King of the Ladder

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The old King of the Ladder at Guudeland

King of the Ladder (KOTL) is a game created on-the-fly from a short event on the MindCrack server.


Team Canada had pranked Guude by creating a gigantic mushroom cloud near the height limit over Guude's and BdoubleO100's home. A ladder was built from the ground to the mushroom cloud so that Team Canada can travel to and from the cloud. The cloud was massive and it took a long time to clean up the mess. Etho,[1] Nebris,[2] VintageBeef, and W92Baj[3] were helping Guude clean up the mushroom using TNTs. On the ladder, one thing leads to another and a game was created on the spot. PauseUnpause later joined in the game.


A column of blocks extends from the ground up to the sky, preferably to the height limit. Ladders are placed on all four sides of the column. The objective of the game is to reach the top of the ladder nondestructively. Players can knock each other off and fall off through great heights. Minecraft mechanics allows mid-air maneuvers so the trick to surviving is to grab back onto the ladder before hitting the ground. Weapons, armor, and blocks are generally not allowed on the ladder. Variations of the game allow tools and blocks as long as they do not destroy or block the ladder.


On the Season 3 map, the game was located at Guudeland. It was built by Pakratt0013. The column is made of Nether Bricks with four Ladders placed on each side. The ladder does not reach the sky limit but it goes down to near bedrock level instead. Half of the ladder is above ground, half is below.[4] At the base of the ladder, there is a floor made of Iron Bars with Lava below it. It is possible to fall through the Iron Bars into Lava. Two Spider spawners are located nearby; they become active at night.[5]

KOTL was next played when Pyrao joined the server.[6]

For the finale of Season 3, kurtmac, Etho, Docm77, BdoubleO100 and Zisteau played Ultimate King of the Ladder at Kurt's missile silo. They were later joined by AnderZEL. See Missile Silo KOTL.

On the Season 4 map, Pakratt built KOTL at Guudeland once again. It went from bedrock to sky limit.[7]

The MindCrack Public Server featured games and the MindCrack Fan Server had one near the community portal.


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