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The Minecraft avatar of Juicetra

Juicetra in real life
Born (1987-02-10) 10 February 1987 (age 33)[1]
Country Canada
Gender M
Other names Juice, Marc

Juicetra, also known by his personal name Marc Giustra,[2][3] is a Canadian Let's Play commentator and a former member of the HermitCraft server, having joined in January 2013.[4]

Juicetra attended MineCon 2012, PAX Prime 2013, MineCon 2013, and the October 2014 Vancouver meetup with the MindCrackers.


Juice was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.[5] The handle "Juicetra" is derived from the pronunciation of his surname.[6] Juice previously did YouTube for a living,[7] but is no longer able to due to decreased view counts on his videos.[8] Since 3 June 2013, Juice has worked for BroadbandTV.[9]

Juicetra is the nephew of Canadian business executive Frank Giustra.[10]

On 31 August 2014, Juicetra wed his girlfriend Tegan.[11][3]

Let's Play[edit]

In October 2013, Juicetra announced a second YouTube channel "Juicecrafts", specifically for Minecraft related content.[12][13] On 16 July 2014, the channel was closed by YouTube, for reasons that had caused problems in the past.[14][15] Juice will not reopen the channel and will instead upload all content to his main channel, like he previously did.[16] The channel had passed 20,000 subscribers before its closure.[17]

