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The Minecraft avatar of Iggy95

Iggy95 in real life
Country United States
Gender M
Other names Iggy, TheIggyTech, Robert, Rob

Iggy95, also known as Robert "Rob" Cleary as his personal name, is a Let's Play commentator and a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server in June 2012 after winning a contest by breeplaysgames. Iggy attends the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.[1]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Iggy has participated in Season 5 of the Fan Server UHC. He has a house in the Boney Bayou neighborhood of Blockhaven.

"Mindcrack w/Iggy Series" playlist
Notable events Featuring
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #1" 23 Jun 2012 Lord_Aro
"Mindcrack Fan Server Uncensored Livestream Highlights" 2 Jul 2012
  • Playing with noteblocks
mcgamer, Members of the MindCrack Fan Server
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #2" 5 Jul 2012
  • Shearing green sheep and replacing the water in his yard with green wool
  • Talking about running
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #3" 10 Jul 2012
  • Refilling the ender pearl stocks and looking for an enchanting table
  • Working on his plot
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #4" 14 Aug 2012
  • Working on a spiral rail up to a platform above his plot
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #5" 23 Aug 2012
  • Working on enclosing the spiral rail
  • Enchanting in the End and talking about UHC
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #6" 2 Sep 2012
  • Celebrating his birthday with a prank cake
  • Collecting wood and working on the rail
  • Talking about running
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #7 Mr. Melons Prank" 27 Sep 2012
  • Pranking Zueljin with melons
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #8 Out of Town" 5 Oct 2012
  • Mining obsidian
  • Talking about running, Minecraft versions and errors
  • Working on the twister rail
  • Speed build of a nether trail and a quick tour of a new area
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #9 1.4 Updates" 27 Oct 2012
  • Talking about what has happened with the update, showing his new hut and looking at decorated plots in spawn
  • Enchanting at the ender farm
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #10 Ice Base Building" 5 Nov 2012
  • Collecting resources and starting to build in his new area
  • Talking about games he used to and would like to play
"Mindcrack Fan Server w/Iggy | #11 Blockhaven Halloween" 10 Nov 2012
  • Starting to his new house
  • Giving a tour of the haunted houses in Blockhaven

Minecraft skin[edit]

Iggy's skin is based off Cole from the videogame "Infamous"[2]

Iggy95's skin

Previous skin[edit]


  • Iggy's main hobby is running[3]
  • Iggy was voted as "Most Likely to Read all the Books in the World" in his middle school yearbook.[3]

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