Inferno Mines

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Super Hostile 12: Inferno Mines is a map in Vechs Super Hostile series. There are three different starting areas: Skylight A (wood), Skylight B (food) and Skylight C (equipment).


Videos from collaborative playthroughs from the members of the MindCrack and MindCrack Fan Server.

Guude and Jsano[edit]

Guude and jsano19 attempt their first map together

Perspectives Notable events
18 Apr 2013
  • Collecting glowstone and discussing which skylight to start with
  • Talking about Jeff graduating
  • Gathering wood
  • Making their way towards the Everforge
20 Apr 2013
  • Searching through the upper caverns
  • Making their way through the spider area
22 Apr 2013
  • Making their way through the spider area
  • Discussing computer problems
  • Getting the white wool
24 Apr 2013
  • Reaching the first intersection
  • Starting the lower mines
26 Apr 2013

Pakratt, TibTuner and Rayman[edit]

Pakratt0013, TibTuner04 and rayman86 tackle the map.

TibTuner's playlist
rayman86's playlist
Notable events
23 Apr 2013
  • Starting in Skylight C
  • Trying to kill creepers and collect equiptment

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