Game Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Q.U.B.E. "Let's Play Q.U.B.E" 13 Feb 2012
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "MW3: Live Juice" 28 Jun 2012
Dinner Date "Dinner Date" 14 Jul 2012
Amnesia: The Dark Descent "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" 17 Jul 2012
DayZ "DayZ" 29 Jul 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), GoldGlove and Jericho
Garry's Mod 19 Aug 2012 Featuring a changing group of members of the MindCrack server and other YouTubers, including AdamMontoya (SeaNanners)
The Hidden "Hidden" 6 Sep 2012 Featuring a changing group of various YouTubers, including AdamMontoya (SeaNanners)
Worms: Reloaded "Worms" 1 Sep 2012 Featuring a changing group of various YouTubers, including AdamMontoya (SeaNanners)
Pirates, Vikings and Knights II "Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II" 15 Sep 2012 Featuring EatMyDiction1, ChilledChaos, AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), and CaptainSparklez
"Elevator" "Elevator with ChilledChaos, EatMyDiction1, & PauseUnpause" 16 Sep 2012 Featuring EatMyDiction1, ChilledChaos, and PauseUnpause
Borderlands 2 "Borderlands 2" 24 Sep 2012 Featuring BdoubleO100, generikb, and kurtmac
The Sims 3 "The Sims 3" 30 Sep 2012
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare" 1 Oct 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "Black Ops II BOOTCAMP" 1 Nov 2012
"Special Forces Team X" "Special Forces Team X" 5 Nov 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), AllShamNoWow, EatMyDiction1, Gassy_Mexican, generikb
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "BRO to COMMANDER" 12 Nov 2012 Racing to Commander against MrErnestLe
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "Zombies" 15 Nov 2012 "Zombies" gamemode featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), ChilledChaos, EatMyDiction1
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse "Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse" 25 Nov 2012
Don't Starve "Don't Starve" 14 Dec 2012
Orcs Must Die! 2 "Orcs Must Die 2 with EatMyDiction" 24 Dec 2012 Featuring EatMyDiction1
"Altidude" "WE FLYIN' (Altitude w/ SeaNanners, Diction, Chilled)" 26 Dec 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), ChilledChaos, EatMyDiction1
Grand Theft Auto V "GTA IV CARMAGEDDON!" 1 Jan 2013 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), ChilledChaos, EatMyDiction1, and Gassy_Mexican
"The Haunted: Hell's Reach" "Hell's Reach with SeaNanners, Diction, Chilled" 7 Jan 2013 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), ChilledChaos, and EatMyDiction1
Train Simulator 2013 "Train Simulator 2013" 16 Jan 2013
Far Cry 3 "Far Cry 3 Co-op with GoldGlove" 18 Jan 2013 Featuring GoldGlove
The Walking Dead "The Walking Dead" 23 Jan 2013
Euro Truck Simulator 2 "Euro Truck Simulator 2" 26 Feb 2013
SimCity "SimCity" 5 Mar 2013
War Thunder "War Thunder" 29 Mar 2013 Featuring DJparsons89
Sleeping Dogs "Juice Plays: Sleeping Dogs" 19 Jun 2013
Cube World "Cube World (Season 1)" 5 Jul 2013
Saints Row IV "Saints Row 4 with Pause" 23 Aug 2013
Pokémon Black "Juice Plays Pokémon Black" 10 Oct 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts "Cranked to Commander (Call of Duty Ghosts)" 20 Nov 2013
Mario Kart 8 "Mario Kart 8 Online with Friends" 31 May 2014 Featuring Coestar, Guude, mcgamer, Millbee, PauseUnpause and Pyro_0
Lego Marvel Super Heroes "Juice & Teegs Play: Lego Marvel Super Heroes [PS4]" 8 Jun 2014 Featuring Teegs
Unturned "Unturned" 31 Jul 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, Coestar, Guude, PauseUnpause, sevadus
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive "CS:GO Case Opening Challenges" 10 Aug 2014
Call of Duty: United Offensive "Call of Duty" 18 Aug 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, Coestar, kurtmac, OMGchad, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0 and W92Baj
Evolve "Evolve Big Alpha" 4 Nov 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, Coestar and PauseUnpause
Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Survival singleplayer "Juicey does Minecraft!" 14 Oct 2010
"Extreme Heights" "Minecraft - Extreme Heights" 17 Apr 2012
"Super Mario Craft 64" "Minecraft - Mario64 Parkour w/ IIJERiiCHOII" 28 Apr 2012 Featuring IIJERiiCHOII
"The Fountain of Immortality" "Minecraft - Fountain of Immortality" 4 May 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners) and CaptainSparklez
"Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down" "Minecraft - Mine4Dead" 5 May 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), AllShamNoWow and ihasCupquake
"Shipwrecked" "Minecraft - Shipwrecked" 13 May 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners) and AllShamNoWow
Survival singleplayer "Juicecraft" 11 Jun 2012
Hardcore survival singleplayer "Juice Does Hardcore" 22 Jun 2012
"Survival Horror" "Minecraft - Survival Horror with BdoubleO" 30 Jun 2012 Featuring BdoubleO100
MineZ modded Survival Multiplayer "MineZ" 6 Jul 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners)
"The Adventure Multiplex" "Minecraft Adventure Multiplex with BdoubleO" 19 Jul 2012 Featuring BdoubleO100
"Ruins of the Dead" "Minecraft - Ruins of the Dead" 5 Aug 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners) and BdoubleO100
"Corrupt Lands 2: Floating Memories "Minecraft CTM - Floating Memories" 25 Sep 2012
Survival Games on the Juiceville server "Juiceville Survival Games" 16 Oct 2012 Featuring a changing group of various YouTubers
Survival multiplayer with the GhostCraft mod "Ghostcraft" 24 Oct 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), CaptainSparklez, ChilledChaos, EatMyDiction1, and generikb
HermitCraft Feed the Beast modded multiplayer "HermitCraft Feed The Best" 17 Nov 2012
"Levi's Nightmare" "Levi's Nightmare w/ SeaNanners & BdoubleO" 29 Nov 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), and BdoubleO100. A recording from a few months prior
"Herobrine's Mansion" "Herobrine's Mansion with SeaNanners, Chilled, Diction" 14 Dec 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), ChilledChaos, and EatMyDiction1
Survival multiplayer "Surviving Minecraft" 19 Dec 2012 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), ChilledChaos, and EatMyDiction1
HermitCraft Survival multiplayer "HermitCraft" 5 Jan 2013
"Toy Story 2" "Toy Story 2" 13 Mar 2013 Featuring TBNRfrags
"Death By Void" "Death By Void" 11 Apr 2013 Featuring NoochM and TBNRfrags
"Wasted" "Wasted with SeaNanners & Diction" 12 Apr 2013 Featuring AdamMontoya (SeaNanners) and EatMyDiction1
"Aether II" "Aether II with PauseUnpause" 12 Jun 2013 Featuring PauseUnpause
"Pixelmon" "Pixelmon Noob (Pokémon Mod)" 24 Aug 2013 Series continued on his Juicecrafts channel
"Pixelmon" "Pixelmon Noob" 26 Oct 2013 Series resuming at episode 38[18]
HermitCraft Survival multiplayer "Hermitcraft Server" 19 Nov 2013
"Pixelmon" "Pixelmon Elite Island" 2 Dec 2013 A 25 day challenge to train the best team and win the Elite tournament
Survival Games "PlayMindcrack: Survival Games" 16 Jan 2014 On the PlayMindcrack server
"Trove" "Trove" 31 May 2014 Non-Minecraft Let's Play of an open world adventure game similar to Cube World
Survival singleplayer "Trolling Juicetra for Charity" 8 Jun 2014 Taken from a 7 Jun 2013 livestream where viewers could donate to Child's Play Charity and cause either a positive or negative affect while Juice attempts to stay alive with the ultimate goal of defeating the Ender Dragon.[19] Subsequent seasons of the event have been streamed to Twitch, but were not uploaded to YouTube.
HermitCraft Survival multiplayer "Juicecraft on HermitCraft" 29 Jun 2014 On the HermitCraft server for the return of "Juicecraft", his former SSP series, after patrons of his Patreon page reached a milestone goal[20]
Return to main channel
"Pixelmon" "Minecraft Pixelmon Nuzlocke" 2 Feb 2014 Using Nuzlocke gamemode. Featuring davidbrowntv, GhostWolf2, and iamtheattack
"Captive Minecraft" "Captive Minecraft I" 24 Jul 2014
HermitCraft ModSauce Modded multiplayer "HermitCraft Modsauce" 31 Jul 2014


Juicetra joined the HermitCraft server in January 2013, at the same time as Pungence and skyzm. As a group, their first action was to litter Biffa2001's and Xisuma's bases with giant letter B's, to support the B-Team in their rivalry with The Agency.[4] Juice's first major build on the server was a treetop village in the jungle, located within the vicinity of the Goon Squad HQ.[21]

On the HermitCraft 2.0 map, Juicetra claimed an area close to Biffa2001 for a collaborative build with his partner Teegs.[22] He built a modern house at the location.[23]

After an extended period of inactivity, Juicetra made his return to the HermitCraft server in November 2013.[24] Juice had plans to build a beard grooming service in New Hermiton.[25]

As of August 2014, Juicetra is still whitelisted on the HermitCraft server.[26]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Juicetra's skin is a representation of himself. In September 2012 he added facial hair to his skin to reflect the growth of his real life facial hair.[27] In June 2013, Juice made minor changes to his skin after viewers had noted his character looked as if it had a mustache instead of the intended beard.[28]

Juicetra's Minecraft skin

Previous/Alternate skins[edit]

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