Lily pad

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'The Lily Pad (or sometimes the Lilly Pad) is a structure built by VintageBeef on the Season 4 map. It is in the shape of a lily pad (hence the name) and its primary material is Quartz. It contains a tree farm, a small village (also known as the lillage,) a reed and cactus farm, a house and a 'core' containing a blinking light and a nether portal room. The center of the has a fountain above it.

The lily pad has several animal 'pads' around it, one for cows, chickens, sheep, pigs and horses/donkeys. Beatrice II now resides on the cow pad in place of Beatrice I, after her tragic death caused by another cow during transit.

Beef's second temporary home after the beef cave is just over a grass bridge on the shore. It contained many of his chests and belongings including a full enchanting table, small brewing station and his portal to the nether, all of which have been moved to his house on The Lily Pad.