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This is a list of JSano19's Mindcrack videos, recorded sessions by JSano19 on the Mindcrack Server.

Season 2[edit]

Season 2 takes place on a new world starting in December 2010. The playlist for this season is "Minecraft - Let's Play Season 2 - SMP".

Video Notable events Featuring
1 Jan 2011 "Minecraft - Let's Play - S2E001 - A Fresh Start"
  • First Mindcrack video
  • Establishing a starter home, gathering resources
  • Experiencing a chunk error
1 Jan 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play S2E002"
  • Exploring, caving
9 Jan 2011 "S2E012 - My Dearest Guude.avi"
  • Hiding Guude's chests of food, thereby starting the prank wars
21 Jan 2011 "S2E024 - Pitfall by Guude"
  • Discovering Guude's trap on the rail line
22 Jan 2011 "S2E025 - Fire Beats Fire"
  • Exploring the cave that Guude's trap on the rail line leads to
21 Mar 2011 "S2E060 - Prank Wars Continues"
  • Experiencing Guude's gravel filled wool box prank
8 Aug 2011 "S2E090 - The Contest"
  • Request for pranks to use on Guude
24 Aug 2011 "S2E92 - Prank Contest Winner"
  • Building the gravel pyramid trap for Guude from a viewers design
12 Sep 2011 "S2E097 - The Finale"
  • Blowing up his house

Season 3[edit]

Season 3 takes place on a new world starting on 14 September 2011. The playlist for this season is "Mindcrack Season 3".

