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The Minecraft avatar of JL2579

JL2579, right, with oldGanon at Gamescom
Born (1991-08-29) 29 August 1991 (age 32)[1]
Country Germany
Gender M
Other names JLZipCode,[2] JL

JL2579, also known simply as JL, or his personal name Johann-Lukas,[1] is a German Let's Play commentator, the owner of the ZipKrowd server, and a guest during Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 12.

Let's Play[edit]


The ZipKrowd server is a private whitelisted Minecraft server that features advanced and technical gameplay. JL describes his series as "trying to push the edge on (sic) what's possible in survival mode."[3] The name ZipKrowd was coined in December 2012, over a year after the server was created.[4]

oldGanon and Cubehamster are active members of the server. Docm77 and Xisuma appear as guests during significant events.[5] Cubehamster was previously considered a guest of the server before joining as an active member in June 2014.[6]


JL attended MineCon 2012, and also the MindCrack Party at MineCon 2013 with the Mindcrackers. He appeared as a guest in episode 20 of the Mindcrack Podcast which was recorded live in Paris.[2]

JL2579 appeared as a special guest in UHC 12, replacing Etho who could not attend. He was whitelisted onto the Mindcrack Server for the season intro.[7] JL was teamed up with fellow German Docm77.

After UHC 12 finished, JL decided to relish the time he had being whitelisted travelling across the server placing signs reading "JL was here" on various builds before signing out for a final time.[8][9][10] Signs were found at AnderZEL's floating islands,[9][11] adlingtont's gold farm,[10] and the desert temple near VintageBeef's Lily pad.[12]

He was supposed to appear in UHC 14, but could not get the Mumble plugin to work.[13]


  • JL was whitelisted on the Mindcrack server for the shortest period of time. He was whitelisted on 13 July 2013 for the introduction to UHC 12 and was removed later the same day.
  • The numbers '2579' in JL's username are random and have no meaning.[1][14]
  • JL lives in the state of Bavaria in Germany.


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