glitch.
David Asselhoof VintageBeef Donkey Alive


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