Video Notable events Featuring
15 Sep 2011 "S3E001 - Video Intro Contest"
16 Sep 2011 "S3E002 - The Flattening.avi"
  • Flattening his plot in the spawn village
  • Talking about XP glitches in 1.8
  • Discussing his school and jobs
19 Sep 2011 "S3E003 - The Building...or Not"
  • Reducing his foundation
  • Talking about his job and sports
  • Discussing the pronunciation of his name
Pakratt0013, W92Baj
22 Sep 2011 "S3E004 - The Reveal"
  • Touring his firehouse
  • Visiting the mine in search of lava
27 Sep 2011 "S3E005 - Just Talk.avi"
  • Searching for wool, clay and wood
  • Touring the spawn village
5 Oct 2011 "S3E006 - Fix er Up"
  • Fixing enderman damage and adding details to the firehouse
13 Oct 2011 "S3E007 - The Delay of 1.9"
  • Opening a birthday present from Pakratt
  • Starting to build a 9/11 memorial in front of the fire station
  • Exploring the spawn village and discussing plans for the firehouse
  • Blowing up some of the hillside near his firehouse
20 Oct 2011 "S3E009"
  • Exploring a ravine
  • Adding details to the fire station
23 Oct 2011 "S3E010 - Welcome New Subs"
  • Discussing details in the fire station
  • Searching for clay
  • Talking about work
24 Nov 2011 "S3E011"
  • Exploring a cave
26 Nov 2011 "S3E012"
  • Continuing to explore a cave
15 Dec 2011 "S3E013 - Update on Skin Contest"
  • Venturing out from the spawn village
  • Exploring a cave
27 Dec 2011 "Christmas"
  • Opening his Christmas present in spawn village
28 Jan 2012 "S3E014 - Leaving Home Base"
  • Travelling through the nether in search of a new home
  • Setting up a new base
  • Talking about what has been happening in his life
14 Feb 2012 "S3E015"
  • Discussing starting a new base near a village he found
  • Exploring and gathering resources
25 Feb 2012 "S3E016 - Let's Mine and Build"
  • Caving
  • Talking about what has been happening at work in the ER
  • Making automatic pumpkin and melon farms
26 Feb 2012 "S3E017 - Fixing Up Home"
  • Caving
  • Discussing work
  • Connecting nether portals
29 Feb 2012 "S3E018 - Slimes"
  • Showing a slime spawning area
  • Constructing a Nether path and laying track
  • Talking about joining the server
  • Fixing his melon farm
  • Talking about animal farms
2 Mar 2012 "S3E019 - 123"
  • Discussing 1.3 updates
  • Defending the village
  • Exploring biomes for 1.3 terrain
  • Taming cats
5 Mar 2012 "S3E020 - Off to See the Village"
  • Transporting new villagers
  • Improving the village
11 Mar 2012 "S3E021 - Back to My Old Ways"
  • Working on his village
  • Caving
  • Discussing his career goals
26 Mar 2012 "S3E022 - I See a Pattern Here"
  • Update on Spellbound Caves map
  • Caving
  • Talking about watching UHC
  • Talking about his season 2 videos and early Minecraft
1 Apr 2012 "S3E023 - Update"
  • Discussing moving villagers
  • Travelling through the Nether back to Spawn
14 Apr 2012 "S3E024"
  • Caving
  • Talking about the result of a good deed at a bar
16 May 2012 "S3E025 - Back in the Game"
  • Talking about his new job in the ICU
  • Connecting his portal to the Nether Hub
14 Jun 2012 "S3E026 - Bah Bah Black Sheep"
  • Talking about keeping in touch with friends and going to a wedding
  • Bringing sheep into his first village and starting to breed them
  • Talking about working in the ICU
20 Jun 2012 "S3E027 - Darkflamez36 Dedication"
  • Working on his sheep farm
  • Talking about a whitewater rafting trip and living in Michigan
2 Jul 2012 "S3E028 - Partial Episode"
  • Gathering glowstone
  • Talking about a concert he missed and scheduling at the hospital
3 Jul 2012 "S3E029 - Internets"
  • Fencing in the village
  • Talking about his internet issues
9 Jul 2012 "S3E030 - Let the Enchanting Begin"
  • Enchanting at the Ender Ender
  • Talking about Survivor and similar shows
14 Jul 2012 "S3E031 Night Shift"
  • Caving
  • Talking about the night shift
17 Jul 2012 "S3E032 Security Charge"
  • Caving
  • Talking about charging for late-night food
20 Jul 2012 "S3E033 Equiso"
  • Making a villager breeding system
  • Talking about consoles and video systems
11 Aug 2012 "S3E034 - Back in Town"
  • Planting and harvesting in the village
  • Talking about his latest trip
13 Aug 2012 "S3E035 Always Bet"
  • Exploring 1.3 terrain
  • Talking about a bet he won and learning to read to play games
  • Caving
20 Aug 2012 "S3E036 - Walden Kommunity Kollege"
  • Travelling back to where he had been exploring
  • Discussing internet problems
  • Talking about his job and ranting about online universities
22 Aug 2012 "S3E037 Human Factor"
  • Trading with villagers
  • Caving
  • Talking about voting, advertisements, blurring the truth and condoms
27 Aug 2012 "S3E038 Rail and Ocean"
  • Working on his Nether track
  • Discussing his difficulty getting his records and travelling
  • Exploring by boat
4 Sep 2012 "S3E039 Mini Episode Making it Home"
  • Making a Nether portal on a mushroom island
  • Travelling through the Nether towards home
5 Sep 2012 "S3E040 Laws of Stupidity"
  • Exploring the cave under mooshroom island
  • Talking about a defensive driving class
  • Exploring the Nether fortress
19 Sep 2012 "S3E041 - Safety"
  • Talking about safety in the hospital and the beginning of the prank wars
  • Caving under mooshroom island
26 Sep 2012 "S3E042 - Withers"
  • Fighting Wither skeletons
  • Looking for 1.4 mobs
2 Oct 2012 "S3E043 - Mindless Explorations"
  • Searching for new terrain
  • Caving under the ocean
  • Talking about the obstacles for his career goals
13 Oct 2012 "S3E044 - A New Horizon"
  • Talking about playing Cube Control and troubles with Minecraft
  • Explaining how he got on the server, the beginning of the Prank Wars
  • Talking about his life and class action lawsuits at work
  • Exploring and finding a witches hut, village and a desert stronghold
29 Oct 2012 "S3E045 - Witch Hut"
  • Showing his witch spawning set up
  • Caving
  • Talking about his new job
9 Nov 2012 "S3E046 - Extreme Hills You Say"
  • Showing the progress on his witch spawner
  • Caving
  • Talking about his job
19 Nov 2012 "S3E047 Witch Farm Changes"
  • Channelling farmed witches into the Nether
  • Trying to fix the witch system to prevent more deaths
  • Making and testing pumpkin pies
26 Nov 2012 "S3E048 - Life Update with some Minecraft Involved"
  • Trying to set up portals to access the witch farm
  • Talking about his life and his grandmother
28 Nov 2012 "S3E049 - Darkness"
  • Working on the witch farm
  • Lighting up surrounding caves
  • Talking about his plans on the server
11 Dec 2012 "S3E050 - Endangered Species"
  • Working on a rail track for the witch farm
14 Dec 2012 "S3E051 - A Decision"
  • Caving
  • Talking about his internet, his transportation, and an upcoming contest
19 Dec 2012 "S3E052 - Over 9000....errrr...uhhh....Close?"
  • Working on the witch farm
  • Connecting his base to the Nether Hub
26 Dec 2012 "S3E053 - The Snip"
  • Working on his rail line
  • Exploring
  • Caving
  • Telling the story of his sister trying to hook up a friend while he was home for Christmas
27 Dec 2012 "S3E054 - Beurocracy"
  • Working on his rail line
  • Talking about his new job
31 Dec 2012 "S3E055 - Landlord"
  • Working on his rail line
  • Talking about his landlord
  • Hinting at a potential future prank
  • Figuring out the mechanics of a Minecraft bug

Season 4[edit]

Season 4 takes place on a new world starting on 1 July 2013. The playlist for this season is "Minecraft - Mindcrack Season 4"

Video Notable events Featuring
1 Jul 2013 "Minecraft Mindcrack Let's Play S4 E001 Zombie Zombie Zombie"
  • Gathering resources
  • Discussing his plans to build his emergency department
  • Trying to survive the night
Millbee, Pakratt0013, Pyro_0
3 Jul 2013 "Minecraft Mindcrack Let's Play S4 E002 - Bad Dream?"
  • Gathering resources
4 Jul 2013 "Minecraft Mindcrack Let's Play S4 E003 - Death Free!"
  • Trying to retrieve his items
  • Talking about the the previous night when a lady tried to ask directions at a scene
  • Discussing his plans for his build
7 Jul 2013 "Minecraft Mindcrack Let's Play S4 E004 - Nether Here Nor There"
  • Battling blazes, getting slow sand and mining quartz in the Nether
  • Talking about what he has done for a job
  • Caving and finding a zombie spawner
  • Telling a story about someone trying to steal things from his dad and his dad was the responding cop
10 Jul 2013 "Minecraft Mindcrack Let's Play S4 E005 - Site Location"
  • Exploring and picking a spot for his ER
  • Telling a story about a road altercation shortly after he started driving
  • Fencing off an area around where he plans to build
13 Jul 2013 "Minecraft Mindcrack Let's Play S4 E006 - Wither Fight" See Slaying of the Wither
16 Jul 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E007 - Breaking Ground"
  • Starting to lay out the Emergency Department
  • Complaining about an incompetent co-worker
  • Getting killed by mobs
18 Jul 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E008 - Titles"
  • Caving
  • Talking about a pointless dementia-related study, and expressing surprise at a three-day FBI investigation that ended up finding a body in an obvious location
  • Discussing a tree outside his hospital that is inhabited by an aggressive mother bird, and noting that the bird cannot be legally removed according to Washington, D.C. law
22 Jul 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E009 - Enchantables" An out-of-order episode that was corrected during "Take 2" of this episode
22 Jul 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E009 (Take 2) - Enchantables - The Reupload"
  • Enchanting items
  • Talking about a trip to the Nether in which he collected substantial glowstone and EXP before being killed by a ghast; making a corpse run
  • Trapping a snow golem, having accidentally let his first one escape; fighting hordes of mobs with the escaped snow golem
25 Jul 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E010 - Menthol"
  • Experimenting with snow golems for both snow production and defense
  • Caving
  • Talking about how menthol cigarettes pose greater health risks than normal cigarettes
  • Talking about his hometown, Flint; how he misses it; and the numerous new subscribers to his channel with roots in Flint
  • Getting killed by a skeleton while caving, making a corpse run, then continuing to cave
26 Jul 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E011 - So Young"
  • Continuing to cave
  • Discovering multiple dungeons
  • Enchanting a Fortune II pickaxe, entering the Nether, and mining quartz
  • Telling a story from work in which he met hospital public relations, which was headed by a woman named So Young, and an gaffe in which one of jsano's co-workers mistook her introduction for a compliment
28 Jul 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E012 - Play To Their Weakness"
  • Starting work on the Emergency Department, using snow in lieu of quartz because of quartz's rarity
  • Talking about an entrance exam he had to take as part of his continuing education in emergency medical services
  • Getting blown up by a Creeper that destroyed most of his temporary base
  • Telling a story about being able to read professors and play against their weaknesses for personal advantage
3 Aug 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E013 - Competency"
  • Testing floor patterns for the Emergency Department
  • Talking about an ironic advertisement pertaining to nursing competency, and explaining his reaction to it
4 Aug 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E014 - Swimming"
  • Setting up an enchanting table
  • Connecting the Emergency Department to the Spawn via the Nether
  • Mining glowstone in the Nether
  • Building a "chicken machine" inspired by Vechs1' Inferno Mines developer commentary
  • Talking about an iPhone advertisement in which the main actor swims while listening to music
6 Aug 2013 "Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S4 E015 - Chicken Automation"
  • Enchanting tools
  • Using redstone, hoppers, droppers and dispensers to automate the chicken farm
  • Thanking iSuchtel for getting him a MineCon 2013 ticket

Season 5[edit]

Season 5 takes place on a new world starting on 18 July 2014. The playlist for this season is "Mindcrack - Season 5"

Video Notable events Featuring
20 Jul 2014 "Minecraft - Mindcrack Season 5 - E01 - Helping Aurey"
  • Gathering the basics
  • Explaining the Mindcrack seasons
  • Working on Aurey's build
  • Talk about bed bugs and the fire station
Aureylian, Etho, SethBling